I wish I was MC

a one time thing (and other untruths) (15/?)

Captain Swan. Modern AU.

"She supposes the reason she tells him is the same reason she kept his phone number after all those weeks." 

Notes: I don’t normally like to post new chapters at night, but I’ll make an exception. Feel free to message me with comments/questions/concerns/etc. Hope you guys like this one. Oh, and, fun fact (because I don’t think this will ever come across clear enough in the fic): Killian’s aunt, Tink’s mother, is the Blue Fairy. I couldn’t very well call her Blue, though (but Tink’s last name is Greene, because I think I’m funny sometimes), so she’s Shay (short for Shaylee), which is a Celtic/Gaelic name meaning ‘fairy princess of the field.’ The more you know and all that. And also - it’s not over yet, so fret not. There’s still (quite) a bit of story left. 

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            “Are you and Killian dating?”

            She nearly chokes on her frozen yogurt.

            That was not the response she expected to ‘Killian’s gonna pick you up from school tomorrow.’


            Her son shrugs nonchalantly (except he doesn’t do anything nonchalantly) and takes another bite of his yogurt.

            “Just curious.” He looks at her, then, eyes serious, all gentle reassurance. From her ten year old. “But it’s okay if you are. I won’t be upset.”

            This isn’t how she wanted to do this.

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Handle With Care (1/?)

Part Two Part Three Part Four & on FF.net
Summary:  Emma Swan becomes a double agent for the CIA after discovering she has unknowingly been working for the criminal network she thought she was fighting. The charming Killian Jones is her handler in the CIA and as the pair works to dismantle the organization that betrayed Emma, they also have to navigate the growing feelings they have for each other in a world where it is dangerous to care. Secret meetings, high stakes, and a desperate need to break the rules when it comes to being with each other. CS AU 

Rating: I’m thinking it will probably be T

Note: This is inspired by/some elements taken from Alias but won’t follow the story or anything. I just love seeing a spy/handler fall in love, but struggle because they aren’t suppose to. There will be other OUAT characters brought in, but it’s 100% CS. All my knowledge comes from TV shows and to be honest I’ll probably break the spy rules even more than those shows do because I have some really fun stuff in mind. Hopefully somebody likes it!

Emma feels the ache in her hand as it begins to cramp, yet she can’t stop the forceful pressing on the pen that flies across the page, rage fueling her words. She is aware of curious eyes on her, evaluating to determine her motives. She doesn’t care. Suspicion is common in her world of secrets. 

And yet she had still been deceived for seven years.

Usually her untrusting nature kept her protected. Emma learned early on not to rely on others so when she was approached by the CIA- well, who she thought was the CIA- she was already practiced in reading a situation, using her lie detector on those who conceal the truth. It proved to be an asset during her training to become a secret agent. 

“Miss Swan, is there anything you need? You’ve been in here a while now. Perhaps a glass of water?” 

She doesn’t look up at the man that has been chaperoning her for the past few hours in this small office somewhere within the Los Angeles branch of the CIA (the real CIA with a seal on the floor and everything. She checked). He has kind eyes and an easy smile, she noticed this when others filtered in and out of the room, but she really isn’t in the mood to make friends.

“More paper. I’m about to run out.”

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