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Supernatural - Light ‘Em Up

For how short this it, it took a ridiculously long time to make, but oh well. It’s pretty good, in my opinion. Please enjoy!




Remember this? Yes, Makoto’s warm and beautiful home.

Now, please look at this picture and see the building ahead in Makoto’s direction.


Yes, we can see Makoto’s home from Haru’s place.

So if we add the fact that Haru’s room is on the second floor while I can’t help but wish that Makoto’s room is on the second floor too, isn’t that means Makoto and Haru can see each other from each other house? And if Makoto’s room is really on the second floor, Tamako’s and Mochizou’s classic rope telephones could happen too!

(ETA: check this out for more explanation about the houses.)

Now, regarding the phones… I accidentally found this from someone’s on my TL:


Now we all know that Makoto’s phone is based on the real phone too (remember Rei’s bag reference?), it’s Softbank Pantone Slide 825SH with green color.

So I tried to google it and now


















THE OUTS → a scene that made you depressed + made you sad.

jack depositing a kiss (depressed) and then withdrawing it (sad).

(or, the thought of jack/mitchell dating at all, lbr. trainwreck with a capital t.)


So I was thinking for a while…needed something to do cause of this pain in the ass snow storm….

But at this point we are seeing some serious flags from Rukia’s end of the relationship…

First of all let me refresh some of your memories, back in chapter 196 Rukia gave her “Man in my Heart” speech to Ichigo. One of the most major Rukia > Ichigo moments in the manga. Not only was this scene significant, but it’s obvious Rukia see’s it as one of her most precious memories.

Ichigo holds a very special place in Rukia’s heart, same vice versa for Rukia to Ichigo. To the point they aren’t just friends anymore, they’re more than that.

In the newest chapter, Rukia closed her eyes to think about the happiest moments of her life so far. One was the time she comforted Orihime, in that chapter Orihime felt “useless” and upset after what Urahara told her. So Rukia comforted her in that, but following that scene Orihime was taken to Hachi. See Orihime could find Ichigo, thanks to Hachi, through using her powers, on the other hand Rukia could not. So she eventually found Ichigo on her own and met up with Orihime afterward.

The other scene, thanks to twilightmagician, realized it was the scene where Byakuya saved Rukia from Zommari. So those of you with the theory about Rukia using similar abilities in her fight with Aaroniero as she did with As Nodt, may not be far from wrong. It seems Rukia was still conscious yet “dead” or close to “death” during Byakuya’s battle with Zommari, in order for her to remember such a thing.

Now for the majority of her memories we have Ichigo. I’ve noticed, that when Rukia is always thinking back, or about others all together, she always puts Ichigo on a different level than anyone else, or a way that he’s separated from others in her thought.

The three moments she remember were some major scenes she had with Ichigo, one being the “Man in my Heart” speech as I mentioned before. The next being the “Fullbringer Reunion” aka the shoujo bubbly scene, and the last is a “You’ve become Stronger” scene.

What’s amazing about this, is that not only are they three completely different scenes, but each is revolved around Ichigo one way or another. There’s no doubt that Rukia holds Ichigo very dear and on a different level compared with others, just like Ichigo vice versa.

Now I wanted to look back at the previous times she did similar thoughts about Ichigo.

Like when she was about to be executed, she was on her death bed, already she accepted death. And she was thinking about everyone in her life. She thought about Renji, her childhood friend, Jushiro and her other fellow squad members, the friends she made on Earth, and her adopted brother that raised her. So she thought about her friends and family

But what about Ichigo? If Ichigo was just a friend or family member he should have been in one of those panels with the others, or at least in a panel next to Byakuya at the end right? This is similar to the recent chapter too. Orihime is a close friend of Rukia. Byakuya is her older brother, so family. Then you have those three moments with Ichigo. The thing is, I would have analyzed this differently if Renji was in there too, but he’s not.

Yeah, well next she thinks about an image of Ichigo, with his back to her. In this scene, she does not say “Thank you” she says “Good-bye”, she does not think it either, she says it out loud to herself, and it’s not until she thinks about Ichigo that she starts to cry. When one says Good-bye, that is a way of making a farewell remark. A teary heart jerking farewell before she closes her eyes and accepts the inevitable.

After that we have a scene from the Fullbringer arc, the arc that was said to reflect the SS arc. One with many parallels that Kubo himself stated.

When Toshiro talks about Rukia and her relationship with Ichigo, she thanks her as well, thankful that she was the shinigami that met him. Earlier he even pointed out how she was the only one who believed Ichigo wouldn’t turn traitor and was ready to rebel against the SS, in the end she was right, because she had faith in Ichigo.

After Toshiro said these things we get a ton of shoujo bubbly thoughts on Rukia’s end, a ton, pft. And then she thinks deeper into her thoughts. She’s thinks about how much Ichigo has “changed” just like how she thought similarly in the SS arc after he rescued her. She acknowledged how much he’s changed for the better. And again you get a image of Ichigo with his back to her. Then you see how Rukia talks about how Ichigo has being strong and firm for her, then for everybody else. Once again she separates Ichigo from the others in her thoughts, even putting herself first, instead of including herself in the “everybody” panel.

Her thoughts about Ichigo, were so moving that it even had an effect on Riruka, a girl that supposedly had a crush on Ichigo, someone who even constantly worried about him during his Fullbringer training.

Moving ahead in chapter 477 we get a famous parallel scene, where Rukia jumps in front of Ichigo to protect him from what could have been a deadly blow from Tsukishima’s sword. No, Riruka was not controlling her movements in that scene. Kubo even stated that he wanted it to be similar to how Ichigo and Rukia first met. How Rukia jumped in front of Ichigo to protect him.

Tsukishima was intent to kill Ichigo, but you could even see him smiling wickedly after seeing Rukia jump in front of Ichigo. You could see was content with cutting down someone, that meant so much to Ichigo, instead. You could see the pain, the desperation, the silent scream, coming from Ichigo at the possibility of Rukia getting hurt or killed.

But Riruka appeared and saved them both. She saved them, because Rukia’s thoughts about Ichigo changed. They got through to her, to the point she willing to die to protect both of them. She heard something in Rukia’s thought’s that no one else did.

Which was most likely her thoughts during this scene:

It was significant.

Life changing.

And simply beautiful.

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From start to finish.
“I seriously recommend falling in love with your best friend.”

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