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I am so happy I’m going to switch into homeschooling after this semester is over!!! Then I’ll be able to graduate sooner and start college and get everything together. AND I CAN GET A JOB.


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Symphony No. 7 Movement No. 2
  • Symphony No. 7 Movement No. 2
  • Ludwig van Beethoven
  • The Fall Motion Picture Soundtrack

Symphony No. 7 Movement No. 2, Ludwig van Beethoven.

We have a very rich history of being colonized for more than 300 years. Then more than a hundred years of Spanish and American intervention, four years of Japanese and then twenty one years of a very brutal dictatorship under Marcos. This is the present history of my country. If you have to contextualize this thing called ‘Filipino,’ even here you will notice that the very word is Hispanic: we were named after the king Philip of Spain. But we had our civilization before. The first missionaries that came to our lands to change our culture were Muslim, so they were able to impose some Islamic thought in some of the islands. Then in 1525 the Spanish came and started baptizing us, converting to Catholicism. They even changed our names, also in the Islamic areas. But we had this very rich Malay culture before that, where everything was governed by space, admiring the natural abundance. Have you ever had a chance to read a journal of Pigafetta, the guy who wrote a daily journal during Magellan’s journey? One line reads: ‘These islands can survive more than a thousand years, because they have a lot.’ It’s about the Philippines. And despite the years of colonization you can still feel how we live and view life. Space is still the dominant philosophy, not time. The concept of time was imposed by the West, the Spanish. Go to work at nine, go home at five… Filipinos don’t actually follow that. People think it’s indolent, or lazy. It’s not. This is our culture.
—  Lav Diaz, director of Norte, The End of History (2013), when asked, “How does the political and cultural heritage of the Philippines influence your work?” in an interview with Keyframe.

high school au where dean and cas are bff troublemakers who are both effortlessly clever and funny and whose teachers despair of them and classmates equally revere and despise them but they’re joined at the hip all day long and they have this secret language where they can communicate with just a look or a gesture and no one is at all surprised when they start flouting the ‘no making out on school property’ rule and come into class covered in hickeys and holding hands under the desk while slouching in their seats