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As soon as you finish the recent episode (no rush, lol) please watch the new sneak peek because I'm telling your right now, you are going to enjoy the fuck out of it. All the Snow Queen. All. Of. It.

I already ruined it for myself, I couldn’t resist! :)

This episode should be a national holiday for the snow queen ship, istg

Things I am going to miss most about my parents’ house:

The sound of the church bells from the Presbyterian church up the street (every night at 6 when the windows are open in the summer).

The flowering tree outside the living room window.

Our front stoop. I used to climb over the railing and scale my way down to the driveway.

My old bedroom.

The rickety fence that separates our lawn from the neighbors. I used to be able to walk the whole length of the fence. It runs downhill. It was pretty impressive.

The attic. So many adventures up there.

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May the 4th be with you! =D


For all the hardwork, sweat, blood and tears you’ve put on since debut, you truly deserve this win. We’re so proud of you, Bangtan! And for all ARMYs who never gave up in doing everything just to help the boys win, you are all the best! All efforts paid off! #BTS1stWin // 150505