Happy 35 fucking birthday Gerard Arthur Way! Thank you for existing.

I know I’m freaking about someone actually answering my ask and like actually answering with what I asked for but, I re-blog porn and shit and people just automatically think I want naked pics and shit but honestly I just wanna compliment you and make you feel better. Everyone is beautiful in their own way and I’d like to tell people everything I see and just hopefully put a smile on their face. Even if you don’t actually know me, during my day to day life I know in the back of my mind that I made someone smile and feel better about themselves. But yeah, sorry if I freaked you out *unzippedmind* or just weirded out anyone else. Just wanted to put this out there.

30 Day  Anime Challenge

Day 1 - Very first anime


I was ten at the time, probably faking sick for I can skip school (IDK).I was flipping the channels and there she was crying and kicking ass. After that, I pester my mom to buy me all kinds of SM goodies.  Only  later to find out that it wasn’t a cartoon but an anime.  An anime that  has open a door to many more favs in my life.