This is the story of how fangirling isn’t always a bad thing and loving something can make an amazing dream come true.

Never have I ever in my wildest dreams would think that me of all the people would be asked to take a tour of the DreamWorks Animation campus all because of my reaction video of the How To Train Your Dragon 2 teaser trailer! 

Now, when I first got this message, I assumed they’d say thanks for enjoying the trailer and maybe get a poster sent to me. Instead, I was given the highest honor anyone could ask of! I am literally sitting here, hands shaking, mind reeling over what has happened this morning! I went from feeling like the worlds most boring, typical girl to feeling like I am the luckiest person imaginable!

Nothing has been finalized just yet and I have no idea when I’m going, but I couldn’t keep this to myself! HTTYD has given me so much: new friends, some much-needed lessons, an admiration for Vikings, a guide in self-discovery, and then this!

This is enough proof to show that loving an animated movie (or anything for that matter) and having it be such an important and significant part of your life is not bad or useless. Loving something can lead you down some pretty great roads and give you the will to keep moving forward. HTTYD has always held a special place in my heart, and now it holds an even bigger part, forever being the movie that kept me going and giving me the experience of a lifetime.

"Endless thanks to all involved in the making of this project & glory to Jesus Christ, to whom I owe everything.”


Resident Evil: Retribution (x)