the 100 + asoiaf house words


"You disgust me," said Dumbledore, and Harry had never heard so much contempt in his voice.

File this one under, ‘Scenes I Desperately Wish Were In The Movie.’

You know, I really think that they messed up Snape’s character in the movie. Hear me out! The last movie really wanted to emphasize the fact that Snape was good. And in doing so, they added scenes and cut out scenes and…well…maybe, they cut out too much. In fact, I think that they really took away the depth of his character. The whole point of Snape is supposed to be ‘redemption’, right? Well, in order to show redemption, you need to show the negative moments. You need to! Otherwise, there is no need for redemption! Does that make sense? It’s like wanting to make Jean Valjean look good, so you cut out the part where he was in prison and stole the silver from the church. It takes away meaning from the years that he spent trying to redeem himself. The same goes for Snape. By eliminating the scenes where he’s shown in a negative light, you eliminate the need for redemption, and therefore, you eliminate a great chunk of his character. What they should have done is included this scene and then they could have shown all of the scenes whereSnape helped Harry. That way the audience can realize that, in the beginning, he could care less if Harry survived, but by the end, he did everything that he could to help/save him. And thus, you have character development and you have redemption and you are able to maintain the point of his character.


more precious than any jewel in his hoard

and now what have i done
my reach, falling short
just when you needed me

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Prompt: Forgive Me by Nural

announcing the super mega favorite doctor who episodes poll!! 

basically i just want to see what your favorite doctor who episodes are
the basic plan is to make celebratory gifsets for each of the final top 10 episodes
but i might do more fun stuff with the results so yeah

basic information:

  • poll is open to everyone
  • 85 options (including all the new who episodes and christmas specials, excluding the minisodes)
  • you can vote for as many episodes as you like (aka 85)
  • you can vote as much as you like (but you know this poll isn’t like a competition or anything so no need to abuse it yeah it’s just for fun)
  • poll closes on may 1st still open

[this looks like something really official and important but it’s really just for fun
so if you have any questions or anything feel free to ask me!!]


i was drawing some galaxies and thought hm i should put those galaxies in some eyes amiright

lost in the dark, he took her, and he held her, and he broke her, and she became his light, and he became her dark, and neither was ever the same.

01. loud as hope - iron & wine; 02. i’m not yours - angus & julia stone; 03. satellite heart - anya marina; 04. first floor people - barcelona; 05. january heart - carina round; 06. fake empire - the national; 07. hope in the air - laura marling; 08. the way it ends - landon pigg; 09. haunt (demo) - bastille; 10. early sunsets over monroeville - my chemical romance. 

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