I recognized it instantly

I think I found you in LoE. I instantly recognized the design but I had to check your blog to confirm the name. I know it’s probably not all that impressive or anything, but I thought I’d share anyway since you were like the only tumblrpon I found during the weekend, and I really like your pony

oh my someone spotted me in sugar cube corner when fuffle puff was making a giant crowd outside. Maybe we can meet again next time :D


5x18 // 7x11


"I know anything bad ever happens to me, I hope you’re in my corner too."

Agents Antoine Triplett and Jemma Simmons in 1.14 : T.A.H.I.T.I.

eternalravendreamer asked:

Since you play Voltage games, did you hear that there was a voiced PV thingie where Haru's voice actor voiced Aki from Finally In Love Again? I recognized his voice almost instantly!

I DIDN’T EVEN CONNECT THE TWO! Hold on a second while I go play that route again!! Thanks for letting me know, I’m stunned and excited! <3 

Wow, I’m surprised how many people play Voltage games too <3 It’s such a wonderful surprise <3 

thedustyleaves asked:

God your lines just blow me away, the entire style of your art. Everything just screams of you and I can instantly recognize that it's you who drew it, it's just so insanely appealing and interesting to watch your art - damn I could stare all day!

I don’t know what to say besides thank you so much! <33
That was so kind of you;;;;


A lot of good stuff came out in today’s Nintendo Direct.   A lot of things that I wasn’t even expecting.   This by far was the biggest, (and for me, best) surprise.   Awakening was pretty much my first Fire Emblem game that I’ve played, and I really loved it.  

At first, I had no idea what game they were showing, but as soon as I saw the cell-shaded dancer like girl, I instantly recognized the art style.   While I have no idea what is going on, the art direction seems to be even stronger here than Awakening.   The most impressive difference that I can see off hand is how battle actually take place in the same map as the main battle field.   This is a really cool transition.   

I’m sure they’re going to announce a full title and give us an example of the plot at E3.   Also, maybe amiibo support?

martha stewart is in this episode of law and order and what i wanna know is, how did i instantly recognize her??? ive literally never watched martha stewarts cooking show 

Alright because this just happened to me and I’m upset I can’t remember the person’s URL to make a better apology, let me just say if you start a conversation with me and I don’t recognize you, I will instantly try to use humor in relation to what I perceive about your interests to be an icebreaker. So if you have an icon with a character on it, I’ll probably have a real life reaction of “Ah yes, a wild (the character in your icon) appears. What’s up?” because that’s literally all the context I have especially if your blog doesn’t help with identifying you through a bio of some sort. And if the way I respond sounds rude, it wasn’t intended to be. Intentions and inflections for things are hard to interpret across media and I forget that a lot.

I suddenly remembered a book I read in middle school, and it was about a magical city and fairies, but I cannot remember the title. I remember the cover was black with blue and green and pink swirls leading to a city, I think. Something like that. I could recognize the cover instantly but the title and author of the book just aren’t coming to me :/

In the last two words, I hear the strain; the unbearable longing, that sidiously, in the end, turns out to be bearable after all, right when you were hoping the last scattered pieces of your heart will finally cave in, disintegrate, and just get it over with already. I recognize this instantly; it feels like an echo of what I have yet to convey to you. It’s the sound of the past many months, spent in a bed, that in spite of not even being close to double, has felt absurdly spacious and made me feel like a lone satellite in space, pointlessly orbiting a spot where a planet used to reside.

This is a personal post

So I’m at the first Varsity Basketball game and I’m with my best friend who knows I have a crush on the announcer and DJ, that’s happens to be my science teacher since Freshman year ( mind you I graduate this year).

So we got up between the girls and boys games and she saw someone she knew, so we sit with them, and this happens to be like 5 feet from B (code name for teacher from now on if I ever mention this again). He knows my obsession with my bands cuz I’ve known him for so long.

We’re sitting there and it’s a time out for my home team and he always plays music during these times to keep everyone going. I hear him play a song that I recognize instantly, Get Lucky by Daft Punk, my favorite band (and he sure fuckin knew too). I nudge my friends arm and tell her, ” dude, this is my song.” And right as I say that, he turns around and stares me down and points at me and says, “This is for you, Terra.”… the damn smirk after is what made it.


He knows that I know that he knows that I like him. Ever since, he’s been referencing everything through me. Like highlights from the game. A PLAYER FROM THE GIRLS TEAM WAS IN MY CLASS AND HE WANTED TO KNOW FROM ME.

I don’t know what’s going on in my life, but I sure fuckin need it. Something positive. 5 classes I’m taking are required to graduate. I might get a recording gig with a local guy for my violin. Keeping up with a Twitter account no one knows is me for the B-Ball teams at my school. Running this and 2 other blogs. And I’m 17.

Call me insane, but I’d call this a successful and gratifying senior year of high school.

Feel free to message me about background info on stuff in this. I wanted to make this as brief as possible.