I thought you were better than this


maybe you could draw Enjolras as a saint or god? (i’ve always loved this halo stuff to be honest)

Heeeey, thanks to my super little sister’s watercolor I could finish Enjolras and tadaa here it is ! So the idea is from rammaru who left a while ago the message above in my inbox. And uh… Yeah my scanner kills every color he sees so now I try to take photos instead (the colors are ruined anyway ha ha).

Maybe I’ll had him to my shops, depends if you guys are interested!

PS: The “lineart” is here btw 


Merthur Graphic Meme - Quotes [2/2]

"If I had not left you alone with that girl that you adore,

Would you still laugh with me now?”

"If I had paid close attention to you and watch out for you,

I would’ve made sure that nothing can hurt you anymore than life has.”

"If I had come out and supported you from the start,

Would you smile more..?”

"Why didn’t I—"




That’s too far. To think I was calming down about what happened earlier. THISSSS is making me even more angry. 


Do you think they want you to do this… 

Learn some manners and man up. It’s time to start acting mature and YOUR AGE.


He raised his eyes. “Sister. See. This time I knew you.”

Asha’s heart skipped a beat. “Theon?”

His lips skinned back in what might have been a grin. Half his teeth were gone, and half of those still left were broken and splintered. “Theon,” he repeated. “My name is Theon. You have to know your name.”


Okay let’s analyse Tensa Zangetsu’s words to Ichigo during the Deicide arc with the knowledge we gained from ‘The Blade is Me’ chapters.

Tensa Zangetsu says to Ichigo, “The things you want to protect are not the things I want to protect”. Well, what Ichigo wants to protect is his family and friends. So Ichigo’s family and friends is not what Zangetsu wants to protect; what Zangetsu wants to protect is only Ichigo. Protecting Ichigo’s family and friends is not something Zangetsu cares about.

We found out in the royal realm arc that 


Ichigo’s hollow is actually his zanpakutou. I.e. Shiro and Zangetsu are one and the same



(although this was actually foreshadowed hundreds of chapters before omg. kubo’s a very patient man when it comes to revealing plot twists o.O)

So: Zangetsu doesn’t care about protecting Ichigo’s friends; Zangetsu only cares about protecting Ichigo. If Zangetsu = Ichigo’s hollow, then that extends to him too: Shiro cares only for Ichigo and not Ichigo’s friends.

Zangetsu then says “When your life was seriously in danger, the one who saved you was always your hollow” over a panel of bull!Ichigo atop the dome. The implications of this are pretty clear: that Ichigo’s hollow transformation occurred because Ichigo’s life was in danger. Bull!Ichigo came forth to save Ichigo’s life.

Let’s look at what this means for Ichihime:

  • Zangetsu/Shiro care only about Ichigo. Neither of them care about Orihime (or any of his friends/family)
  • Ichigo’s hollow transformation atop the dome was solely to save Ichigo
  • Ichigo did not transform into a hollow for Orihime. Shiro would have come forth regardless of Orihime’s cries for help

I know there’s a sort of gothic, tragic beauty to the idea of Ichigo turning into a monster for Orihime, and we were definitely supposed to have the impression that it happened for her at first. Kubo didn’t want to give away the true nature of Ichigo’s hollow just yet, so he led us to think it was for Orihime (although there were hints peppered throughout that there was more to the hollow than meets the eye) . And Orihime herself thought it happened because of her. I can understand why people feel reluctant to let go of this idea.

But if you ask me? This is even better?? This is even greater for Ichihime? Because think about it: if the hollow transformation happened only because Ichigo’s life was in danger, if Shiro’s only priority was saving Ichigo, if Shiro isn’t at all interested in saving Orihime, then the person who said these words:



is not Shiro, but Ichigo.

Ichigo was dead and he could still hear Orihime. He was still thinking about protecting her. It wasn’t anything to do with willing himself into his subsequent transformation; he literally is so obsessed with protecting Orihime that he can’t stop thinking about it even after dying.

Then Shiro took over -  the same person who has no interest in protecting what Ichigo wants to protect (and what Ichigo wants to protect, in this case specifically, is Orihime). Shiro only cared about protecting Ichigo. Shiro’s sole purpose is survival. That^ person we’re seeing? Is not Ichigo. It is his hollow.

But even though Shiro’s on autopilot trying to kill Ulquiorra, a small, tiny part of Ichigo’s will and conscience and consciousness remains, and that part is fixated solely on Orihime. Literally the only part of Ichigo that is still there, exists because of his will to protect Orihime.

So imo it’s not that Ichigo turned into a hollow for Orihime. Instead, Orihime is his humanity. When Ichigo turned into a senseless monster, a mass of instinct and destruction, the only part of his humanity that remained was his will to protect Orihime. She did not turn him into a monster. She kept him human.

And that’s kind of… amazing?


melinda may appreciation month
↳ 4 quotes (+ 4 times may’s actions speak volumes)

Act 5 Part 21

I’m going to try for weekend updates!! Weekdays are a bit busy for me right now… so Saturday it is! Goodness gracious, it’s been so long since I’ve written anything that wasn’t for school or for this blog… an it’s NaNoWriMo too!!! Even if I don’t think I’ll be able to finish the challenge, I think the event spurs enough coax for me to do some more creating writing this November. Maybe I’ll do that after this post. (OR I COULD WATCH THE REST OF THE GODFATHER TRILOGY. EITHER OR)


That should be Equius’ hive right? Off to the Medium he goes!

Also: Lusii appear to have the same blood colour as their young charges! And Karkat’s lusus has already died, so if I can just find the panel that…


Oh I see Hussie. Well played…. well played……

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This has always bothered me.

I don’t know what YOU call friendship, but in my fantasies my BFF is living the life right next to me!

“He held up a book then. “I’m going to read it to you for relax.”
“Does it have any sports in it?”
“Fencing. Fighting. Torture. Poison. True Love. Hate. Revenge. Giants. Hunters. Bad men. Good men. Beautifulest Ladies. Snakes. Spiders… Pain. Death. Brave men. Cowardly men. Strongest men. Chases. Escapes. Lies. Truths. Passion. Miracles.”
“Sounds okay,” I said and I kind of closed my eyes.”

William Goldman 

Endless list of favorite movies


I’m not the only one who noticed that vivienne got white washed in the new trailer? Right?

Because her skin was definitely lightened, and her eyes were distinctly dark brown before and now they’re super light grey. Even her eyebrows were lightened. Unless that’s not actually Vivienne, like flemeth or a demon in disguise or some shit, I’ve got a huge problem with that, bioware. I mean the Sera incident was debatable, but this? This is not cool.

I mean just look—





If this doesn’t bother you…I don’t even know.

I am so fucking angry. What makes you think you have the fucking right to write a fucking article about Ed’s personal life, explaining his girlfriend AND his girlfriend’s name when Ed has made it SO clear that he wants his private life private. WHAT is so hard to respect about that? I feel terrible for his girlfriend - literally her instagram comments are filled with fans who either ship them, are happy for them, or UPSET. This is ridiculous.