First onscreen appearances of Marshall, Lily, Robin, Barney, Ted, and the Mother. 

Just wrapped Jason Segel. There is no truer gentleman. Boy, did we hit the jackpot with him. Godspeed, Marshall. 

Thank you @alydenisof for nine amazing years. A wonderful actress and friend. Godspeed, Lily! 

A round of applause for the wildly talented @CobieSmulders — a privilege to work with you these nine years. Godspeed, Robin. 

Big ups to @ActuallyNPH. What a dream writing for this cat. We wouldn’t be here without him, and wouldn’t want to be. Godspeed, Barney. 

A big hand for @JoshRadnor, a kind, brilliant, and supremely talented fellow. Thank you, Josh. And more please. Godspeed, Ted. 

And cheers to Cristin Milioti, who showed up 8 years in and knocked us all on our ass with her talent and charm. Godspeed, Name TBD. 


Rei being the very definition of For the team


What season 5?


Group Disney trip told by Mabel and Pacifica’s Instagram posts. 

A totally self-indulgent photoset, I love imaging these four as shitty friends/weird couples and I love thinking about them taking trips outside of Gravity Falls and getting into trouble. 

I have more of these but I wanted to get these done so I can get in out of my head since I have a ton of deadlines for school at the end of month. 

okay but if we go w/ my hypothesis that kaiju (like dinosaurs) are probably some kind of mesotherms their metabolic rate would still be relatively high, and INCREDIBLY high if you consider that they have to maintain an incredibly low core temperature to keep their ammonia-based solvents liquid/functional at average earth temperatures

so being GENEROUS if we apply the human requirement (which is entirely innacurate for a kaiju, completely so, almost certainly way too low given their needs, but it’s all i’ve got to work with at the moment) of about 15 calories per lb to survive

and then take into consideration the possible weight of a kaiju (going off the technical measurement “2500 tons of awesome” which to be fair is not actually that big for a kaiju like i have a chart of this and yamarashi was NOT ACTUALLY THAT BIG maybe by virtue of being a cat iii?? imagine a cat iv or v that would be so hard to feed. so maybe this puget sound kaiju would have to be a category i. karloff was really cute though?? that might not be a bad thing) that would mean you need 15 calories for 2500 x 2000 or 5000000 lbs of kaiju, which is equivalent to about 75000000 calories

and the average salmon is only like 412 calories (being generous?) so that mean you would need to feed this hypothetical puget sound kaiju about 182038 salmon A DAY

now, throwing the possibility of getting all those salmon daily in the first place to the wind and operation purely off the numbers, the salmon cannon can only fire about 40 fish per minute. which means it would need to operate for over 4550 minutes of the day to feed the kaiju

except a day is only 1440 minutes long

the salmon cannon would have to fire for THREE WHOLE DAYS and it would STILL FALL SHORT of the single day kaiju calorie-intake requirement (admittedly the independent variable here is the kaiju, we’re operating off the assumption of yamarashi who may or may not be too high a baseline. still, a category iii is probably a decent average?? median at least)

thus you would need at least three salmon cannons to even attempt to care for a domesticated kaiju living in the puget sound

maysgreatnewusername asked you:

Gamzee<3<Kanaya, 14?

14. Kiss Along The Hips Mortal Injury

Is she trying to pull him away by one horn, pull him closer, or shove him down?  Why is it I have gotten two #14 prompts and both of them have been Gamzee?  Where is the symbol that’s supposed to be on her shirt? The world may never know. UuU

Kiss Night is now closed!

M!A: Truth 




I’ve been considering changing the style I use to draw my replies to this one so that each image doesn’t eat up too much time and, as a result, I get to do more images per reply more frequently. But of course, quantity sacrifices quality, so I’m not sure which one to choose.

Do you guys think this style is okay and should I stick to it?

does anyone else think darker-skinned xerxian (xerxesian?) people makes more sense than canon? like, they were supposed to be a desert people, and not only that, but xerxes being the name of one of their rulers, i always thought they were “based” on the persian empire, which was in the middle east and is not considered white as far as i can tell. the gold hair and eyes are obviously a genetic quirk you can chalk up to anime-land, but wouldn’t they be olive-skinned at least? and how cool would biracial!elrics be, then?

i don’t know where i’m going with this tbh, mostly i just kind of want to see fanart of it because i think the gold hair/olive skin combo would look really great

i need to start working out again bc my ass cannot commit to a diet lol i don’t even want to lose much weight, just enough to go down a size and fit in my old jeans, but then i do shit like eat healthy~ one day and buy some donuts the next. 

i can’t even concentrate on this psylocke mini series because her boobs are so insanely huge i’m like she’s a hero just for being able to carry those two fucking bowling balls while fighting