I think I'm getting better at this

Breakfast time for Milly is becoming less about eating and more about exploring the world.
Milly, you’ve gotta eat your breakfast!
At least she hasn’t lost any more weight. So long as the weight loss stays nice a gradual, I’m happy. 

I just told something to a dear friend that deeperthanswampmud taught me & it really changed my way of thinking.

She said “Dick is abundant and low in value. You’re worth more.”

I passed that gem onto a friend who’s very new to the dating scene in NYC and had a recent heinous experience.

Tumblr works its magic yet again.

Dudes better get their shit together.

it will get so much better

I know it’s really rough right now and it seems like there’s really nothing anymore to find absolute beauty and happiness in.

I want you to think of the 5am light of the sunrise getting filtered through the mix of tree branches and inactive streetlights. I want you to think of the millions of stars out there emitting a small flicker of light. I want you to think of small bike rides through town and you’re hair bouncing and flowing through the softspring winds. I want you to think of pretty creeks filled with life and how the force of the water pushing against rocks plays a song filled with peace like no other. I want you to think of your friends and how there’s small bits of time where they make you forget all your worries and you’re so caught up in the moment.

Try and focus on the happy little lengths of time where you forget all your problems and everything is ok.

It may not be ok today or tomorrow, but slowly, things will get better, it will be okay

I know I’m talking and posting a lot but I’ve been in my own head a lot lately and it’s good to get out of it. I took a walk today, before the storm hit us. I’m proud of myself. I’m glad I’m getting in a better state of mind and recovering from things and trying my best and trying to love myself. This is the first time in my life I’ve ever tried loving myself, so I’m not good at it. It’s hard finding things to love about me. But I will get there. I know if I’m strong enough to get through the things I’ve been through, I can get through everything else. I’m taking good care of myself and trying to love myself the way I love my friends and family. I’m proud I’m finally getting better. I know I won’t be completely better but I’ll get to a much better place.

DA2 Question

Hey you cuties!

So I’m replaying DA2 and need to rival someone in order to get one of the last achievements I need (because apparently I’ve never rivaled anyone with my Xbox Hawkes?? Go figure.) Thing is, I’m a huge weenie and can’t decide who to actually be rivals with - which is where you awesome potatoes come in!

Between Fenris and Sebastian, who do you guys think has the…well not “better” rivalship but maybe healthiest, I guess? I’m honestly leaning towards Fenris just because his will be the easier one, but at the same time I’m a little worried that a rivalshipped Fenris doesn’t really get the support/closure a friended one would. Sebastian I can go either way with tbh, though I’ve never rivaled him before and ngl I’m a little worried about how that’ll go over too. (Like I said, super weenie over here.)

So yeah, there it is! I’d love to hear you peeps’ thoughts/ own preferences on the matter, so totally feel free to lay ‘em on me~

(Also, just as a last tidbit, I’m playing a diplomatic, mage-supporting, Merrill-romancing rogue Hawke)

anonymous asked:

Positivity time! In your opinion, what makes the Caryl bond so special? Feel free to pass this on, there can never be enough Caryl :)

Thanks for the ask!

For me, the Caryl bond is so special because of the understanding and support they provide for each other.

IMO, they understand each other even better than they understand themselves (in large part because I think they’re both overly critical of themselves). They get each other without any need for explanation (for example, Carol understood why Daryl left with Merle and Daryl understood why Carol killed Karen and David) and without judgment.

They are so incredibly supportive of each other and, actually, I think that’s the big reason why they aren’t canon yet. IMO, they both know how they feel about each other, but they don’t want to push or rush each other (which may be frustrating sometimes, but really makes their bond even more beautiful). Carol knew Daryl wasn’t ready in s3, so, while she flirted with him and teased him, she was mostly there to support him. And Daryl knew Carol wasn’t ready in 5a (I still don’t think she’s ready), so, while he did try to be all chivalrous (with the water jugs), he was mostly trying to support her.

They always seem to put each others’ needs before their own, which is, I think, incredibly important for both of them in a relationship (as they both tend to put themselves last and they should both be with someone who won’t, either intentionally or unintentionally, use that for their own gain). And I think that’s so incredibly rare and beautiful.

Don’t reblog this but when my mom gets mad at me, when no ones around she’ll call me a ch*nk and I don’t know why, but I always feel like I can’t tell anyone about this, not even on the Internet, I’m really not sure why I feel this way, but I do. And as a result of not sharing and resolving this issue with myself, I’ve developed some self hating sentiments and often when I look at my mom, I hear her voice calling me that word and I get really upset and angry, sometimes I just cry in my room thinking about it. It probably sounds silly, but I just hate how she uses that word as a power to control and belittle me.


“One of the most horrifying things about war is how it leaves children fatherless and motherless.” The most powerful way she could dramatize that idea, she says, was to kill a set of parents that were dear to readers. “I had no intention of killing [Lupin],” says Rowling. “But then it dawned on me he had to die.”

(Luke Newberry as Teddy Lupin)


The Avengers as music albums.