I just had a religious experience

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FUCK. MICHEOFF AND GEOFFERMY where michael and jeremy work in the strip club and michael is ridiculously jealous of Jeremy's poll dancing skill but he has NOTHING on Michaels lap dances. And geoff fucking adores them both and spends all night drifting between them and michael starts to get competitive and rather jealous when geoff spends to long watching Jeremy grind that pole and begins a strip club duel to win the rather dazed but nonetheless happy lil geoff

ok but how about

call boy au

geoff and ryan get called to las vegas for a week-long series of meetings at headquarters. ryan and geoff to go a strip club to blow off some steam. jeremy blows geoff’s entire mind and even though he’s been seeing michael a lot back in reno it’s not like they’re a thing right (even if he wouldn’t mind them being a thing) and so he comes back the next night and the next night just watching jeremy with chin hands—and he’s kind of hand to miss—and so jeremy finally teases him on the third night and is like “come on, you’re not even gonna ask me for a lap dance?” and geoff can’t get the cash out fast enough and his entire world is just broken even though jeremy’s pole dancing skills are about eight thousand times better than his lapdance skills he just tries so hard and then he’s whispering in geoff’s ear that he does have a side business and he’s asking where geoff’s staying and if it’s near by and AND AND AND AND AND

I just miss Beth Greene so much it hurts.
She was an angel in a world full of evil.
She was caring,strong,loving and the light at the end of a tunnel for every one,especially Daryl.
She looked after a child that wasn’t hers and treated it as her own when her dad wasn’t stable to look after her.
She had hope,she wanted to live,she is strong.
She made it.
She deserved better than what she got.

I just want my Beth back


Sehun’s parts in Call Me Baby Chinese ver.

  • You know my name girl (0:59, 1:23, 1:57, 3:06)
  • 我的愛每天漲 碼碼
    左心房為你敞 大大 (1:58)
  • Never don’t mind about a thing (2:43)

If my ears are working properly. Feel free to correct this!