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  • DON’T CALL PEOPLE “TRASH”. Seems common sense huh? Well huh, funny how often that word keeps coming up when people talk about ships/pairings huh? So allow me to edit my statement: DON’T CALL PEOPLE “TRASH” FOR THEIR SHIPS.
  • Be mature and block the TAG
  • If it bothers you, DON’T START DRAMA.
  • If something bothers you about their ship. SILENTLY. UNFOLLOW. THEM.
  • It’s their blog, they can-within reason-run it how they want.
  • If you don’t like a ship, be mature about handling it.
  • Games like The Evil Within and Outlast involve things that are not morally proper. Crack and unorthodox and immoral pairings happen in many fandoms. We are not an exception. We can, however, be a fandom that handles it maturely.


SIMONE MUELLER — Lorraine Toussaint
JOSEPH HUGHES — John Mahoney
MAYA NGUYEN — Jamie Chung
NICHOLAS FALCONE — Milo Ventimiglia

So I’ve heard of that really terrible sick day you have, and during the holidays too! So I wanted to give you a little (probably late) Christmas present to wish you well and for all the great fanfics you’ve made

So here’s Tadashi, Hiro and Baymax wishing for you to get well soon (in costume)!

i’m very bad at hands i’m sorry

macaroonsie: ARE YOU TRYING TO MAKE ME CRY?! ARE YOU?! Well it worked! I’m literally tearing up right now, this is so freakin’ precious and sweet and oh my gosh! I can’t right now, what an honest to goodness precious Christmas present. Thank you so much, dear! I love it, absolutely love it!

okay okay okay so I’ve finished watching all of Korra and just have to yell for a bit here because it was so GOOD, JUST SO GOOD, I don’t know what happened to make Books 3 and 4 jump so many levels in awesome but I’m still kicking myself for not sticking with the show earlier because oh my god

ALSO to the surprise of probably no-one  I’M MAY OR MAY NOT BE IN LOVE WITH KUVIRA. I mean just look




she’s a complicated, ruthless, brilliant “well-intentioned extremist” determinator with mad skills and control issues who is ALSO a thematic foil for the main hero and even has a ~controversial redemption~ in the final act and JUST!!!

it also doesn’t hurt that her character design is 100% the look that I’m into so yeahhhh… ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

I guess I’m also freaking out a bit because it’s usually only male villains who get this sort of portrayal and story arc (like seriously, I always feel really weird that my top list of faves is way over-represented by dudes, when I just want to fangirl over a lady for a change, and they so rarely get this sort of role) SO THIS IS ACTUALLY THE GREATEST THING (and thank you Legend of Korra in general for creating so many awesome ladies in a huge variety of roles)

also ALSO the final duel between Kuvira and Korra is everything I ever wanted:


it was so raw and powerful and intense and showed off just how BADASS and well-matched these two are, I could watch this fight over and over. (the same could be said of all of Kuvira’s duels tbh, the first fight with Korra and the duel with Suyin !!!)

also there is something to be said for the fact that the final boss fight is between two women – one who is the hero and one who is the Big Bad – and it’s treated with complete respect and narrative weight, it’s an awe-inspiring battle of skill and works in both characters’ agency and character development, and idk maybe I’m overreacting to all of this but this really REALLY means a lot to me. LIKE A LOT.

TL;DR: I apologise in advance for all the feelings and LOK spam that’s probably going to take over this blog u____u …….

Late night pokeshipping trash to make me feel better

Ignore if you wish!
**Ash and Misty are 17 here, Serena is 16, Dawn is 16, Iris is 15. Brock is 20, Tracey is 19, Gary is 18. The rest of the characters are 17.

"Dawn, you’re up this early?" Came Delia’s exclamation of surprise. Said girl grinned.
“You bet! I’ve been such a morning person lately! It makes me so much more energetic.” She said enthusiastically to the woman who was making breakfast. “Do you need help, Ms Ketchum? You have a lot of people to cook for!” She said in surprise. And it was true; all of Ash’s close friends from his travels were all gathered together in Pallet to celebrate his 17th birthday. Some friends, who called dibs, slept in the spare rooms. Mainly: Misty, Brock, Dawn, May and Max. Misty and Dawn were in one room, and May and Max in the last. Brock was sharing Ash’s room.
“Call me Delia, Dawn! And no, no dear. Although, could you go wake up Brock? He is supposed to help me; something about a recipe he’s been wanting to try! He’s in Ash’s bedroom.” She added.
Dawn glanced behind her in the living room.
“Brock’s on the couch, actually.” Dawn said.
Delia’s brow furrowed. “Is that so? That’s awfully odd. Hmm… was Misty in your room when you woke up?”
Dawn blinked. “Um, I didn’t really check, but now that you mention it, I didn’t see any orange in the room.” She joked.
Delia grinned. She sighed. “Those kids, I swear they’re inseparable. Misty probably kicked Brock out in the middle of the night.”
“Why would Misty want to sleep on the floor when there’s a good bed in the spare bedroom?” Dawn asked confusedly.
Delia laughed. “On second thought, dear, wake Brock up for me, then go check on Ash upstairs. Try to wake him up if you can.” And with that, she turned back to the stove.
Dawn shrugged and walked out, her bunny slippers dragging along the floor. After giving Brock a good slap to the ear to wake him up, she went upstairs.
She crept along the hallway, to not wake anyone else, until she reached her destination.
She cracked open Ash’s door and peaked in, about to slap him too, when she noticed that it wasn’t just him.
Orange hair was tangled with his black locks in the sheets.
Dawn almost screamed. Misty was in his bed- not just that, in his arms. How long had this been going on?!
Misty’s back was against Ash’s chest, his arms around her stomach, her arms on top of his. His face was in the crook of her neck. They both looked incredibly peaceful.
She quickly grabbed her phone and snapped a picture.
Too bad her volume was up, and the shutter sound resonated throughout the room.
She shut the door, leaving it just barely open, to wear she could her their voices and see their forms slightly.
Misty rolled around, her face buried in his chest.
This action made Ash stir. His arms tightened around her and her hands stayed flat on his chest.
“…Hey.” came a low and slightly raspy voice.
“Hey yourself. Good morning.” Misty responded, stifling a yawn.
“Don’t do that, you’re gonna make me…” A yawn interrupted his retort.
“What time is it? Should we get up?” Misty asked groggily.
“No.” was the simple response.
“Mist, come on, we don’t get much time to ourselves… I like this. It’s peaceful. Please.” He pleaded.
She smiled sleepily and snuggled into him, putting her arms around his neck and running her fingers through his hair.
“Mm… Okay. Five minutes.” And she placed a quick kiss on his lips, before settling them down on his neck, where they stayed in a comfortable position.
“Thanks, Mist. Love you.” He said, falling back asleep.
“I love you too, Ash.” Misty said, closing her eyes.
Dawn turned her phone on silence, opened the door a bit wider, took another picture, and flew down the stairs.
Did everyone know about this little development besides her?
Well, even if they did, these pictures were being shown to everyone.
She grinned, and walked into the kitchen.
Well, maybe everyone but Serena. That wouldn’t be a fun experience. It’d probably make things awkward.
But why didn’t they act like a couple in public?
She smiled again, her new topic of interest hanging on her lips as she bid Brock a good morning.
She heard May come trudging down the stairs, and heard a car outside.
Oh, yeah. This was going to be an interesting breakfast.

Praying with all my heart that my TC had an amazing Christmas.

He could’ve spent it with his friends, girlfriend, or by himself. I don’t care, as long as he spent it being happy. I want him to be happy. I want him to smile.