To be honest, I wasn’t going to upload the first picture because it shows off my curves and normally I’d shy away from that… However, my Feeder gave me permission, so I just wanted to say that those curves belong to him, please be respectful of that. :3

and let me tell you he is a freaking adorable ball of sunshine in person and he’s a big loser and a dork and i love him omg

right now i’m looking / uploading my fancams onto my computer~ i’m gonna write my fanaccount and it should be out soon-ish (like maybe tomorrow?) and i’m actually going to upload my cams early or kinda early and not wait 6 months before i do like i did for ukiss lol

overall it was an amazing experience! and if i could do it again i would
eric chuckled when i met him and told him thanks for sharing oxygen with me omg /dead 


*Small notices!!

-I’ll probably become inactive in terms of uploading art on tumblr for a while after next week (perhaps for a month) due to commissions and academics

-I’ll constantly be doodling south park stuff like the ones above (and with the new season comING IN FOUR DAYS??? every part of my body’s pumping) but I’m only going to upload them on my twitter during the semi-hiatus!!

-Just realized I’m close to hitting 2000 in my follower count and that’s like..insane wow I can never thank you all so much ahh..h.. honestly though I’m honored and ever so grateful.Thank you.

-If you have a twitter account we should talk about you know .. south park..or maze runner..or both ..or like a crossover of sp and tmr..( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 

-Bunny lives


- you should watch maze runner


Star Trek references/shout-outs/homages in Doctor Who

"...watching you be in that much rage and pain is really scary."

all the things i ship ★ april ludgate and andy dwyer

april, you are the most awesome person i have ever known in my entire life. i vow to protect you. from danger. and i don’t care if i have to fight an ultimate fighter, or a bear, or him. you’re mom. i would take them down. i’m getting mad right now even telling you. i wanna spend the rest of my life, every minute with you, and i am the luckiest man in the galaxy.


“Draco should be proud,” said Bellatrix indifferently. “The Dark Lord is granting him a great honor. And I will say this for Draco: he isn’t shrinking away from his duty, he seems glad of a chance to prove himself, excited at the prospect—” Narcissa began to cry in earnest, gazing beseechingly all the while at Snape. “That’s because he is sixteen and has no idea what lies in store! Why, Severus? Why my son? It is too dangerous! This is vengeance for Lucius’s mistake, I know it!” […] She crumpled, falling at his feet, sobbing and moaning on the floor. “My only son… my only son…”