I will do anything

I think whats so terrible about it all too is the fact that Clarke really didn’t have much a choice but to put Finn out of his misery. Like for one, if she tried to kill the commander like Raven said, the camp would be demolished whether Clarke succeeded or failed at slicing her throat. And Clarke would be murdered on the spot, I don’t even think she’d have time to bring her hand up before a grounder spears her tbh she’s surrounded by them. I know Ravens never gonna forgive Clarke for this, but if she didn’t kill Finn then he would be tortured and die a slow terrible death. Her options were either let him die slowly, die herself trying to kill the commander essentially killing the entire camp, or kill him herself.

And Clarke knew the one she had to choose, she knew the consequences were she had to live with it, and she’d lose a friendship over it. Clarke Griffin is strong and brave as hell and I have such respect for her.


It breaks my heart to see Itachi’s expression in the first panel, it shows how really broken he is after the massacre (that he had been forced to perpetrate because there was not other choice). He’s just kneeling there, his feelings are not perfectly hidden by his usual stoic mask.
The third speaks about the terrible destiny of dishonor that he is about to have, but the only thing he cares about is Sasuke.

Also (thanks Crow for this♥) in the last panel Itachi’s sharingan is activated. He wants to be sure about Sasuke’s protection.
Itachi’s loyalty is with Konoha. Itachi’s heart is with Sasuke.

I thought things were worked out and good.

I thought wrong.

I can’t keep trying and hoping and wishing, so I’m going to just let it go. Somethings just run their course and this one ran out. 

I have no bitterness, no hurt feelings, no ill thoughts.

I’m just letting it all go because at this point, I don’t know what I’m holding on to anymore. I’m over the situation.

So I uh… I was very bored earlier and Courtney and I wanted to see what I would look like if I were a guy.. I need a hobby 🙈


quick reference sheet for a new OC of mine: Umika Beifong

some quick facts about her:

  • wants to become a botanist who studies the spirit vines in republic city (umika loves to garden)
  • lin is her mom (who she never had a relationship with until after the end of book 4)
  • she is asexual and aromantic
  • has the ability to bend but almost exclusively uses it for her gardening (thanks lastingvacancy for the idea!)
  • her dream is to own her own green house (she can’t right now because she is dirt poor)
  • she lies a lot and for really no reason
  • shes 20
  • umika and lin have an extreme optimist/extreme pessimist relationship (they both find each other’s traits agitating at first but then come to enjoy it)