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well i kinda wanna be entirely surrounded by you; your thoughts, your feelings, your /presence/. it goes a lot beyond how i feel/what i want from others


Sometimes I go on Instagram or on here and browse the tags and it makes me so happy to see little couples. Like they look so cute and happy and it’s so adorable and for some reason that makes me happy for them

Sorry if someone already made a post like this, but I’m mad so I’m gonna make my own.

I was browsing facebook and I saw that my friend “liked” a buzzfeed article. It was called “DILFS of Disneyland is the Best Instagram Account You’ve Actually Been Waiting For” where it features photos of men with their children at Disneyland. More specifically, hot dads or DILFS (Dad’s I’d Like to F*ck)
I was kinda creeped out by this. These men are getting photographed without consent or even knowing that they are being photographed. Of course, buzzfeed was all over this instagram, and all the females were gawking and drooling over these creep shots.
Thankfully, the top comment I saw at the end of the article asked how buzzfeed would react to a “MILFs of Disneyland” instagram. I know that the white knights of buzzfeed would condemn the account, and feminsts of the world would report the account for misogyny, patriarchy, sexism, sexualizing wimmin, etc. but because it is about men, it’s cute and funny and hot and “WIN” worthy.
Why is it okay to drool over pictures of these guys, but it is wrong and gross to do the same over pictures of women?

Buzzfeed is filled with disgusting hypocrites and should stop existing. They are making complete asses of themselves.