I'm done

Life is so stagnant god I can’t stand it im so bored with all the people and sick of getting the same shit treatment
I’m sick of never being good enough
And I have no idea how to keep positive and just smile and pretend I’m okay when actually I just
I’m beyond disappointed and frustrated and I don’t know how to recover
—  "Fuck this" // a story a day #135 by d.y.
Wtf guys.

Wtf is going on with the phandom? All of a sudden we hate them because they’re coming out with a book? Manipulation? Do u hear what u guys are saying? Do u see what u guys are writing. Guys? (Of course this isn’t to all of u!) This is ridiculous. I should not be reblogging posts that say that ‘I support TABINOF and I promise I won’t post hate’ because holy shit we should not be posting hate in first place. We are supposed to be supporting them. They worked so fucking hard and here we are bashing them? (Again not all of u I know!) But seriously manipulation? They are human. Do u really think that low of them? First of all yes they are monetizing their friendship. But that DOES NOT mean it is not real. Dan and Phil have something special. They aren’t gonna throw it away because of a book and tour. I’m extremely disappointed.

When I look at you, I don’t get these feelings of happiness. Instead you make me feel guilt and regret and I hate that. You make me question the things I have done in my past and you cloud my mind with a misery that seems to be never forgotten. It’s painful and scary. I need to get away. I need to get away from you. You are the picture of sadness and I’m just another one of your many victims.