Evidence that Volition will announce Saints Row 5 tomorrow

Fellow Saints Row fans, GET READY. There is a LOT of LEGITIMATE evidence, listed below as follows, that points toward Saints Row 5 as being the game that Volition will announce at PAX Prime in less than 24 hours.

1. Jay Mohr tweeting about doing voice work for “new Saints Row video game” this past December.

2. An image of what appears to be an extremely small portion of the script for Saints Row 5, tweeted by Jay Mohr this past June around E3 time, with the question “Can you guess what this is?” attached to it. The image also reveals that Johnny Gat, Kinzie Kensington, Dane Vogel (who Jay Mohr voiced in Saints Row 2, for those unaware) and Viola DeWynter will be in the game, along with some other characters, two of them being Satan and Shakespeare (most likely William Shakespeare). I replied to the tweet, saying “Johnny Gat? Dane? Kinzie? Viola? I think I know what this is…” and he favorited the tweet.

3. Aubrey Norris, sometime after E3, tweeted that Deep Silver’s next internal project will go under the working title of Project Bukkake. A person replied to the tweet and asked “Saints Row 5 confirmed?” Her response? “*throws up hands*”

4. Around a month or two ago, Daniel Dae Kim, Johnny Gat’s voice actor, posted a picture of himself recording voice work in a studio on his Instagram account. I forget the message he posted with it, but the studio shown in the picture is exactly the same as the studio Jay Mohr tweeted a picture of in December.

5. Everyone has been tweeting questions to Volition and the Saints Row Twitter account about Saints Row 5, and absolutely no responses have been made. Not even one.

6. Natalie Lander, Kinzie’s voice actress, will be joining Steve Jaros, Jim Boone, and Aubrey Norris as a member of the panel.

7. Jeffery Allan Qaiyum, who voiced Dex in the first Saints Row, has a Twitter account (@foulmouthpoet) and recently tweeted to someone “I had a fun VO session today… Haha. #saintsrow” Flippy, a sorta well-known Saints Row fan, tweeted to him that we, the entire Saints Row fanbase, miss Dex dearly and would love it if he came back. He relied with “Aw thanks! You may have a nice surprise coming soon!” A different person replied to the latter tweet with “Holy shit” and he said to them “all I can say it’s #epic.”

8. Most importantly, the panel will take place tomorrow, August 29, 2014. The first Saints Row was first released in North America on August 29, 2006. The panel will take place on the same day as the 8th anniversary of the first Saints Row.

This is all the evidence I could find. I wish I could provide actual pictures as proof, but my laptop’s been acting kinda weird lately, and posting the screencaps would take forever so I tried to be as specific as possible with the evidence that requires pictures.


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