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"You just make me so dang happy!" 

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Holy shit. I I just realized that when Louis and Harry hold hands Louis' compass literally points to Home, to HARRY. Like people have always said that but it just hit me that it literally points to Harry when they hold hands. Holy shit.

it took me literally TWO DAYS to realize that the dagger being on the same spot on Louis’s arm as the rose is on Harry’s means that the dagger is GOING THROUGH THE ROSE which is the whole point of rose and dagger tattoos WHAT A REVELATION

Bby!Tim: “..no…noo..”

Jay: “It’s ok. I’ll be with you until you sleep. Won’t leave you alone until you sleep. Promise.”

Bby!tim: “m-no! no! Seek! “

Jay: “You can play hide and seek tomorrow, don’t worry.”

Bby!Tim: “…moro? (tomorrow?)”

Jay: “..Yeah. Tomorrow. There is always a tomorrow.”

Jay knows that he can’t keep the promise because he is remembering. So he knows that he is almost getting back to his normal size and age. It’s already started, his body is growing slowly. He knows he has to get out of the manor soon. So no he won’t be there but there is always tomorrow for Tim.

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I wanted to go ahead and draw a small comic for this but then I also wanted to try a different style of coloring, so decided to go with a drawing. Might add another small comic for this one in the near future :3 Hope you like it! 

Tumblr horror story: a user actually works to get over their triggers instead of making sure everyone else caters to their unhealthy avoidance behaviors through the sacred trigger tagging system.

*pssst* Ronan deciding to grow out his hair and Adam running his fingers through it when they kiss for the first time.

gentle reminder to take some time off now that finals are ending and take care of yourself. take a bath, fill a page of your journal, make some art, do what you need to do so you can be happy during break and the coming year. you worked hard this semester (and even if you didn’t) you deserve a break uwu 

i’m sorry, but the current m/akorrian tears are laughably ridiculous. seriously compare the amount of overall canon m/akorra moments to the amount of k/orrasami moments. i mean, i know it’s not fun that your ship isn’t endgame (and considering how much ship interpretation korra and mako’s convo had the end had, i’d be pissed too), but some of y’all are being really ridiculous right now.

if k/orrasami hadn’t been endgame, we would have managed. we’re used to only having them be queer characters in headcanon. we’re used to only getting shippy moments through fan material. we, not just the k/orrasami fandom but the entire queer community, are used to having almost zero representation whatsoever. we’ve had to go this whole time basing the ship around interpretations of canon moments. surely, as if you didnt already have episodes full of moments for your ship, you can do the same. 

tl;dr: k/orrasami didn’t “ruin” the show. please stop being pissbabies about it. 

Dwarves other than the warriors possibly developing PTSD after Bofa though has suddenly become important to me

she's practically an avenger

krystal jung as kate bishop [insp.]

siiigh do u ever read some severely mediocre fic and u dont even know why u keep reading it but

and i will never get this time back


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I loved it too! Don’t worry, you aren’t the only one! *HUGS*


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Why let other people’s opinions define yours? So you liked it, you don’t have to defend that. You also don’t have to feel like a shitty person just because everyone else hated it and it’s mainstream to dislike it. Whatever, like what you like.

yeah, that’s what i keep trying to tell myself. i guess it’s just because it’s something i really want to be open about liking and enjoying but it appears any general positivity regarding it is shot down. usually i don’t give a shit about what other people think about when it comes to stuff i enjoy but in this case it’s just getting too close to home because i can’t even discuss the movie with p much any of my friends because they all hold negative opinions 

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no friend! don’t be sad! everyone is going to have a different opinion on it and that is okay. someone else’s outlook on the movie does not invalidate yours. it’s great that you loved it don’t feel bad for that!

thanks darling ;; <3 


i know it doesn’t invalidate it but it just makes me feel like i missed something obvious because everyone else seems to be more capable of digesting media “correctly” than i am

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Being more easily made happy normally just means that the other people around you are too judgmental rather than any failing on your part. Why would you feel bad for liking a good thing?

yeah but being judgmental is typically a sign of an educated or conscious consumer, and to think that maybe im so blind and in love with this series and what makes me happy that i’m incapable of seeing what’s wrong with it just means that i’m doing my job of being me incorrectly, i am here for other people not for my own silly meandering affections so like, if i’m so blind so as to not see what everyone considers obvious then maybe i’m wrong about everything else too

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IT HAS AN 81% AUDIENCE APPROVAL SCORE ON ROTTEN TOMATOES DON’T WORRY A LOT OF PEOPLE DO LIKE IT and also a lot of people are currently in the ~totally hipster~ “THE ORIGINAL TRILOGY WAS COOLER” camp atm

yeahhhh i suppose ;; i mean yes nothing will really top the emotional importance of the original trilogy esp considering the time in which it was made and how it was made and everything like that but i feel it’s important to view them as two separate things and idk i just laskjdfklj feel bad for caring about something that so many other people whose opinions i generally respect just think was utter shite