I probably spent way too much time on it



Aron’s Dragon- $69

JR’s Puppy- $69.99

Minhyun’s Fox- $69.99

Baekho’s Tiger- $69.99

Ren’s Elephant- $59.99

Loss of self respect and dignity- Priceless

Reconstructive surgery for Minhyun’s testicles- Probably hundreds of thousands of dollars

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I love that post about how the Avengers would deal with a creeper in a bar but I was wondering.. how do you think either Deadpool or Daredevil would react? (I have my own ideas however I'm interested in your thoughts ^^)

OHHH MY GOD thank you so much for asking this!!! This is a perfect question!

Deadpool has spent more than enough time hitting on other people to know when they’re uncomfortable. So the moment he spots someone who’s uncomfortable, he’d probably try hitting on the creeper himself until they go away, pretend to be the unfortunate victim’s boyfriend and steer them away, or if the creeper was being WAY too much, he’d probably spare all formalities and straight up punch the creeper in the face…. or even unalive them, depending on his mood. Deadpool’s morality has always been somewhat of a grey space at times, so it’s not a stretch to imagine that he’d go to any length to make sure no one is in distress.

Matt would definitely be straight up about it. He’d tell the creeper to their face that they were being too much, offer the victim help in getting away, and probably enforce a threat to the creeper if they ever dared to overstep a boundary again. I wouldn’t mind betting that Matt would also keep an eye on the victim for the whole evening, escorting them home if he feels the need to. 

What do you think? ^.^


Los Angeles day 1

For some reason yesterday Washington post never posted. It’s just disappeared. So if a random Washington post appears at some point, you know why.

I flew to LA this morning. I had a really nice relaxing flight, I took Alaska airlines plane and it was spacious and comfortable and I had the window seat (my favourite!)

I got to LA and quickly made my way in to Hollywood where I’m staying for 2 nights. There are no words to describe Hollywood. It’s so full on and extreme and bizarre. I’m having a good time though.

I went to trader joes tonight which I LOVED. But spent far too much money. I probably could just eat out for the amount I spent.

Devising a plan of action for tomorrow as I’m not sure yet what my plans are.

Also. Jet lag again? This whole time difference thing is just effort! And I hardly spoke to my family today because of flying and then by the time I landed it was nearly their bed time.


12 miles on the trail/road today. Probably the most humid run of the year but I felt good throughout. Glad to see my Garmin actually registered my elevation gain on this one. My past several workouts have shown a big 0 when they definitely weren’t. I love Garmin products but I’ve spent way too much time on the troubleshooting website.

“We do not remember days, we remember moments.”
Cesare Pavese


I’m kinda feeling the mood to kinda draw/do cutesy romancy stuff again so…. yeah. I spent the last like two days obsessing over every single line because well, I like this sort of stuff so I wanted it to look extra perfect. I definitely feel that I’m much much better at drawing female forms over male because drawing the dude salarian was a true test to my sanity. And yes, I did re-use a previous sketch for the girl. I didn’t like that I left her legs cut off in the last pic so I wanted to give her a full-body one.

But anyway, hopefully you can enjoy two young salarians embracing a (probably forbidden) romance. I spent way too much time drawing her ass. Hopefully I did it right.

FA upload - http://www.furaffinity.net/view/16624925/

Salarians @ Bioware

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Dramatical Murder for the fandom draw thing ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ


Put a fandom in my ask box and ill draw my favorite ship 



(im kinda scared that if i post this someone is gonna put another fandom in my ask box and im not sure if im ready for that kind of commitment again lmao)


Two weeks in Italy with the Pitt Men’s Glee Club was an excellent way to kick off the summer! This is probably one of the only posts on my blog that will feature me looking like a boy, but I didn’t want to rock the boat too much in foreign country, ya dig? Spent the whole time fooling Italians into thinking I was a boy :P

Anyway- Pic 1 is on the Isle of Capri, where they make Capri-Sun and Capris! Super gorgeous.

Pic 2- Pompeii - look at all them ruins! Got to see the brothel with the sexy frescoes still on the walls. Gotta lurv archeology!

Pic 3 - Sistine Chapel with the corner shot of Judith Killing Holophernes- love that Michy put one of my favourite bible stories in the corner~ such an honour spot.

Pic 4 - Pre-preformance upshot from Basilica di Santa Maria Sopra Minerva in Rome. Look at the purdy ceiling!

Pic 5 - The choir singing in the Duomo in Florence (out of tuxes) - I can add that performance to whatever list singing in Notre Dame is on! (Can you spot me?)

Pic 6 - Look! I can pose like Birth of Venus!

Pic 7 - Look! I can pose like Juliet! (Verona what what??)

Pic 8 - Welcome to the Hotel Patriarchi and Ristorante in Aquileia. I regret that we were unable to smash the Hotel Patriarchi. :(

Pic 9 - Looking righteous with my friend Sam in Venice on the last day!

Hope you enjoyed these pictures from my trip- feels good to be home again, but daaang they’ve got some beautiful land in that Italy place!!

RETURN OF THE DISAPPOINTMENT? I believe all discerning fans of the original Star Wars trilogy can admit that Return of the Jedi is…well, lacking. It has always seemed to me that the script was rushed and poorly thought out. Even lazy. I mean, another Death Star? Leia is the The Other? Nah, not buyin’ it. I have been given to the belief that Jedi would have to start over from scratch to work. That said,  I’ve recently spent way too much time thinking about how the film MIGHT have worked a little bit better in its current form with just a few changes.

First, The Ewoks. It’s okay they are cute. But like all real life forest creatures, lets see ‘em bare their fangs and lock into some flesh. Don’t forget they were gonna feast on Han Solo. And you wanna tell me there wasn’t some stormtrooper stew being feasted on in the finale celebration? Hell, those nasty little bastards were probably enjoying a few mon calamari lobster tails too.

Han Solo and Lando Calrissian. Why is Han Solo reduced to a fool in the film? What is Lando’s motivation and why the hell is he suddenly a goddamned General? I think it would have made more sense if their roles were reversed. In the big Rebel Briefing scene, Mon Mothma reveals the plans to take out the new Death Star. Solo chimes in with, “You’re gonna need the fastest and the best ship in the fleet to accomplish that. And that ship is the Millennium Falcon,” As the Princess looks on in admiration, Solo continues, “And you’re gonna need the best pilot to see her through this suicide mission. That would be me.”

Lando then takes on the mission to the forest moon to take out the shield generator promising his old buddy Solo that he will have that shield down in time.

We then get to develop Lando more as a character and Han and Chewie get to banter a bit aboard the Falcon when the things are looking their darkest…with Han revealing his true love for the Princess to his Wookiee friend.

And Luke. It is his story after all. After Vader throws the Emperor to his death, Luke crawls to him and emotionally says, “father, you saved me!”

Vader rises slowly to his feet and extends his remaining hand to his son. “Yes, now join me, son and we shall rule the galaxy as it was meant to be,”

Luke is conflicted. But he finally takes his father’s hand. Will he turn to the darkside? We have to wait until the next episode to find out. What do you think?


Since the end of the program, we’ve travelled to Lesvos (the boat was cheap, the hotel was cheap, and people said it was beautiful there, so why not?)  This trip was the perfect down time I needed after finals, and though he probably wouldn’t admit it, the down time Michael would want before roughing it in Turkey for a week while camping.  

Honestly, compared to our other trips, we didn’t do too much.  The hotel was a little out of the way, so sometimes we would walk to the nearest towns to the right or left of us.  We spent a lot of time sitting on the beach watching the water or playing cards.  

One day, we walked to the largest archaeological site on the island in Thermis, where we saw prehistoric Bronze Age remains.  It was interesting, but the day was HOT, so we decided to not hang around for too long, and hit the beach afterwards.

Twice, we went to a taverna on the water, where cats sat around the tables begging for scraps, which we gave them while the owner wasn’t around.

I’m a little surprised Michael didn’t go insane without any of the usual bushwhacking (except for the bit around Mytiline Castle), but this whole “relaxed vacation” was a brand new concept, one which I think went over very well.

(There are more pictures on my camera, which I will upload later.) 

Dear desperateendavour,

I know things are hard right now. I think we knew that walking into this. I understand that you’re scared. It’s ok because, well, I’m scared too. We are going to get through this together, because I love you . I love you so goddamn much. I will do everything in my power to make sure you see yourself like I see you. Everything will work out in the end because we have each other. I’m not going to pick up and leave because I care about you way too much to leave. You make my days happier. You are the reason I smile for no reason. You are my addiction and I cannot and probably will never get enough of you. Even if we spent an eternity together that wouldn’t be enough time. I know I’m not your first, or second, or third. I don’t care what I am as long as I’m your last. This is just a reminder that love is hard work. It is fighting for that other person. Love is sharing and knowing every little precious moment… I love you..




(5-26) I can’t seem to find the words for my time spent in Koh Phangan. First of all it is the most beautiful island I’ve ever been to. So green, underdeveloped, very few cars or bikes on the roads, big hills, insane views, and quite possibly to best hostel EVER. Well, a backpacker resort really complete with swimming pool, bar and restaurant and a very lively scene. I probably drank way too much during my 5 night stay but I met amazing people and had such a relaxing good time. I even had the opportunity while on the island to scuba dive which was a life changing experience for me. And I spent more time with friends I met on Samui who now are with me back in Ao Nang which I’m just using as a jumping point to see more islands in the west. One more week in Thailand and feeling a bit sad about that. But I know I’d love to make it back to Koh Phangan. Anyone considering going make sure to stay in the north.

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Top 5 favorite PMD characters?

oh god this is a hard one…

5. There are so many tied for 5th (Dusknoir, Armaldo, etc), but I guess I’ll choose Bidoof (I don’t know why really)

4. Virizion (at the time of playing, I really related to her in a weird way)

3. Gardevoir (I don’t really know why either)

2. Hydreigon (I liked Hydreigon from the start, and that fourth wall break was great too, I also related to Hydreigon’s tendency to never stop talking)

1. Grovyle (this one was probably expected haha)

I know I’m probably forgetting a lot and I’ll probably remember them after haha

And here again is an end to ACEN until next year!! Overall, I had a really great time this year, it was really so much fun! I spent way more money than years previous, but that’s probably because I didn’t make a budget this time around. Bad decision. I’ll definitely make an actual budget for myself next year, so I can stop spending money on so much artwork!!
On the other hand though… I do now have gobs of lovely posters… so I can’t regret it too much. :)

Well, we’ll call it a winning situation this time.
In a few minutes I’m going to start posting the pictures I took this year!! I wish I took a lot more than I did, but I forgot my camera on the first day and my phone died fast. If anyone recognizes themselves or friends, please feel free to let me know and I’ll list your names/blogs!! Also, all of them will be tagged by fandom and with “ACEN 2015” so feel free to block those if you don’t want to see them. There aren’t too many though, I promise!

(Also, if anyone has photos from the Toku photoshoot (in general, but of Kamen Rider W in particular), or of a Tiger & Bunny duo with matching T&B alpacas running around… those are my friend and I, and I’d love to see them!!)

pain we feel, pain we cause

I’ve spent a lot of time and a lot of words on here talking about the various ways that people have hurt me.  The cheater, the Ex Boy, the random gropey ginger; all people whose actions have dug into me somehow, left little scars, shaped me.  But of course, I am a person too. Maybe I am a better person than they are (I probably am, frankly, none of them are contributing much to society as far as I can tell), but I’m still a person and in my constant interactions with others I have inevitably brushed against or collided with others’ sore spots and open wounds, or created some that were not there to begin with. So I want to talk about hurt, about moral gray areas, about doing the best we can in the life that we are given.

In the fall, I was attached at the hip to a girl who I slowly came to realize was unhealthy for me.  She was insecure about her weight and appearance, and we were a dangerous combination even though I wasn’t insecure about looks so much as incredibly wrapped up in them.  Our conversations revolved around how terrible we looked on any given day, how much weight we thought we’d gained or lost recently, calorie counts, clear skin.  It was a suffocating environment that I’d created for myself unwittingly, and I needed to breathe, I needed to climb out of that hole.  So when I came back from winter break, I stopped talking to her.  I was weak and vulnerable and crying in dressing rooms over size 2 jeans that didn’t fit; I was drifting, feeling like the world was too difficult for me to continue trying to live in it.  I didn’t think I had the strength to maintain my close relationship with her while also healing myself, and I think now that I was right.  

But I hurt her. She is a person, created by God in His image regardless of whether she believes it, and I hurt her.  I cannot imagine the pain and rejection I would feel if one of my best friends just threw up walls one day and suddenly I could not go to them anymore.  And I ache over this.  

I saved myself. She and I were both standing on this ledge, staring down into self-destruction, and I took a step back and walked away, never asking if she wanted to come with me.  And she’s still there, having leaned in further (from what mutual friends have told me).  But I’m so happy now; God is painting my life to glorify Him, giving me friends who pull me back to center whether I swing towards the self-serving or the self-destructive end of the pendulum. So I can’t say it was a mistake, necessarily; and this way, it’s all my fault. I’m mysteriously bitchy, she can’t explain it, she got the friends in the divorce.  And good came out of it, overflowing good. But I hurt someone.

I wrestle with this all the time. Why did I have to knock someone down to become healthy, especially since a result of “becoming healthy” has been my also becoming much kinder, gentler, more patient, etc? Is this a gray area? Is it better to do harm now if you know it will result in a better later? I still don’t have answers, kittens.