I will do anything

god why are people saying jemma wants to eradicate inhumans

technically that’s what we know but she has no idea it’s a species she thinks it’s humans being infected by a horrible disease

she doesn’t want to eradicate a species for god’s sake she wants to eradicate a disease she doesn’t know it’s not a disease.

I feel like you guys are going to get mad at me, but i still got to say it.

because you know, (in relation to the very last post below) people kept asking and I just refuse to say a thing about it. 

It’s like you guys are going to hate me soon cause apparently my blog doesn’t quite make you happy. By that i mean, satisfying your needs, like how you guys wanna know i get those bruises/marks/scars and I’m sorry i don’t even care about losing followers anymore cause I won’t bend my morals and tell everyone on my blog how to self-harm and stuff. I find that inhumane and I don’t like the idea of jeopardising the safety of my followers on here, so please stop asking, I won’t tell. 

I know you guys don’t want to hear things like, “it will be okay and there will always be a way out” and stuff like that, but seriously that beats than me telling you how my bruises came about, 

because I AM NOT GLAMOURISING SELF HARM. Bruises and scars are not beautiful or poetic, i’s sad and it’s sickening to know people would wanna get them cause “woahhh, that looks so cool” it’s so sick ugh, like if you’re even pro-anything please get off my blog right now. And if you’re doing that thing again - whereby you come off anon hoping that I’ll tell you something, don’t even try. Way too many people did that and i’ll tell you what happened to their asks ; it got deleted, never answered. So don’t waste your time on me about this, and I hope my stand on this issue is extremely clear. 

Meanwhile, have a great day everyone! x

soul eater girls modern day au
  • maka ablarn:the president of the student council, tries to join every school clubs there is, and used to have an embarrassing superwholock phase
  • patty thompson:a popular viner; doing pranks on people or doing dangerous things
  • liz thompson:a youtuber making tutorials about makeup and also self-defense
  • tsubaki nakatsukasa:loves to cook and share it with her friends, always there to lend you shoulder when you need it, basically the mom friend
Boobs or butt/Seirin edition

Kuroko: likes both equally

Kagami the bae: both; tends to lean more towards butt

Kiyoshi the bae: likes both equally

Hyuuga: boobs

Izuki: butt

Mitobe: butt

Koganei: boobs

Furihata: butt

Riko the bae: likes both equally, though she likes butts just a tad bit more

'you're trivializing mental illness by telling people to pet dogs and take bubble baths!!!'
how about you eat my entire ass