I really think all the speeches of “we missed you, thank you for supporting us, we’re grateful” etc were completely for kvips. “of course, they’re making a concert in seoul” that’s not what i’m saying!!!! I mean, they’re finally back as five, in korea, after a long time and doesn’t matter how much we have supported them and loved them, I don’t think it comes even closer to what kvips have done and continue to do for them. idk.

ffffffllyyyyyyyyyyy me to the moooooooooooooon

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hello! sorry to bother you but i just wanted to say that your cute lil krems from a while ago would make adorable (phone) charms ;o;


i really do want to branch out into acrylic charms and admittedly the krems would be pretty cute

I’ll probably end up doing some over the summer (hopefully)

Roman Reigns needs to let go of his Shield self

He needs new entrance, music, attire, catchphrase.. everything. 

It’s something I’ve thought continuously throughout the last year but that tag match on Smackdown really highlighted it for me more than usual.

When you see the former 3 Shield members next to each other, and you look at Rollins and Ambrose, then look at Reigns, the difference in evolution between the 2 and him is massive.

Rollins and Ambrose are each new vers 2.0′s of themselves, Reigns is just an improved vers 1.0.

Roman Reigns now is just Shield!Reigns with more single high profile matches and mic time, that’s it really. I feel no sense of character progression or evolution with him and I think a big part of that is because he’s held on to almost everything from The Shield, and I think it does hold him back.

I know for me anyway I gravitated towards Rollins and Ambrose more and have lessened my love towards Reigns since the Shield split because their characters have been fleshed out and built upon over the last year, you can see the difference between when they were fresh faced members of The Shield and now. I don’t see that with Roman.

Things like what he wears and his music are little things, but I think if they were changed it’d make a HUGE difference into how he’s perceived, and it needs be done sooner rather than later.


[o]-[o]h, n[o] i-if y[o]u wanTT TT[o] i-i mean…

=> You blush barely visibly under your makeup ONCE AGAIN. What is it about this smelly, strange troll that keeps flustering you?

> You nod somewhat, ‘ooh'ing in response

HEH, aLrigHt tHEn– a motHErfUckEr won’t worry aboUt it. I gotta do my laUndry lattEr anyway, my brotHEr. HErE YoU arE making it EasiEr

> You’re completely oblivious… as usual…


I brought cupcakes to work to celebrate today’s holiday.

“33 years ago the Heavens bestowed upon us pions a gift so magical. A gift so majestic. A gift whose power we will never truly understand. She is known to most as international recording artist Kelly Clarkson. To a select few she is known as a Kellegendary: Goddess of Everything. These cupcakes are a gift to Her on this most holy of days. Help me partake in Her annual celebration of life and indulge in one of these mini, moist, and non discriminatory flavored pastries. This is for all you Miss Independents & Mr. Know It Alls. May She continue to bless you in the coming year and keep your Heartbeat Song full of love, life, and laughter.

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can you please write more greed!lan fan???

His ribs are taking too long to heal.

Knox blames it on the fight he had with his half-sister, and maybe there’s some truth in that, but it was the monster Envy who broke his ribs and the beast Gluttony who shattered them. Princess Chang, despite being surprisingly adept in combat, did not cause this damage.

She is gone now, so at least he doesn’t have to suffer her obnoxious babbling.

The silence leaves more time for guilt.

He can’t help but replay the scene over and over in his head. She was screaming, louder than he had ever heard her, her body writhing and contorting as the stone was absorbed into her blood. He was screaming too, Ed was shouting and Al was crying out for the bearded man to stop, but nothing could prevent what was coming.

For a second he had almost been relieved when he saw the flesh and bone of her arm rebuild itself, reconstructing the arm she had sacrificed due to his faults. But then he saw the tattoo on her hand; the stamp on the contract was in plain view.

Lan Fan had made a deal with a devil, and her person was the price.

Ling isn’t sure when he last slept. The bedsheets are always too stifling or drenched with his sweat, and his thoughts keep him awake long into the dark hours of the night. Sometimes at the right angle he can see the milkman through the window, walking up the street in the early morning with the bottles in his hand. Amestris is a strange country in so many ways.

But tonight, just as he begins to doze, he feels qi prickling in the distance. One that no human could possess. And buried far, far beneath it is her.

He hears the homunculus before he sees her. 

“Nice to see you again,” she croons, voice dripping with something that makes Ling’s stomach curl. “Thought I might check up on the girl’s precious princeling–ha! Get it?

“Lan Fan,” he breathes.

“It’s Greed, remember? Girly’s not home.” Her figure moves from the windowsill into the room, perching herself at the foot of his bed.

“No,” he grunts, struggling to sit up, “I want to talk to Lan Fan.” 

Greed laughs, and its a pompous sort of noise, like ones from the nobles back home, or the tutors to their foolish students.

Never from Lan Fan.

“Well, little prince, we all want a lot of things. But nobody wants more than me, and I’m telling you she can’t have this body back, no matter how much you whine about it.” She takes a step back, and the pale moonlight casts shadows over her face, twisting Lan Fan’s soft features into something monstrous.

“Why did you come here homunculus? To gloat?”

“You say that like it’s a bad thing.” She gives him a cursory glance and runs a hand through her (Lan Fan’s) hair. The hand with the tattoo on the back. “I’ve got to be getting back. See you later.” 


By the time he is able to stand and move to the window, she is already gone, having vanished into the night.

Almost as if she was never there at all.

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sorry, but i'm freaking sick of the passive ass "the most important thing is that we're having a comeback!!1" attitude. without a good comeback, they're not gonna be able to win anything and you know what winning an award (especially if it's a major award) means for them. did you miss their reaction when they won "artist of the year"? i'd do anything for making them that happy again but you don't seem to care if they're successful and recognized after their hard work.

I’ve spoken about this day after day after day for a long while now, and I’m gonna repeat myself, because it doesn’t seem clear despite how many times I repeat it - they have yet to comeback. 

You’re sick of the “passive ass attitude” and I’m sick of the negativity. So what? Does that make any of us a “bad” fan? I don’t think so. Does that make us two people with two different opinions? Yes

I’ve told you, more than 3 times by now how I feel, you know that I don’t feel like you do about this, that I understand your point of view, but i don’t feel as strongly about it, what more do you want me to do? I can’t force myself to feel anxious about this. There’s no point whatsoever in being anxious about this before they can comeback to me, and that won’t change. I’ve already told you and other anons (i suppose) about this, I repeated it again and again, so why am I still receiving these kind of messages? Why are you still implying that I don’t care? Having a different attitude towards something doesn’t mean a person doesn’t care, it means that we have different ways to look at things. 

Also, I’m not SM. It’s not like complaining will help anyone, now, won’t it? A part from making everyone feel bad about something that should make us happy (and if you haven’t noticed a lot of people get upset at the negativity about this comeback). It’s not our fault SM makes them comeback during shitty periods and with songs that aren’t public friendly, I understand the frustration, but there’s just so much we can complain before it ruins the whole experience of stanning SHINee, to be honest, and I had already reached my complaining limit last week. 

Saying that SHINee won’t win, that SHINee’s comeback will flop, etc. doesn’t help them win a thing, anon. It only makes people angry and spiteful at each other, it makes people feel bad and anxious, it divides fandom and I assure you that a fandom divided isn’t a stronger fandom, it’s just a sad fandom. 

I want to protect and give SHINee everything, but making everyone feel bad about this comeback won’t help us nor SHINee in this, period. 

Please accept that no, I don’t feel like you and no, I don’t want to feel like you.