I really



our boys are probably people that have the most affection towards people they love:

Minsoo talking to his mother on the phone; Changjo doing fanservice till his car disappears out of sight; Changjo dropping tears just with a heartfelt message from a fan; Ricky and Chunji shedding tears at the sight of all the Angels by their side; Niel showering almost all his fancams with love; L.Joe creating a new Twitter account to converse with Angels.

need I say more? ;;

Things I want to see in Book 3: 

  • Shirtless Mako
  • More of Mako and Bolin in their underwear.  
  • Shirtless Mako
  • Mako 
  • Mako 
  • Makorra awkwardness. 
  • Makorra friendship development so they can become a stronger couple.
  • No Masami crud/love triangle crud.
  • MAKO 
  • A friendship form between Asami and Korra.
  • Asami moving on from Mako.
  • Asami actually getting character development.
  • Mako

ok honestly this whole net neutrality thing is giving me so much anxiety because for a long time the internet has been one of the places where i feel accepted and safe and i’ll tell you the internet has saved my life more than anyone in real life ever has and if this is gone i think an entire patch of my life will just have disappeared.