I peacock you

Some Ways To Describe Myself

So I was looking at some people’s about me’s on twitter and I don’t feel like changing my own, but I thought maybe I could come up with some clever ones… 

1) Shannon. 21. New Jersey. I like pina coladas and long walks in places where you can find used condoms on the ground. 

2) My dog is cuter than yours… and probably a lot smarter than your honor student. 

3) Just because I’m an english major doesn’t mean I know all the grammar…. it just means that I have the right to correct you’re grammar. 

4) 21. Musician. Okay I lied, I’m not a musician, I just think it looks cool. 

5) Ego as big as Jupiter. Talent as big as a phone booth. 

6) Shannon Kahermanes: Human Narwhal. 

7) I’m the girl that lives next door to the girl next door. 

8) If death was staring me in the face… I’d challenge it to a staring contest. 

9) Tell your rich uncles that work at NBC about this blog… or anyone that works at NBC… I really do peacock comedy. 

10) Proud owner of Opposable Thumbs. 

Life update:

SO I’ll be living in an apartment next year with my best friends (including jack-whites-peacock and Hope who Tumblr won’t let me tag for some dumb reason) and I am jUST SO EXCITED. I love cooking and I’ll have a kitchen and family dinners will be a thing and pancake Sundays and I just cannot wait for August to come. 💕

anonymous asked:

M!A hakuba also has a peacock tail!

Hakuba woke up in his bed yawning a bit before frowning. His usually soft bed felt strange below him, he could feel something almost fur like under him. Carefully Hakuba sat up unsure what was under him but wary as he glanced behind him.

“A…tail?” Behind him attached to his back Hakuba had found a huge set of what looked like peacock feathers, all pure white as they slowly fanned out with his annoyance, “No way I can work with this…”

I know you’re sick of me posting peacocks, but they’re so damn fun to paint! Not working on this one for a client, but for my gallery instead. Stay tuned to see the finished bird! #peacock #painting (at Alex Beard Studio 608 Julia Street)