I'm literally not joking

Perfect human beings → Freddie Mercury 

"When I’m trying to get a relationship together I’m the nicest person you could meet, my dear. I’m a peach! (However), The moment I find someone’s betrayed me I go the other way. Once I’m betrayed, I’m an ogre." 

Sybil Ramkin is one of my heroines though

She spends forty-odd years fat and single and obsessed with dragons and loving it and letting nobody give her any shits

And then she meets a dashing-if-drunken forty-something watchman and they think they’re too old for love but they are so, so, so wrong and their relationship starts with mutual respect and trust and grows into an incredible amount of love and affection

But she’s a fat goddess the whole time and there’s never anything wrong with that because the woman is a city


favorite character meme | two colors



The 東方神起 Alarm-clock  (tr. credit me and this)

the devil's got nothing on me, my friend [a steve/bucky playlist]

1. beast (bioshock infinite extended version) [nico vega] 2. mistaken for strangers [st. vincent] 3. beekeeper [keaton henson] 4. daniel in the den [bastille] 5. i know you care [ellie goulding] 6. racing like a pro [the national] 7. soldier on [the temper trap] 8. biting down [lorde] 9. fear and loathing [marina & the diamonds] 10. strong [london grammar] 11. i’ll believe in anything [wolf parade] 12. hospital beds [cold war kids] 13. graceless [the national] 14. putting the dog to sleep [the antlers] 15. samson [regina spektor] 16. shake it out [florence and the machine] 17. safe and sound [taylor swift ft. the civil wars]

((bonus track, i couldn’t help myself: i am not a robot [marina & the diamonds] ))

listen || credit to bluandorange for the amazing cover artwork (x)


Forgive me. I must do it. Grant me your power!


Piper and Annabeth stealing each other’s breakfast is the cutest thing ever

(Braccas meas vescimini=eat my pants)