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Erik is the mysterious, very attractive professor that that all the students have a crush on but they know nothing about him - not even his first name. So naturally they’re shocked when his twin five year olds burst into his classroom one day.

Everyone knows that Professor Lehnsherr is a stone cold fox. He is also known as the teacher who is most likely to engage in public humiliation and execution by failing grades, and so most students weigh out the pros and cons of taking his class very carefully.

Judging by the maximum capacity of “Intro to German Expressionism”, most students hold the merit of Professor Lehnsherr in a clinging turtleneck and tight trousers in very high esteem.

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After ES ep12 + Rin & Haru’s albums - I am so full of RinHaru feels - I just cant even with these two anymore!


Dedicated to the lovely danii-mon cause I missed your birthday! (Sorry babe!)

Full connected version:

Sorry for the long post ^^;

Please do not repost without permission. Thanks! :)

Thank You! :)

So 6 months ago..


I decided to create my dumb little blog after the This Might Get Weird Y’all show…


I never expected to get more than 10 followers, but today I signed in and saw that I had passed 4,000!


These past 6 months have been crazy! I went to Vidcon…


And the Boston #NoFilter show…


I even got to meet the girls!



…twice :)




I met some of my best friends <3


So I guess all I can say is


And I love you all! :)


modern au clothing headcanons tho awwww yeeeee

Yuna: Most often seen in flowy swaying skirts of various lengths, and anything adorned with flowers (whether floral print fabrics or botanic accessories), Yuna’s style is cute and fresh, but might be considered a little on the conservative side. She is prone to being talked into more daring purchases by Rikku, and occasionally Lulu, but will only wear them in public if prodded incessantly. She prefers her jewelry simple and silver. Examples: (1) (2)

Rikku: Scarcely wearing anything but bright colors, with stylistic choices that are every bit as striking as her palette, Rikku refuses to ever blend in. She doesn’t follow the rules of fashion. She’ll wear a scarf in the hot summer sun and open-toed shoes in the dead of winter if it suits her. Her individuality and her creativity are far more important to her than trends. She paves her own way with her style, which is occasionally reminiscent of rave fashion, but inspired by anything out of the norm. She’s also known to experiment with her hair, and has a wide array of colorful accessories for it which she uses to complete her looks.

Paine: Paine dresses pretty simply. Her basic look is solid, dark colored tank tops, usually with a dark hoodie or her leather jacket over top. Chunky, heavy (usually silver) accessories go around her neck, adding a little bit of spark, but generally she will only be seen in black, grey, and red. Her pants are skin-tight and fitted, and she will almost never wear any shoes but boots— sometimes heeled, but usually more heavy pairs. Paine doesn’t care about fashion. Not at all. She puts minimal effort into dressing because she does not care about other people’s opinion of her, and especially not of her appearance. She wants to be comfortable in her own way, and maybe look a little intimidating, to put people off from meaningless small talk.

Tidus: Tidus is both a little indifferent and a little oblivious to what is going on the fashion world. Whether or not something is in season doesn’t matter to him; whether it will hold up in a game does. Whether he can run his fastest in it, and not have to worry about getting it wrinkled or dirty: those are his criteria more than anything else. Not a fan of unnecessary layering or restrictive fits purely for the sake of looks, he instead sports comfortable, breathable clothes. Even for formal events, he opts to be as casual as he can get away with, feeling choked by stuffy formal duds. However, flashy accessories do catch his eye, and he is seldom seen without wearing something shiny.

Lulu: Lulu’s wardrobe is dark and impeccable, and what’s most impressive is that she is an extremely talented seamstress, who makes many of her own garments. There is no such thing as casualwear for Lulu. Severe pencil skirts, immodest figure-flattering tops, heels that could puncture a lung, and plentiful chunky jewelry are her staples. Regardless of her clothing often hugging her ample curves, she dresses only for her own satisfaction, and most are intimidated by the sight of her, and not just because of her flair for ‘gothic’ fashion.

Seymour: Pristine and polished, his cuffs are always perfectly even and his shirt without a wrinkle. He never overdresses or would be caught primping, but is somehow never anything short of perfectly put together, and takes care to make it look effortless. Although spending top-dollar or buying ‘popular’ brands doesn’t influence his fashion, it only takes one look to know that appearances are important to him.

Sorry for inactivity guys

Lately I’ve been sort of blah (mostly due to leaving the bioware fandom) but also because I’m playing russian roulette with my hands (long story short they’re fucked up) so art output is super sporadic these days PLUS I’m working on a few commissions at a time while trying to balance the stuff I want to do with my friend.

I’ll try to have something out sometime next week, sorry. 

Today was my last ever day working at the Craft Store (~the big M~) !! I took this picture right after my shift and if I look a little dazed, yeah, that’s about right.

I’m still struggling with mild guilt for leaving but, for the most part, it’s like a great burden has been lifted from my shoulders. That place was toxic and I know it’s better to get out now than stay and suffer more, and have it be even more difficult to leave later.

My store manager wished me luck and when I thanked him for everything he said “thank you" and was generally really bummed that I was leaving. He made a comment to the effect of "it’ll be really hard to replace you" and that was nice but also made me sad. I’ll probably never get such a chill manager/boss again.

Other coworkers hugged me and said they’d miss me and it was a bit of a shock, like “what really??” but it was really nice. My favourite coworker (Belushi Buddy!) bought me some lemonade ice breakers as a last day gift because I offhandedly said I liked them at some point months ago and I was so surprised. It was all so sweet. ;w; She also said she tried to get Jim Belushi to show up for me, but it’s the thought that counts lol.

I’ll miss almost everyone there a lot, but I’m relieved to get away from the constant negative customers and the unrealistic pressures put on me by upper management. So, for the most part, I walked out of there like



I just have to think these tourists in my town are like ‘aw look at her, so artisty and cute and completely not a danger to myself or my children I barely keep a hold of.’

Honestly if my music was on a speaker I think I wouldn’t have any foot traffic… cause everyone would be on the other side of the street…


JjongAh Couple Photoshoot Preview

Going to Dallascon tomorrow and gonna meet Ela for the first time :’)

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