I'm gonna go back to work now


My day today! Had to go to school to set up frames. I thought we had to do it ourselves but two helpers did it for me. I felt useless standing there but I didn’t want to interrupt. Georgie ended up being there too and my mom was with me so that was fun! We tried to take a selfie WHICH NEVER WORKS! If we go for my skin tone, Georgie disappears in the shadows and if we go for Georgie’s, I turn into a ghost. Also this guy in my class looked at Georgie and said “You’re Eugenia right?” I laughed and was like, “that’s me!! She’s Georgie!” We’re all sleep deprived.
After I went to dinner with my parents and their friends and I’m still full from food. (For those that have me on snapchat, I’m sorry…) AND THEN I SAW THE PRETTIEST BIKE AT WALMART!!! Mine is white and kind of looks like that BUT LOOK AT THAT BLUE!! Omfg… Gorgeous!!


Making another post about this with more info because a couple people have asked;

So I have some debt that pretty urgently needs to be paid off by the end of September.

Now I might be able to do it with my paychecks, but if I do do that I won’t have enough money to do things like: Buy groceries, pay for transport into work, buy food and litter for my cats, pay bills, get medication, or afford rent. I’ve been living pretty sparsely for the past few months as it is trying to do it on my own.

So as it stands, ideally, I’d like to get together 800$ to cover my debt and allow me to eat; I really hate to ask for help, and I realize that this may be un-doable, but any little bit helps.

Which is why I’m taking sketch commissions!
I’ll be doing Full-body clean roughs for 15$ apiece. 

Above I included examples of my style and what you might get. You can see more of my stuff over at my  Art  Tags;

I’ll be taking payment primarily through paypal, but if you have an alternative I’m open to discussing it;

If you have any questions or would like to Commission me, you can contact me at alyssalmpenney@yahoo.com
And in case anyone doesn’t want to commission but still wants to contribute,my paypal info is (Please note it is not the same as my email address) alyssalmpenney@gmail.com

As before I appreciate any reblogs to help spread the word, and am incredibly grateful to any and all who helped me out by signal boosting my last post; I understand that it’s back to school time for a lot of people and appreciate any help I can get;


i hate when you genuinely don’t feel well and you know you need to chill for a bit but you feel like you’re being unproductive if you do 

Good bye tumblr....Well for now at least

As many of you may know I’m going into the coast guard, and if this queue is working correctly I should of left about 3 days ago.

Don’t worry I won’t be gone forever, I’ll hopefully be back on my birthday(June 6) which is about 8 weeks.

So for now, this blog is on hiatus. To those of you who had requested art work, I’m still working on them I just ended up running out of time these last three weeks because of family and friends steeling me away from my hobbies.

Welp. I’m really going to miss all of you guys, I have some of the best followers in the world. Your all so wonderful and I can’t wait to flood your dashes once again with weird posts.

See you soon

Okay Scammy’s gotsta go to work now.

No seriously, i gotta do my homework. XD You kids behave while I’m out. And NO hair pulling, or setting the door-frame on fire again. i don’t know how many times I have to tell you but hair-spray flame-throwers are not meant to be used inside the house!

I left our emergency numbers on the counter, I’ll see you tonight tumblr.

since tumblr was a bitch yesterday and brought me back to the dash before I could save all the work I’d done on my navi page, I’m gonna throw that back together before I do any writey-writey. I really wanna post a starter call but I NEVER make the starters sO I DON’T KNOW??? I DON’T KNOW? I’ve only got a few things going on over here right now though so idk hmu if u wanna do thing.


Anyway, for those of you who want to know: this is my view, hahaha. I wanted to take more pictures (the area where we went skiing is SO beautiful, you have no idea) but unfortunately me ipod decided that he doesn’t like Austria, so he stopped working since we got here and just now - when I came back from our final day of skiing - it wanted to turn back on for me. So no snowy pictures, but ahh well, you get the idea. :)

I’m going home tomorrow, so I’ll take a look at your asks then, I promise. :) See ya guys, be good!

I think about the fact that Jimmy Brown was only gone 3 days a lot, and how Ms. Langtree (or I guess Mrs. Brown now) made an entire alphabet song about him -WITH NUMBERS!!- In that time.


How did that work?

When in that period of time did it occur to her that he wasn’t coming back?

When did she start writing a song?

When did she finish?

Did she wake up the first day and just go “Well I guess he’s gone I’m gonna be a spinstress woe is me”? Was it something she came up with five minutes before class that morning? Or was it an ongoing thing in the back of her mind the whole time?

What would she have done if he didn’t come back that fourth day? Would she just nix the numbers part or would she freestyle everyday?

[Quite the invigorating break, but let’s see if we can’t clear out those drafts now, shall we?]

today I bought Skyrim and Bioshock Infinite, and I’m definitely buying Assassins Creed & Borderlands next….. still need to get back to playing Dragon Age & Mirrors Edge & Fallout though…

deep breath in

okay kimby
sometimes people tell you dumb things because they’re stressed about other things in their lives
sometimes you say or do dumb things because you’re stressed about other things in your life
and sometimes people/you are just dumb period but what’re you gonna do about that, you can’t take words back and neither can anybody else? you shouldn’t let that stress you out, just be glad that you had restraint enough to not add to the pile of dumb shit said/done/written and move on
you already don’t think you’re going to live that long so might as well spend every second without the stress and with as much joy as you can muster
you’ll be okay until the point you really aren’t
and there’s no point in being stressed over what you can’t even predict
so don’t worry just yet.

deep breath out

hamfootsia replied to your post:So maybe its just because I’m eating so…

Sounds like an anxiety attack. It could just be extra anxiety from other things that’s built up working it’s way out. Sometimes that stuff just happens. Sorry =C

Well that’s just stupid. I ain’t even like mad, or concerned, or worried or anything. I just think that’s dumb. Body you do that shit on your own time, we’re working on other stuff right now.