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anonymous asked:

Do you have angst fic rec list? I'm thinking of stuff like "But Broken Lights" that makes your heart twist.

You asked for it… :-)

Since I’ve already made some rec lists that err on the angsty-side (e.g. Whump, Hurt/ComfortSickness or InjuriesCheatingArgumentsAngsty drabbles, and Girl in the Fireplace) I’ve tried to make this list veer toward sadness-related angst: fic that makes you want to cry.

Key:   Happy or optimistic ending | {Sad ending} | {{Seriously angsty, beware!}} Please always note my warnings as well as the authors’ warnings, let me know if I’ve mislabelled anything.

Teen or below ratings: short/one-shots

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Who do you turn to when the person you went to for everything is no longer around?
—  Missing you everyday
'Cause I knew lonely
looked lonely in the eye
cuddled with it and fed it
the peas I refused to eat
threw under the table for it
scraps and bones
lonely was always home
with my mother commonly
referred to as, “I’m alone.
—  Jackie B.One a Day (44/365)

But Clara saying “I grew out of fairytales” is heartbreaking 

because only a few episodes ago she wanted to meet Robin Hood. She convinced the Doctor to take her there. The Doctor asked her when she started believing in impossible heroes and she replied with “Don’t you know?” 

In fact so much of Clara’s story has been based around impossible things and fairytale-like features.

But she lost everything, she lost Danny, she lost the Doctor and now she’s lost any belief in fairytales.

And that hurts