I like to make things more dramatic


Charlotte’s new mic stand for the North American tour apparently came with a little remote control that makes it change colour, along with several speed settings. She really enjoys it.

(”Because you’re such a people-pleaser” “Because it’s terrible”)


It’s been ages since I’ve made a proper character reference, so I finally made one for Rotbox who I keep drawing in things, but I NEVER got around to making a reference for her till now

Rotbox is what Rotbox chooses to be and what she chooses to be is a weird floating face cube that can sprout nonsensical limbs, sometimes those limbs don’t even look like they should be able to bend the way they do which is quite weird to see if you ever meet her. Because of her limbs she has the impression that she’s a great multitasker, but she’s far from it. She gets easily distracted and is more clumsy with more limbs.

Dramatic and rambunctious, RB tends to cause more chaos than good, but her heart is in the right place of wanting to enjoy time with people and be helpful. She pops in and out of existence depending on how much she wants to socialize or not at the moment. The concept of existing is equal to her wanting to stay at home vs. leaving the house.

If you can’t read the sheet with the horrifying and (somewhat) useless facts about her I have them listed under the readmore. There are so many more weird facts and quirks about here I wanted to include, but I could only put so many up without crowding the sheet or this post.

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Does This Black Make Me Look Goth Enough?

A selection of stuff with tinges of dark and other what the fuckery. Suitable for weeping and ruining dramatic eyeliner and acting like you’re too cool of a baby gothling to dance. Some new wave, other alternative, trip hop, regrettable memories of 2005, obvious and cliche pulls, things I’ve used before because I only have about eight good moves, a nine minute remix of a Bauhaus song, and other things you never asked for that I have no business tossing together for a mix that somehow only make sense to me. None more goth, as it goes.

And yes, yet another playlist for The Wicked + The Divine. Previously: the issue eight selections. This might go on 8tracks if I get motivated. [[Spotify in the meanwhile.]]

Youth in Trouble - The Presets / Desperate Guys - The Faint / Fascination Street - The Cure / A Design For Life - Manic Street Preachers / She Sells Sanctuary - The Cult / Anything, Anything - Dramarama / Cities In Dust - Siouxsie and the Banshees / Queer - Garbage / Half Day Closing - Portishead /  In Your Room (The Jeep Rock Mix) - Depeche Mode / Small Town Witch - Sneaker Pimps / Bela Lugosi’s Dead (Tomb Raider Mix) - Bauhaus / She’s Lost Control - Joy Division / Hell Is Round The Corner - Tricky / Wicked Game - Giant Drag / What Your Soul Sings - Massive Attack / Gold - Chet Faker / Feeling Good (Bassnectar Remix) - Nina Simone / You’re So Dark - Arctic Monkeys

I originally joked to myself the mix was just going to be You’re So Dark 13 times in a row. 

Reaction: When you’re jealous over them spending more time with your little sister


“ahh, i am sorry, i will spend more time with you from now on”

Chanwoo would laugh slightly, thinking it’s kinda cute that you’re getting jealous over such little things since he didn’t even realize he was spending more time with her than you. He’d feel a little sorry and focus more on you.


“i am sorry, i just really love your little sister” *hearteu*

Hanbin would jokingly say that he loves her just because he loves to see you being jealous over your own little sister. He just likes teasing you and making it a little more dramatic (in a joking way of course) just to laugh it off and agree, giving you a small peck on the cheek for teasing you about it.


“you’re cute”

Donghyuk would laugh because it’s pretty cute to him. He’d hug you and be all awww, sounding like he enjoys your reaction a little too much. But Donghyuk would be understanding and take care to not make you feel left out or alone anymore. After all he wants to see you smiling and not jealous/annoyed over something he does.


“you look cute when you’re jealous”

Yunhyeong would notice it immediately, you don’t even need to tell him or give him a signal because he knows whenever you’re jealous. His reaction would be kind of a mix of Donghyuk and Hanbin. He’d tease you a little because he thinks it’s pretty cute. But he understands, so he would give you more attention from now on.

- moyo

During a group therapy session one time, I talked about how immediately self conscious I feel when I walk by a group of men because I always imagine all of the horrible things they’re thinking about me…and this girl in the session chimed in to stop being so dramatic..and that I had to know that I was pretty or I wouldn’t put so much effort into my clothes and make up. As if the effort I put into my appearance depreciates the struggles I have with my mental health.

She was sooo fucking wrong. Clothes and make up are the things that make me feel like a normal person. They make me feel like I can face people. Like I’m not hideous. And now every time I take more time than usual on my make up, I think of that comment, and I wonder if that’s what other people think.

I don’t know why I’m sharing these thoughts except that they’re on my mind. I don’t know.

Anyway- this is a good picture. I do feel good about myself here, but that doesn’t negate my insecurities. Okay cool.

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Hello again ;v; I was wondering if you had any specific headcanons for body types and such for the girl gang AU?? I'd love to hear them if u have any!!

Hey there!!

Okay, so Cosette has brown hair and 50’s pin-up makeup but she tends to lean more to pink lipsticks than reds. She’s quite short but chubby with a rotund belly. I don’t have a specific ethnicity for her, although I quite like her as being French-Asian?

Éponine is mixed race, with beautiful curly hair that she always leaves natural. She’s very, VERY tall and likes to show off her legs, which seem to be never ending. She doesn’t have many curves, although she is quite proud of her small breasts. Her make-up is always pretty dramatic, with red lips and eyeliner sharp enough to cut you, that kind of thing. She’s more of your modern pin-up, with tattoo sleeves and the like.

And my darling Musichetta. She is a trans woman, who is on hormones but hasn’t had surgery. (More so through personal choice than anything else.) She has quite broad shoulders and lean arms. She has beautiful calves, which she shows off in Capri trousers. She is Romani. Her style tends to veer more to that of a Teddy Girl, with brogues and thick cricket cardigans.

I hope these help? :) xxxx


Well OBVIOUSLY I KNOW ABOUT THE LAKE but I am looking forward to it with gleeful anticipation.

And YES. YES. The biggest mistake people make is the idea of Darcy as some ~sweeping romantic. NO. NO. (And incidentally I think the Joe Wright film, which I also like a lot, despite being itself more ~dramatic, does not really do this to him either. THAT’S AN AWKWARD DUDE.)

But honestly the most telling thing about me as a teenager is that I read P&P but did not… watch this.

I am going to do the shipping questions thing for maxicest even though no one asked, okay?

who beefs up their stories to sound cooler and who talks over them to tell the truth?
Pietro. He likes to be super dramatic to sound like a huge bad ass and Wanda just rolls her eyes and laugh at him.

who comes up with really bad, sappy pet names?
Neither? Occasionally they will both use nicknames but they aren’t really super sappy? 

who secretly really likes being called sappy pet names?
Neither. I think they would both enjoy hearing the other say their name more.

who makes one dish like amazingly well and who tries to get them to make it for every meal?
Pietro is literally never allowed to cook. He is way too impatient. 

who watches shitty sci-fi/romance/drama/horror/thriller/etc movies all the time?
Wanda would definitely watch like every movie about witches ever made, good or not.

who complains about the shitty movies but watches it all the way to the end of the credits every time?
He won’t complain about shitty movies, but if he doesn’t like the movie he just starts kissing her.

which one isn’t allowed to do the laundry and they know why (too many overflows, too much soap, etc)
Probably Pietro? TBH I have a hard time seeing him being super useful around the house simply because of his impatience. 

who keeps ‘borrowing’ whose clothes and why?
They both have very different styles, I can see her occasionally borrowing a shirt from him in the early morning but not much else.

who surprises the other/s by chilling naked/in revealing clothes every now and then?
Pietro. Hands down. He especially likes doing it in public spaces he knows Wanda may or may not walk through just to make everyone else uncomfortable. 

who is banned from throwing surprise parties?
The Avengers. All of them. Surprised superheros\super spies leads to them thinking they are being attacked and it just always ends badly. 


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“fuck i made new ocs”

Ü more info?

hnnhjg okay so new verse and first oc is kit who is a fucking loser he’s aro ace and always hits on people as a joke uh he always makes really dramatic snarky comments he’s blind and he always ‘accidentally’ whacks people with his cane (although that thing is really long and he’s still not completely sure how to handle it so like half the time it really is an accident but he plays it off as a joke because he really really doesn’t like admitting he makes mistakes) he switches between wearing shades and an eyepatch for dramatic effect (kit places a lot of weight on appearance although he will deny it)

and then there’s panoptica who had a much less pretentious name (it changed because of her power switch which is common in the verse and very confusing when you’re looking for someone who’s switched powers) but i digress basically she was a goddess but she thought her domain was really boring (’what kind of fucking domain is “technological advancements in agriculture?” i don’t need to eat i don’t even like technology i don’t care about fucking plows’) so she planned to sell her domain and buy a new one but because she’s quite a bit rash and doesn’t do the planning thing she sold her domain and then realized that no other domains were on the market at the moment and then on a whim she was like hey semi-omniscience sounds cool so she traded her immortality and the measure of soul she got for selling her (not worth shit) domain for semi-omniscience. then she realized that was a really bad idea because she just hated semi-omniscience there’s always a sensory overload and people are so fucking s t u p i d so she was like fuck this i’m buying my immortality back this name is stupid anyway panoptica sounds so pompous but it wasn’t up for sale anymore

because kit had bought it for an ability he was born with and one eye (funny story one of his eyes barely worked it was like legally blind bad so he was like eh whatever i don’t really care let’s get rid of that but then he forgot to specify which eye and it was basically like ‘bro. bro i wasn’t asking you to take the one that actually worked jesus fucking christ’) and now panoptica’s tailing him and trying to get him to sell her her immortality back while at the same time trying to figure out the ability he traded it for because to be traded for immortality it has to be a pretty damn strong ability oh and of course he hated it and was just trying really hard to get rid of it

oh and i forgot to mention the merchant that all this ran through is the most manipulative schemer ever and she drives a damn hard bargain (seriously immortality for semi-omniscience jesus christ). she also may or may not have a bit of a drinking problem, a passion for corestone tinkering, and an obsession with cliched chess symbolism (still no name though all i know is that she has really unevenly cut chestnut brown hair)

and the person who bought kit’s ability comes into this of course but since she didn’t have anything to trade for she just offered part of her soul and the merchant was like hell yeah it’s been forever since i’ve had pure soul right from the source and the merchant planned on manipulating her for more soul and things but then they bonded over a drink and a semi-incoherent discussion about mistakes and now they may or may not be sort of dating

creation that was long okay that’s mostly the gist of it i have to develop a lot

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It sounds like you just got attacked by an ignorant white person. Not all white people who defend poc are over dramatic and making up new things to be mad about.

No i haven’t gotten attacked by anyone. I’m saying that the group of over extreme social justice bloggers on tumblr is too much and that over extreme movement is growing. It’s not helping anyone and it’s just become a battle of I’m more social justice than you 

I’m sad to hear that there is drama in Shadow flight again. I really respect that flight for working their butts off to become a good community after all the drama back in the day. I hope things are going better over in Shadow than dramarising makes it sound like they are, or if not, I hope things get better soon! (Just please don’t send your most dramatic users over to my flight again; it was kind of fun the first time, but this time we don’t need more excitement!)


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There’s also a meta that people talk about particularly in gaming- using outside knowledge to make decisions that your character wouldn’t know about. I think that’s more where this meta comes from. Things that are outside of the in-show canon.

Okay, so it seems like people are using “meta” as a really weird umbrella term, then. The instance you’re describing would be a case of dramatic irony? When the audience (in this case, the player) knows something that the character does not—though not sure what this means when said knowledge is actually used to alter a storyline, but whatever, media studies.

It would be meta if the player was doing something the character onscreen was doing … like maybe the character has an incomplete map of South America, so the player pauses the game and finds a complete map of South America and uses said knowledge for the player’s advantage. That would be meta + dramatic irony.

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why are you making such a big deal of this rewatch and like it's some unbearable emotional pain. you overreact and over dramatize things

Things effect me in weird ways. I’m putting myself through something that did mess with me this time last year and reassessing if the effect is still there and I’m not totally sure what’s gonna happen.

And yeah, I’m a little more emotional than I probably should be, but I come from a long line of people who don’t deal with their emotions AT ALL soooooo.

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I really like your blog, and I've been thinking about making a blog for my own OP OC, but I'm kind of hesitant... Any words of advice? ^^

-Points you towards rainbowpinions, nervousnocturnal, riotsdownbelow, plaguepirate and many more great One Piece OCs that are not me and my trash son-

Worship them, for they are amazing, and I pale in comparison.

No really, their OCs are really something, very detailed.

Also, protect #Kali4life2k15

Basically, just have fun with your OC, that’s the important thing. Yes, do some research and try to make sure your muse isn’t dramatically overpowered (That’s kinda hard to do, when it comes to OP…), and as i said, have fun.

Last doddle vefore bed

Future team mates 1 and 2. Tried to give the machop accessories in the form of gears to reflect the steampunk theme. I can probably make the Pawniard more steampunk-like since he’s a steel type, but I’d rather use accessories than change the original pokemon design -too- dramatically (that is if accessories will be allowed >v>)

Anyways I’m off to bed. Feel free to leave name suggestions ?

Im Kind of dissapointed with most of the anime in general. I like the opening because Miyano Mamoru slays every time, the fact that they are Also giving some spotlight to cuartet night who Also deserve some love, some songs are quite catchy (notice and énfasis on SOME), Dorks being Dorks. What I dont like is the plot that doesn’t seem to be doing any thing fantástic for the anime! You have the oportunity to make more stories a little more dramatic and a little liberty to change things up but the episodes seem to run with the same gag. (One of the guys show, guy has problem, Haruka butts Her way to help, she Writes a song and everyone is back to being happy) the ending isnt as awesome as the ones before, and story seems to be going no where, Plus….I HAVENT SEEN STARISH DO SEXY DANCES!! Everything is just spiraling downward for This UwU