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Can I have an imagine for luke where you guys are broken up but you hang out with him because the other 3 invite him over but you guys are t talking and you guys are in the car siting next t each other an duly guys are about to crash but he protects you like ours his hand over you so you won't fly out the car and you guys get back together in the end sorry it's confusing haha

“I’ll drive you.” 

You turned to Luke in surprise, but he was pointedly not looking at you.

You cleared your throat awkwardly. “Are you sure? It’s really no big deal, I can drive myself.”

You knew that Luke hadn’t been pleased to see you over at his house, his constant brooding in the corner had made that clear from the moment you’d walked through the door.

The two of you had promised to remain friends after the breakup, which was the main reason you had thought it’d be alright to come over when Ashton had invited you. The way Luke sucked on his lip ring and spent the last two hours staring at his phone suggested otherwise.

He shrugged. “The order was on my credit card anyway. I’ll drive, and you can just run in and pick everything up. That way you don’t have to try to find parking.”

You looked over at your other friends, in the middle of filming what looked like an instagram video, took note of the fact Calum and Ashton had both taken off their pants since you had last looked at them, and sighed. “Alright.”

The two of you left the house and climbed into his car, and you tried to ignore the knot in your stomach when you recalled how many other times you’d climbed into his passenger seat. The feeling was a little too familiar.

You drove awkwardly in silence, sticking to side streets, and if things hadn’t been so tense, you might have tried to make a Long Way Home reference. But every time you thought of a good one, you’d look over and see his clenched jaw, and thought better.

The two of you rolled to a stop at a stop sign, and Luke had just tapped the gas to move on when someone came blaring through the intersection. You saw the headlights first and screamed, Luke slamming on the brakes so quickly you felt yourself sliding forward off your seat. Your seatbelt restrained you but not before Luke flung his arm out, knocking you back into your seat so fast you were winded. The brakes on the other car squealed to a halt.

“HEY.” Luke yelled, shoving off his seat belt and moving to get out of the car. “WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING?”

Shocked, you rushed out of the car after him. “Luke?”

The other guy had gotten out of his car now, eyes wide, more than a little intimated by the hulking shouting 6′4″ giant that was Luke.


“Woah.” You stepped in front of him, placing your hands out to stop him in his tracks. “Cool that Aussie temper. Seriously?” You turned to the other person and smiled sweetly. “No harm, no foul. Are you alright?”

The other guy nodded, still staring wide eyed at Luke.

“Cool, next time watch where you’re going.” You waved him off, and the guy didn’t wait another second before getting back into his car and leaving. You turned back to Luke. “And you.” You looked at him incredulously, but couldn’t resist. “Simmer down.”

He looked down at you, caught off guard by the pun. He groaned and put his face in his hands, shaking his head, and then climbed back into the car. Not sure how to react, you climbed back into the passenger seat.

There was a moment of silence while you sat there. Finally, he took a deep breath. “I’m sorry. I just. I dunno. I lost you once, and I just couldn’t. I couldn’t lose you again.”

Of all the things you were expecting him to say, that wasn’t one of them. You sat there in stunned silence. 

“I just.” he continued, obviously unnerved by your silence, “I know I put my career before you before. And it wasn’t until I didn’t have you that I realized how important you are to me. And I know that I can’t change things, and you wouldn’t believe me if I said things would be different, but I just-”

You leaned over and kissed his cheek, and he looked at you in surprise. “That was for trying to save me.” You sat back in your seat and looked at him. “Look, it hurt a lot when we broke up the first time. I really felt like you didn’t care about us. And I’m not saying I trust you right now-” he nodded at this point, eyes wide, “But I’m willing to let you buy my dinner tonight, and we can go from there.” You smiled at him, and he laughed.

“I’ll take it,” he said, turning the key in the ignition. About two blocks later, he slipped his hand into yours and intertwined your fingers, and that was how the two of you returned to the guys’ house, 20 minutes later, along with 7 orders of Chinese takeout.

Oh right I almost forgot

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Hi, I was wonderig if there was any way you could help me find out the ages of all the dragon age characters? Or if not ALL of them, at least Hawke and his companions in Dragon age 2? I can't seem to find info on it anywhere!

Ah, this is a bit of a tough one because a fair few characters don’t have solid, canon dates of birth. I’ll share the ones I have definite sources on though. Links to sources are are on the ages or dates of birth, I’ll be providing the ages the characters are at the beginning of the events in the game or media they’re listed under. Some ages are approximate or lower estimates based off in-game dialogue and/or dev comments. I won’t be using the DA:O toolset ages as they were written before the characters were further developed and Alistair certainly isn’t 32 in that game.

If exact ages are unknown, and appropriate information is available, I’ll add things that might help you at least guess the ages (not everyone has information that lends itself to this, however). I’d like to give a big thanks to Valerie1972 for her WoT2 liveblog posts, they helped out a lot!

DRAGON AGE: ORIGINS [Dragon 9:30]:

  • Alistair - 20 [Born 9:10 Dragon]
  • Cailan -  25 [Born 9:5 Dragon]
  • Leliana - Unknown
  • Loghain - Unknown [Likely born sometime in the mid-to-late Blessed Age given that he started travelling to Denerim with Anora in 9:10 Dragon and that Maeve died in 9:28]
  • Morrigan - at least 25 [Born between 9:02 - 9:05 Dragon]
  • Oghren - Unknown, I’d guess around early 40s [Branka became a Paragon in 9:10 Dragon, roughly a year after they married]
  • Shale - Unknown [Volunteered to become a Golem in -255 Ancient]
  • Sten - Unknown, I’d guess around early 40s [Assigned to guard the port of Seheron for three years in 9:03 Dragon, a job usually given when a child is around 12 years of age] 
  • Wynne - 48 [Born in 8:82 Blessed]
  • Zevran - 25 [Born 9:04/early 9:05 Dragon, purchased by the Crows in 9:12 Dragon at 7 years of age]


  • Nathaniel - 30 [Born 9:0 Dragon]
  • Sigrun - Unknown 
  • Velanna - Unknown [Was 9 years old when she discovered her magic]
  • Anders - [See Dragon Age II] 
  • Oghren - [See Dragon Age: Origins] 

DRAGON AGE II [All ages apply to Act 1 | Dragon 9:31]: 


  • Blackwall - Unknown, I’d guess around early-to-mid 40′s [Weekes mentions him having kids these days talks with Solas whilst confirming he [Solas] falls into that age bracket]
  • Cassandra - at least 37 [Parents killed in Nevarran purge in 9:10 Dragon, Took her Vigil at 15, Anthony killed in 9:16]
  • Cole - Physical appearance of around 20 [DA:I Codex entry]
  • Cullen - 29/30 [Born 9:10/9:11 Dragon]
  • Dorian - 30 [Born 9:11 Dragon]
  • Iron Bull - mid-to-late 30s [source]
  • Josephine - Around  27 - 29 [source]
  • Leliana - Unknown, I’d guess around early-to-mid 40′s
  • Sera - Unknown, I’d guess around early 20′s [Given her mentions of Denerim during the events of DA:O]
  • Solas - Early-to-mid 40s [source]
  • Varric - [See Dragon Age II]
  • Vivienne - At least 44 [Source]

Things I hate about summer/warm weather:

  • the warmth
  • humidity
  • bugs
  • sweating
  • all the PEOPLE walking around aka crossing in front of your car without using the cross walk
  • bugs
  • seriously the sweating
  • Trying to dress while considering the temperatures outside/in your car/at work/at home/etc.
  • BUGS
  • humidity yes again because like a) it’s annoying but b) I can’t breathe well when it’s humid bc I had asthma as a kid and I always start wheezing again ugh.
  • all those people going OMG IT’S SO NICE OUTSIDE!!11!!! 
  • (and also you know those’ll be the same people in like 2 months all OMGGG when is summer gonna END, they think I’ll forget but I will not.)

Things I like about summer/warm weather:

  • ?????
  • fruit gets really good
  • ????
  • i mean maybe ice cream and sorbet and froyo but lbr you can enjoy that when it’s like pleasantly 60 or 70 and not muggy and like doom
  • heck I enjoy that in WINTER whatever
  • ???????? 
  • seriously nothing else
Regarding Stucky, just gotta get this off my chest...

I like Stucky.  It’s one of my favorite ships, though by no means my only one (equal love for Steggy and SamSteve here!).  And I get that if someone doesn’t ship it, the amount of Stucky can seem overwhelming and even off-putting.


I really, REALLY don’t understand people who say that Stucky is a bad ship because it’s unhealthy.  I just really don’t.

Steve and Bucky, regardless of whether you ship them or not, love each other.  And while Bucky’s been abused for decades and isn’t in the best place right now…why in the world would that mean that it would be “unhealthy” for Steve to be in love with him?  Or for him to be in love with Steve?

Maybe they can’t be in a relationship RIGHT AWAY if Bucky needs to find some semblance of stability first, but the idea that it’s somehow wrong or “problematic” for Steve to love Bucky (and vice versa) when Bucky’s down just really, really doesn’t sit well with me.

When your friend or spouse or partner or family member is dealing with a serious issue…that doesn’t mean you stop loving them.  That doesn’t mean your love for them is wrong.

I don’t know…whenever I read a “Stucky is unhealthy” post, I feel this kind of raw, visceral coldness sweep over me.  As though people are saying Bucky’s too “damaged” to love, he’s a “lost cause” or too “broken.”

It just sounds so much like that little voice that whispers “everyone would be better off without you.”  And I fucking hate that voice.