skimmons long distance relationship au
skye and jemma have been best friends for two years despite the thousands of miles that separate them. they talk everyday, but have never seen each other personally. that is, until skye gets a job offer and moves without saying a word. needless to say it doesn’t take them long to realize they’re more than just friends.


another meme i won’t finish [10/10 shows]: Skins

"Yeah, I fell, down a freaking k hole actually, but these guys caught me. It’s what mates do. Cause it’s screwed up out there, I don’t know if you’ve been outside lately, but it is. But we have a go. Whatever comes, we have a good go at it. Cause it’s all we can do."

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ok no ones objecting to sleepover saturday so we’re gonna do this ok pls dont unfollow me

ok so what we gonna do u ask ? heres what we gonna do

  • send “would you rather”s
  • send fmks
  • send “have you ever”s
  • send “this or that”s
  • send awkward/slutty confessions
  • ask my opinion of a celebrity/tumblr user/band/anything really
  • ask me to do something ??? idk
  • send nsfw asks (idk it isnt a sleepover without someone asking something inappropriate)
  • ask me anything
  • anything
  • a n y t h i n g
  • ill probably expand later so yeah have fun kiddies

(oh yeah ill try to tag everything w “sleepover saturday” so yeah ok) 

Okay on Friday in English class we had a sub teacher and we were reading from out textbooks outloud

and the teach was lookin at the book

and this kid comes into the room and slips into one of the desks

and i was thinking: .he’s not in this class..? what the fuck is he doing here-

and then he raises his hand excitedly: O HOH CAN I READ NEXT

and he reads and mispronunces every word with over 5-6 letters

and then after asks if he can use the bathroom desperately

and he left and never came back

it was so surreal  


"Last year an officer from this division went missing and we brought her home.”