To do list for today:
  • Take a shower.
  • Find something to wear.
  • Eat something.
  • Pick up my room a bit.
  • Obtain money from my grandma. (I hate doing this but I also hate people paying for me, bleh.)
  • Brush my teeth. 
  • Remember to grab my camera battery. 
  • Put makeup on.
  • Decide how I’m doing my hair today. I’ll probably just put gel in it because I’m a lazy fuck.
  • Wait for Jamey to come get me.
  • Go to Red Robin with him.
  • Get our tickets before we go to Red Robin so they don’t sell out first.
  • Go watch Harry Potter.
  • Have an awesome time.
  • Come home.
  • Eat.
  • Write on here how awesome everything was.
  • Play some Spyro.
  • Sleep.

So as you can all tell I have a very busy day ahead of me. Guess I should get started. I’m so excited, I never have plans! :D

I just ordered my first male wig ahhhh I’m excited now

breakfast-included asked:

The transcript of Justin's interview w Randy is done :) I can't give you the direct link bc it won't send through an ask but if you check your tag it should be there (or you can just go on my page) x

OMG I AM SO EXCITED!!! And I just sat down to eat lunch so this just became my lunch break reading, best day ever. Thank you for doing this, you are the absolute BEST. 

And everybody, if you’re curious about Randy’s seriously incredible interview but for whatever reason didn’t feel like listening to his lovely voice for an hour (I don’t know why not, but this is a judgement-free blog), you can now check out a transcript thanks to the wonderful breakfast-included here! He’s so thoughtful and reflective and insightful and funny and charming and [insert all kinds of positive adjectives here] and talks about his time on QAF, his career after the show, coming out, auditioning for queer parts as a gay man, his first threesome to Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, and much, much more, and you should check it out. :D