Quick little action doodles because I’m experimenting with how Tadashi fights in darkpath au and armordashi au, and also because people were asking about how they fight. He’s actually quite different in each - his darkpath version is more of a messy street fighter, a mix of martial arts, boxing, and kickboxing. Though oddly, he prefers to kick things rather than punch them, probably because he’s afraid he’ll actually seriously hurt someone with his gauntlets. They’re pretty powerful, though the shotgun rounds they can fire off only serve to knock things back - they explode on impact, rather than pierce. His gauntlets also seem to be on fire sometimes, but only for brief periods.

Armordashi is a little different, since he wears heavy armor and has to keep a good eye on his leg braces (paralyzed from the waist down, don’t forget). Tadashi is much more defensive here, opting for a ‘pick heavy things up and throw them’, ‘use shields for pure defensive strategies’, and ‘punt things’. Since he has to keep a watchful eye on Hiro the entire time (as well as the rest of the team), he serves the role of the wall of steel guardian, with a bit of a medic thrown in thanks to Baymax communicating through his helmet and helping him apply proper dressings to injuries with the antiseptic built into his suit’s hands.

TL;DR: Darkpath is a rogue, Armordashi is a tank - both have a love for kicking people in the face for whatever weird reason. Added bonus, darkpath Dashi can also shoot off flare rounds from his gauntlets when he needs someone to find him:


supernatural url-inspired graphic challenge
↳ glorioustiel vs wiccasam

i just need to talk about a few things, specifically in response of what i have seen in the issues people take with clarke & lexa as a relationship. im not expecting to convince anyone, nor even trying to. i just need to articulate some things about it for my own peace of mind.

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Oh man I thought of some. What if Tailgate found Rung hook and start to play with them like swing them around and like one on then get stuck in his aft and he crying and Rung come in say "What the frag why are you playing with my hooks!! " And after he done he talk to Tailgate on not looking in stuff and all Tailgate think is what is Rung doing with hook. I don't know it might be lame but yeah I thought I say that. :D

"What do you do with the hooks, Rung? Do you like to go fishing?"

"Uhhm yes of course, fishing. Yeah, that’s it."

"But we’re in space, why did you take these hooks with you?"

"There are plenty of fish in space."

"There are space fish???”


"For the angst prompt, nalu with END!natsu and the prompt: I’m a monster? What about you? (love all your writing by the way)" - kamamo1

Thank you :)

Lucy’s back hits the wall hard, knocking the breath from her lungs. The back of her head collides with the wall and she gasps, her ears start ringing and her vision blurs until she can’t see anything. she slips to the ground on her side, rocks cutting into her skin in places, but she hardly feels it.

Everything hurts.

Her arms, her legs, her head.

Her heart.

Lucy rolls onto her stomach, pushing herself onto her knees. Her keys are gone, lost somewhere in the rubble. She wheezes as she sits up, an arm pressing against her chest as she winces. She has one—maybe two broken ribs, she’s sure of that. A cough racks her body, making her double over herself.

Her hand comes away red and she flinches.

“You’re a monster,” she spits at the creature walking towards her. She glances over at it, fire in her eyes. It’s Natsu’s face staring back at her, lips curved back in a cruel smirk, sharp teeth bared threateningly. His dark eyes have gone red, almost like Gajeel’s, but so much different at the same time. It’s like there’s blood swirling around in them, and maybe there is. Blood red scales line his face, around his eyes and scattered over his cheeks. Dark horns protrude from his messy hair, his bangs falling into his eyes, and his nails have twisted into jagged claws. A dark, swirling mark has wrapped its way up his arm, swallowing his guild mark whole.

Her heart lurches. His guild mark is gone, almost like it was never there in the first place.

And she hates it. She hates that it’s not Natsu looking at her, instead it’s some monster wearing his face as a mask, controlling him like a puppet.

And he’s gone. Natsu is just… gone. And standing in front of her is some monster that was inside him all along. They all have monsters inside them, but not like this.

Natsu—E.N.D’s face twists in a snarl, but then he throws his head back, laughing. Lucy shakes her head, pushing herself to her feet, her body screaming in protest. It’s Natsu’s laugh, only it doesn’t sound right.

“I’m the monster?” He scoffs, shaking his head. Another laugh bubbles out of his throat, and her heart squeezes in her chest. A lump catches in her throat, choking her. “What about you?”

Lucy sucks in an angry breath through clenched teeth, grinding them together. Her legs give out and she collapses on her knees. Her right hand trails over the top of her right boot, flitting over the buckles and straps on it. Her fingertips brush against soft leather. Her eyes slip shut, tears burning her eyes as she swallows thickly. She murmurs something he can’t hear.

He cocks his head to the side mockingly. “What was that?” he hisses. “I couldn’t hear you.” A dark chuckle rumbles in his chest. Her hand clenches. He crouches next to her, smirking.

I’m so sorry, Natsu, she thinks, I’m so sorry.

He opens his mouth to say something else, but he’s too late. Lucy looks up at him. “I said ‘you’re right.’ ” He never saw her move. A sick, squelching sound rips through the air between them, the knife in her hand sinking into his chest easily, right through his heart. His laughter chokes off, a gargled gasp leaving him. Her eyes lock with his, cold and hollow, and she presses harder, the knife slipping in further. Her eyebrows knit together, confusion flitting across his face, and suddenly it’s Natsu looking at her again. “I am a monster,” she whispers, her heart breaking. The red leaves his eyes, the scales disappearing, and he just stares at her, confused and hurt, like a kicked puppy that doesn’t know what they did wrong and just wants you to love them again.

A sob rips from her chest as she watches blood seep out from around the knife, slipping down his bare chest and dripping onto the ground. The inky blackness staining his right arm drips away like water.

He exhales slowly, shuddery. “Lucy?” he whines softly, eyes shining with hurt. His hand raises slowly, his fingertips trailing to hers and the knife sunk deep into his chest.

She gasps, tears streaming down her face. “I’m sorry,” she whispers, voice trembling. Her hand starts shaking, fingers still clenched tightly around the grip of the knife. She releases it, her fingers brushing against his, curling around them lightly. She feels bile rise in her throat. “I’m so sorry.” Another sob tears through her, her eyes never leaving him. “I couldn’t let you hurt anyone else.”

His fingers fall from hers.


Imagine taking 5000 years to take/find six decent pictures of yourself and this is the best that you can do ffs

Anyway I was tagged to do this 6 selfie challenge by the flawless sashapique andresmessii & goldenboyneymar. ♡ Thank you for tagging me!

cartinelli fic - in my veins

(explicit) nsfw; 1919 words

crossposted to ao3 here.

Peggy knew this was a bad idea. She should have stepped away when Angie started looking at her like that, all hooded eyes and wandering hands. 

She should have realized that there was only one way this story ended, and it ended with getting Angie Martinelli in her bed.  *:・゚✧

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im sorry i’m going to try to make some laughter out of this, but i apologize if it’s too soon

this is like when the dusks attempted to kidnap Roxas, but ended up just stealing all the photos he was in and thinking they succeeded

like, no, keep the actors alive, just kill Master Xehanort himself