I'm really glad I am not going up there with him

I was going to post earlier about how David had gone off on retreat and the cat and I were sitting around in a morose pile fur. (He aggressively snuggled me and I was covered in cat hair.) But I rallied and washed my face and went outside. I have returned from the wilds of my city triumphant bearing the spoils of my victory: unspoiled milk for coffee, chocolate, wine, a grilled cheese (w/ tomato and avocado sandwich) and most importantly the medication I ran out of yesterday.

More than you ever wanted to know about my interior mental state today and my upcoming week:

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acciosherlockinthetardis asked:

Getting genuinely concerned that Athos will go back to Milady now and I can't put my head around it x) Please love don't, she literally destroyed your life

i’m so glad you messaged me because i can’t stop trying to work out how i feel. i’m with you really, i don’t want them to get back together because that’d be very unhealthy. that said…

at first i wasn’t thrilled about her return, even though i knew she’d be back. i wanted them to be free of each other, and i think athos COULD have done that, no matter what maimie or her character say, no matter how much he still feels for her

i was mostly afraid that her return would throw him back lightyears in his healing process, because of her emotionally abusive ways mainly (look what you did, i am what you made me)

but now i’m thinking, his s1 arc was about forgiving himself. not killing her, dropping the locket, it was about forgiving himself. which was such an important first step, and i’m proud forever. and the thing is, i don’t feel like we’re losing that at all, which has been my worst fear

i think what we’re seeing this series is athos taking more steps. taking responsibility, looking inside himself and seeing he’s where he wants to be. and since she /is/ in his life, he has to come to terms with some stuff. i think that is healthy. i think he’s thinking β€œwhat if i’d forgiven her” and maybe slowly working towards doing just that. if not forgiving her at least understanding her. and i think that’s excellent and i’m very proud. do i think forgiveness should come with sex? no, but on the whole this arc isn’t as distressing as i feared. i think athos is only growing, and still being his beautiful self, and if my heart doesn’t grow to accommodate all this love i’m feeling, it’ll burst

ETA: he’s already dealing with her presence so much better than he ever did and i’m so glad. i like that they’re more on equal footing than ever: she has status and he is already so much BETTER than he was, already more steady and settled in himself, not letting her walk all over him and pick her teeth with him, emotionally so much better equipped to deal with her than he was

ETA2: i think they probably /will/ have sex but i’ll deal with that when it happens ;)

i’m just really glad eddie redmayne got the oscar for best actor he seems to be a pretty nice person and does cheesy sci-fi as well as impressive films and when i look at him i always immediately go “marius”

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the-intelligent-hollogram asked:

do?? me i guess i am lame sry evaporates into sun

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Snow Snow Snow

Actual bae though ok like

Listen not only is she one of the sweetest people ever, but her York is literally one of the best around ok

Like??? I remember that I geeked out a bit when you had first followed me back because I really loved your writing so I was just super excited

als O
i owe a lot to you in regards to my development of Wash’s character tbqh

Because of our first threads, I came up with my headcanon for him being a prankster and it literally all snowballed from there it was amazing.


Do yourselves a favor and go follow Snow she’s the best

mikkeneko answered your question:I’m glad they went through the trouble of offering…

Syaoran totally killed him in cold blood. (Kidding; I actually have no idea. But I like to think he totally wasted him.)

I really thought they would at least mention what had happened to him. He was so central to the conflict in the storyline all the way right up until the final battle, I just assumed they would exile him or at the very least put him in jail. But they’re kind of quiet about it, so it would not actually surprise me if he did, actually, die in that last fight.Β 

Either that, or that line by Lady Debonair and her sons actually meant that she was going to grab his son and drag him into the hell dimension too. Which, you know, I’m also okay with.Β