Okay. I realize that is a common misconception that blood is blue before being introduced to oxygen. Blood is, in fact, always red. But the point is that it looks blue. It looks blue when it is inside your wrists and your body.
It looks blue when it is where it is supposed to be.
I love my friends, scars and all. I want you to stay here, though. Please stay.  

Being a Master brings a lot of anxiety and that carries over to dreams and no matter how good you are, consuming your own nightmares is never easy.

a headcanon in which Riku has nightmares that he’s alone, fighting endless, unwinnable battles forever



(remember when i said i would make another tutorial thing well i do)

its been ages but i finally got around to finishing it ; v ;;

its quite long so everything will be under the cut

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Jet from Avatar: The Last Airbender

Made sure my 200th post was art. I’ve been slacking with the art.

I’ll talk about my feeling for this tragic son of bastard later.

He stands over Castiel with both hands jammed firmly on his back and waits for Sam, waits for the bleeding to stop, waits for the cold knot in his stomach to just fill him up into one frozen block of dread. Cas’ back is rising and falling be slightly beneath his hands with the slow, deliberate breaths he’s taking, and Dean wonders if that’s good or not. He doesn’t remember seeing him breathe before today.

REB Jenn’s Comfort to the Enemy

my hate is the lifeblood that pulses through the veins of your universe.