"Fate is always playing a long game."

Have you ever wondered how they all met each other in just the right moments. Pieces scattered, not fitting, torn from the world. Flotsam and jetsam between life and death, between being blessed and being cursed. And when they met the pieces started to come together. Mitchell saved George just to show him that they can be this: human, family, loved and needed and he saved him so that just that when the right moment comes George could save him, be his anchor, saving Mitchell from corrupting darkness he bears inside. Then George was the first one that listened to Annie, when she opened herself with  her fear, insecurity, regrets of no longer living and not daring to move on, to face the doors.  He welcomed her in his arms and she knew they were meant to find each other and made this empty, cold, haunted house A HOME: whole and complete. And he held her just as she held him in his last moments when he was pleading her to keep Eve safe, to raise Eve, to guide Eve exactly like  she was guiding them through that whole time. And finally Annie finds that missing piece in this child, motherhood that is her completion, motherhood that is her release. There is nothing else for her in this world left, as she lived through so much, experienced so much. In this state in-between she never felt more alive and so she saves this little child from burden of martyrdom, from monstrosity that awaits, she keeps her safe, she guides her back home, back to the family, just as she promised George she will. They met, they found enclave of safety amidst the raging storm, where they finally belonged, where each of them became the final chapter in the other’s book.