I really like how these came out. But the text could be placed better


Everybody represents a facet of himself [Mal] that he has lost and that’s why he keeps them close and safe, and yet at arm’s length.

— Nathan Fillion, Firefly: The Official Visual Companion, Volume 1

This afternoon wasn’t like any other Friday afternoon. I woke up feeling good, texted my best friend and we decided on an impromptu lunch date somewhere near our place. We went for a buffet after knowing that they were having a student discount and lucky enough I brought my student card out. Deciding on a buffet was also a good thing for us considering that we have a lot of things to talk about. Or rather, I had too much things to rant about; She is always a good listener.

Time certainly passed real quick and it was already 4pm before I even knew. And because great minds think alike, we both grabbed our favourite drink before strolling home.

I came home and of course immediately started on my infinite pile of work.

Then I was thinking. I really love how I spent my afternoon. What could be better than waking up feeling fresh (I’m sick of feeling tired all the time), washed up and just go on an impromptu lunch date with my bestfriend in my most comfortable self (I was just wearing sleeping clothes and specs) because I know my bestfriend won’t really care or judge. And what could be better than putting all the studies aside and had a long hearty chat. Sometimes I need simple days like this because it’s so comforting. I don’t need days that I hang out till late because it’s draining and it’s not like my energy isn’t drained enough already. Happiness is simple, and this afternoon I was just happy.