hellooo ambrose-bierce I hope you don’t mind but I drew a thing based on this post because it gave me extreme feels :’) and it is currently 2AM so my brain decided this was the best way to deal with it?? apparently 

hi all 🙊 I’ve been tagged for this ‘20 beautiful people’ by taoprincess and I’m really happy to have been tagged! thank you!!😸

I’m honestly not even sure who to tag since everyone is beautiful in their own way but I suppose I’ll just tag the people that show up on my dashboard! (sorry if you’ve already been tagged and no need to actually post anything if you’re not comfortable with it!!) 🙆♡ do feel free to post or join this tag if you wish to! it’s not limited to anyone!🙇 

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uhm....just read your tags on my latest margaret/owen fic and THANK YOU SO MUCH??? those are some of the nicest compliments i've ever received??? And you've always been one of my favs, so it means a lot. And, obv, if you ever want me to fic a headcanon of yours or whatever, the door's always open!

okay so THIS ONE has been in my ask box for forever, but that’s because I cherish it and I want to pet this message gently all the time while softly whispering “but you’re MY FAVE” so I didn’t want to let it out of my inbox and into the world

because seriously I just. NOPE DOES NOT COMPUTE DOES NOT COMPUTE because I adore your writing so much and I think it’s so beautiful and wonderful and poetic and perfect, so it’s just like. I mean we’re gonna get stuck in a “no YOU” loop this way, but basically


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Hello~ yeah, sure! Sorry it’s so short, it’s just that the parts kinda interlock and won’t really make sense on their own/will give away what’s happening. Sorry D: (also I’m on mobile so I’m really sorry if the formatting is off omg and I promise I’ll tag it once I get home)

“Aren’t you gonna invite me in?” Y/N tilts her head to the right, still smiling at him.

Shell shocked, Newt stumbles backwards into the flat, letting Y/N go past him. She sashays rather than walks, and he doesn’t remember her ever moving like that before. The signature bounce in her step is gone, and her hair sways behind her instead of bobbing along cheerfully up and down like it usually does.

Ahh okay I hope you liked that! Sorry it’s so short!!! Also it’s subject to change since I haven’t edited it yet :3

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Badfannibal has spooked me out. I follow some of those blogs and you. I don't expect all blogs to get along but I really like your tenacity and smart thinking when dealing with conflict.

Yeah, it’s an uncomfortable concept. Not just the list, but that people are anonymously using that blog to push even more absurd hateful rumors about specific people. Ever since that post going round yesterday I’ve seen a big rise in nasty anons going around and being cruel to people. Two of my best friends have been affected by it and it infuriates me.

Nothing is more pathetic than someone anonymously insulting and harassing a person. It’s the lowest of the low. Spineless little worms.

Thank you for the kind words though, I’m glad you like the blog. :)

mathemagicalschema replied to your post:Offerings to the Adventure Gods

I used to talk to strangers more until I had too many run-ins with men who ended up being attracted to me and got creepy about it. Thoughts/recommendations?

I’m not sure I have any suggestions, since I haven’t really encountered this problem.  Either guys rarely hit on me in a creepy manner, or I have a high tolerance for guys hitting on me, so it doesn’t usually come across as creepy.

To give a better sense of my creepiness-tolerance: a few weeks ago, I was walking through Baltimore, near Johns Hopkins, and a (black) man complimented me on my appearance.  I forget exactly what he said, but it was something in the same range as “you have beautiful legs”.  I smiled, said “thank you!”, and kept walking without slowing down.  He said “you have a nice day, now!” and didn’t bother me after that.

During this incident, I was aware of a few things: (1) this is the sort of creepy “catcalling” that people are always complaining about on Tumblr; (2) normally, this wouldn’t bother me in the slightest; but (3) because the riots were going on, I found myself a little bit nervous.

But it was broad daylight, and there were people everywhere, so for the most part, I wasn’t scared.  In general, I’m not afraid of random guys hitting on me when (1) it’s light out and (2) we’re in a public place.  Based on things I’ve read on Tumblr, though, a lot of people do get creeped out in these situations.

Last week, a guy actually did make me nervous.  I was walking on the river path, and a guy rode past me on his bike.  He said hi, I said hi, we talked for a couple minutes as he rode, and then he got off his bike to walk with me.  As we walked the (maybe ¾ mile?) path back to town, it became increasingly clear that he was hitting on me, in a way that seemed predatory and not merely “I appreciate your appearance and personality, and I’d love to get coffee with you sometime, but if you don’t want to, I totally respect that”.  He seemed to view me more a target or a potential conquest or something.  (I couldn’t tell his race just from looking at him, but he spoke with a little bit of AAVE grammar, and I recognized this style of hitting-on-girls from back when I lived in a poor neighborhood in Rochester, NY; it seems to be part of black culture but not part of white culture.)

Anyway, he asked me a lot of personal questions, e.g. where I live.  He asked “do you live in Harpers Ferry, or Maryland?” which seemed like a reasonable question, and I answered “Harpers Ferry”.  But then he kept asking me things like “do you live alone?”, to which I made the mistake of answering “yes”, since I have trouble lying to people.  But then I started answering more noncommitally.  “Where do you live in Harpers Ferry?”  “Oh, you know, just… in town.”  “Do you live in a house or an apartment?”  “Yeah.”

Right as we were approaching the bridge (and at this point I was really wishing he’d go away), he picked me a branch of honeysuckle and tried to give it to me, complimenting my beauty.  I absolutely refused, and chastised him for hurting the plant.  He tried to give it to me again, and I threw it away.  He kept asking why I didn’t want it, and trying to get me to take it, and I kept flatly refusing.  (All the while, though, I was smiling politely at him and generally being polite and patient.)

Just as I was leaving the bike path, in order to climb the stairs to the bridge, he asked if I wanted to go for a ride with him sometime.  I said no.  He asked a couple more times, but I kept saying “no” very firmly while also still smiling and being polite.  Then I climbed up the stairs, very relieved to get away from him.

Is that the sort of thing you encounter, when you try to seek adventures?

Honestly, if that kind of thing happened to me all the time, I’d probably stop taking walks along the river path.  Already, I’m wary of encountering this guy again, since he said he rides there frequently.  But we’ll see what happens.

(I haven’t had much of a problem with creepy guys.  I’ve had much bigger problems with shy nerdy guys who develop huge crushes on me and then end up heartbroken when I’m not interested.  And it’s that which makes me a more closed-off person, and has made me wary of becoming close friends with single nerdy guys.)

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Good evening friend could you please suggest some good Gravity Falls blogs?


(I’m not really sure what kind of content you’re looking for but here are a few of my favorites) 

gifs fanart funny stuff and the like

more cool fanart and theories and stuff

news and some funny stuff

gifs and funny stuff but has stuff other than gf sometimes too

hecka rad art (ships billdip btw but I love their art style) 

general cool stuff and a lot of gf

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10 people you want to know better

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  • nickname: momo 
  • ethnicity: caucasian
  • star sign: aries
  • gender: female
  • height: 5′4 (164cm)
  • time and date: may 26 2015 11:09 PM
  • average amount of sleep: ranges variously sometimes 4/5, sometimes 7/9 honestly depends on what’s going on  ( ´∀`)
  • lucky number: uummm 5 maybe?? not too sure ;;
  • last thing i googled: possibility of a harlequin great dane puppy in litter
  • first word that comes to mind: vacation
  • how many blankets do you sleep with: one
  • favorite fictional character: uuuuuhhh … cinder! from lunar chronicles
  • favorite famous person: chanyeol  (/ω\)
  • favorite books: the hunger games trilogy and the lunar chronicles
  • favorite musicians: exo (◡‿◡✿) snsd, f(x), shinee, boa, got7, etc. ((mainly sm and jyp artists))
  • last movie i saw in the cinema: uuuuuhhh wow um insurgent?? i think??
  • dream holiday: spain or japan 
  • dream job: most def a fashion designer !! ((i want chanyeol to model for my line (*´艸`*) ))
  • wearing right now: a hoodie and a pair of shorts ((pjs boy))

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 What the fell is wrong with me and why can’t I notice when someone is off-key/pitchy? I don’t think I’m tone deaf but then was is wrong? I can of course notice when someone’s voice cracks and strains but I can’t notice when they go od-key. Only if that really obvious. I’m starting to get worried. I’m not even sure if I love Idina because I actually love her voice or because I am tone deaf.
Many singers go off-key and people rush to say that they can’t sing without even using their brain a bit and realizing that if those singers “can’t sing” they wouldn’t make it to Broadway for example, or win awards or heck in someone’s case be in Eurovision (I’ve been reading some comments in Eurovision songs shaming the singers). Is being 100% perfect that important? Even the biggest Prima Donnas of Opera make mistakes and they don’t get fired. People who ask for 100% perfection are the reason why lip-syncing and auto-tune exist. DO you want robots to sing for you now?

onestly i rly count on the idea of someone I like taking notice of me and asking me out or something because 1) I could never do that shit, 2) I have that thing where platonic and romantic feelings are really hard to differentiate and I probs only know for sure once someone has reciprocated anything and I’m like “oh i only had friendy feels oops”

i have a lot of issues

I hate watching season 4 of Legend of Korra because it gives me hope for forgiving my dad and us building a real relationship

But then I remember my dad will never ever own up to what he did even if I did confront him and it’s like…you can’t build anything before that happens because none of it’s real

It’s all based on maintaining an illusion and it makes my heart hurt because he used to be what safety meant to me but he’s not safe and ge never really was