will he make it out alive, alright alright, no church in the wild


Men who adhere a sense of justice, the children who’ve had their loved ones taken away from them, and those who fought to protect someone. Why should they have to lay down their lives? I’ll change it, I’m going to change this wrong world of ours!


She came back, opened the heart of the TARDIS and absorbed the time vortex itself. No one’s ever meant to have that power. If a Time Lord did that he’d become a God, a vengeful God, but she was human, everything she did was so human.


The fortunes of the world will rise and fall but here in this kingdom we will endure.


The Night’s Watch is your house now. We are your brothers now.”

from [腐]VVVログ by Zyuジュ


Tony & Ziva : 10.11 “Shabbat Shalom”

Do you ever find random songs on your iPod that you never remember listening to and sometimes they’re good


"You would make a good Dalek."

  • host:"is it true that harry has a flirting rou---"
  • zayn:"yeah, yeah."
  • host:"is he?"
  • zayn:"he's just a smooth guy. he's just cool, man. he - he just knows what he's doin' and he executes it well. he's very good."
  • host:"so, harry, are you the sort of guy to 'oh, i'll have a little look around' or do you know straight away?
  • harry:"i don't - i don't, like, look around..."
  • zayn:"no, but i think it's fair to say if you do fancy a bird and like, if you were interested, you're alright at pullin', aren't ya?"

Saoirse with her Da, 1922, Downton

There was a squirrel outside distracting Saoirse but Tom liked this picture so had Papa’s photographer print it for him to keep.


Top 5 Athos moments Ten of my favourite Athos moments, in no particular order.

(5/10): “You must remember something.”


REVOLUTION | S1: Charlie & Miles

That uncle you knew when you were little?

I can’t be him right now.