• Allistic people:High functioning Autistics are not allowed an opinion on Autism because they don't understand the ~true suffering~ of it
  • Allistic people:Low Functioning Autistics are also not allowed an opinion on Autism because they are confused and can't be trusted to know whats best for them
  • Allistic people:Oh man, so who should speak for Autistic people?
  • Allistic people:...
  • Allistic people:Omg.....its me.....I am the true voice for Autistic people. I will now devote my life to telling Autistic people to shut the hell up whilst I tell them how much I want to eradicate them
  • Allistic People:I am an angel, a brave warrior of justice, the true champion of the weak and voiceless

[ENG] 150513 BTS - Show Champion 1st Place


the signs as a very potter musical quotes
  • aries:oh my gOD - hermione SHUT UP
  • taurus:you never tell a girl you like her, it makes you look like an idiot!
  • gemini:ten points to dumbledore!
  • cancer:NO WAY! i am NOT having schlongbottom as my champion!
  • leo:where are you going, ;(where are you going? i'm still mad and sad :(
  • virgo:eternal glory? already got that.
  • libra:wow !!! wowee !! harry potter !!!!!
  • scorpio:did your turban just sneeze?
  • sagittarius:no, no, that was merely a fart
  • aquarius:well i dont FIND this particularly surprising
  • pisces:hey Cho!! cho hey dance with me - i'm harry potter.

“You got a dream, you got to protect it. People can’t do something themselves, they want to tell you you can’t do it. If you want something, go get it. I am a Champion. I will never lose focus as long as there is hope in my mind and my heart still beats. I will never give in to the evil that is weakness and I will fight that evil with my dying breath. I will rise when I have fallen. I will rip the heart from my opponent and leave it beating on the ground because he can’t stop me. My opponent may not fear me, but he will respect me and if he does not I will make him respect me with all I have to give.  It’s our time.. Not tommorow, not next week, but right NOW! None will say I have not given all I have to give and none will take my glory. History will remember me.. No one will deny me, no one will defy me, no one will me tell me who and what I am and what I can be”.