I just want to sit him down

It’s a day of birthdays apparently and since I was at a 1 year old’s birthday party today, I just had to write a little domestic!ereri for the beautiful emiza ‘s birthday.

Hope you had one hell of a day Tess xD

“Is he asleep yet?”

Eren looked up from the bundle he’s cradling against his chest to where his husband was standing in the doorway, nodding carefully as to not disturb the sleeping baby.

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Dan Howell Piano Imagine
  • Dan Howell Piano Imagine
  • Atoms For Peace - Ingenue (Dan Howell Cover)
  • Edited By: just-a-touch-of-phan


Just a cheesy imagine, because I was playing around with iMovie. The idea is it sounds like you are hearing it from a distance but then when you walk into the room it sounds clearer.

Close Your Eyes:
You walk into a large room. You heard a strange, melodic noise coming from it, and decided to investigate. Sitting positioned at the piano, clearly believing he was alone, is Dan Howell. He’s playing a song gently on a grand piano, and it echoes throughout the whole room.

You walk up behind him slowly, and once he pauses, you whisper, “It was lovely.” He turns around in surprise, his eyes wide, but his shocked face melts into a warm smile. “I’m sorry, you just scared me.” He chuckles, and looks down sheepishly. He turns back to you. “Thank you though…do you want to hear another?” He pauses, as if to have forgotten something. “Oh yeah, and what’s your name?” You offer it to him, and he turns to face you. “That's…really pretty.” He blushes, and awkwardly attempts to distract from his previous comment. “So…what about that other song?”

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“The New Advisor”

Grima Wormtongue’s first day on the job.  He’s young, awkward, a little shy, absolutely brilliant, eager for acceptance, and hasn’t yet started down the long path of corruption.  His wardrobe choices, however, might give one pause…

So this is a WIP that’s been sitting around forever, and I decided to tackle it and put it to rest for good, but OH NO, I decided halfway through that I’m sick of doing the same kind of linework and colouring, and I just downloaded a bunch of cool Photoshop brushes, and …. I could never get the result I wanted because while half of him is “painterly’, and let’s face it, a bit of a mess, I was absolutely unwilling to touch the lineart of the face, so the picture looks like a "Frankendrawing”.  This will be revisited at a later date, but no matter what, I’m still very happy with that face. 

Source: http://emmanation.deviantart.com/art/The-New-Advisor-534627893                                                                                                                                            

Best friends

Chapter 14

your pov

The conversation went normally. There is still a bit of tension between Justin and Harry, but I’m sure that will fade with time. I’m sitting between Justin and Harry and when both of them sat down there was an awkward moment where they both put their arm around my shoulder, but Harry pulled his arm back and apologised. I’m really proud of him for apologising, I didn’t think he would actually do it. I want my best friend and my boyfriend to get along. I can’t let Justin ruin my friendship with Harry. If I’m being completely honest I don’t really want Justin here right now. Harry and I just fixed everything and I just want to catch up with him.
Harry stands up. “Does anyone want something?” He gets a mixture of responses and heads over to the kitchen.
“I’ll help.” I stand up, because I know he won’t be able to carry all of it in one go. Justin pouts and tries to tug me back down, but I remove his hand from me. “He can’t carry it all by himself. I’ll be right back.”
I follow Harry into the kitchen and when he stops walking I wrap my arms around him. “Thank you.” I mumble into his chest.
He chuckles and wraps his arms around me. “For what?”
“For apologising to Justin and for trying to be nice to him.”
He sighs and lets me go. I see a look of hurt on his face but he quickly turns around to grab some snacks and drinks. “No problem.” He turns around and he no longer looks hurt maybe I just imagined it. “Anything for you y/n, you know that.”
I smile as I grab some stuff too and we go back to the living-room. We hand everyone their drinks and put the snacks on the table. Harry and I sit back down and Justin immediately wraps his arm around my shoulders again.
“So do you have any plans for your birthday yet?” Niall asks as he stuffs his face with snacks.
I shrug. “Not really.”
Justin furrows his eyebrows. “When’s your birthday?”
“Next Thursday.” I respond.
“Why didn’t you tell me?”
“Because I don’t really want to do anything about it.”
“You have to do something, you only turn 19 once!” Louis exclaims.
“You only turn every age once Lou and I don’t know. Every year my birthday feels less special. When I was younger I used to get so excited, but lately it gets more boring every year.”
“We’ll make sure it’s fun this year.” Harry smiled as he squeezed my knee. Justin’s grip on my shoulder tightened when Harry’s hand remained on my knee. I don’t know why it annoyed me so much. I cuddle with the guys all the time, but for some reason it annoyed me how clingy Justin was being today. I know it’s wrong and I won’t do it, but I really want to cuddle with Harry right now. I’ve missed him, I haven’t seen him in a while and we weren’t talking. I just want some quality time with my best friend.

We had dinner and it was getting late. Justin wanted to go home and he wanted me to come with him, he kept whispering it in my ear. I didn’t want to go though. I wasn’t tired at all and I really just wanted to spend some more time with the guys.
“Justin can I talk to you for a second?” I say as I stand up. He nods and follows me into the hallway. The guys watch us when we leave the room, but I hear them continue their conversation once we’re out of sight.
“Let’s go home baby.” Justin says as he wraps his arms around my waist. “I wanna have some alone time with you.” He rests his forehead on mine.
“Look Justin.” I start as I place my hands on his chest. “I’m not going home with you.” I mutter.
“What?” He looks shocked and I expect him to release me form his grip, but he pulls me closer. “Why not?”
“It’s just…” I sigh. “I haven’t seen the guys in a while, I really missed them so I’d like to spend some time with them and I uhm I…” I try to avoid eye-contact, but Justin places one of his hands on my cheek and makes me look at him. “I just feel like we’re moving a bit too fast. I don’t want to rush into this.”
“Okay.” He sighs and loosens his grip on me a little. “I’m going home then. I’ll call or text you, okay?”
He walks back into the living-room and says a quick bye to the guys, before he walks back to me.
“Bye baby.” He murmurs before he presses his lips to mine. I walk him to the door where he kisses me again. I smile and wave when he drives away. I close the door and make my way back to the living-room.
“You not going with him?” Niall asks.
“Nope.” I respond as I sit back down next to Harry. He wraps his arm around my shoulder and pulls me closer. The other guys stand up and rush to us. Before I know what’s happening I’m engulfed in a giant group-hug. I laugh because Louis’s face is right in front of me and he has the biggest smile on his face. Niall nuzzles his face in my neck and I can feel Liam’s scruff somewhere against my arm. Harry’s arm is still around my shoulder, but I can’t see his face.
“Guys I can’t breath.” Liam’s voice sounds muffled. Louis laughs before he moves back to reveal a flustered Liam. Niall stays close to my side and I can now see Harry on my other side. He smiles and moves closer.
“Y/n can we be completely honest with you?” Niall asks.
I furrow my eyebrows. “Of course.”
“We’re glad Justin’s gone now.” Niall says.
“Yeah, I mean we’re pretty cuddly but he was being ridiculously clingy.” Louis adds and Liam nods in agreement. “Does he ever let you breathe?” Louis jokes.
I shrug and look down. Whenever I’m with Justin he’s always incredibly clingy. He doesn’t let me leave his side and he kind of smothers me.
Harry notices my change of mood and pulls me into his side. “Is he always like? Even when you’re alone?”
I nod. “Yeah and it’s really annoying and a little uncomfortable especially in public, but I don’t want to say anything because he means well and it’s just his way of showing affection, so it’s fine.”
“If it makes you feel uncomfortable it’s not fine y/n.” Liam says.
“You can’t have a serious relationship with someone if you can’t even tell them you don’t feel comfortable when they do certain things love.” Louis says. “Talk to him.”
I look down. “What if I don’t want this to be a serious relationship?”
“What do you mean?” Harry asks and his grip on my shoulder tightens.
“I know we only just started dating and I don’t want to give up before trying, because he’s a really nice guy. I just don’t really see myself growing old with him.” I mutter as I look at my hands in my lap.
“Well he seems very serious about this, so if that’s really how you feel I think you should break up with him. He’s just gonna get more attached to you if you stay with him.” Liam explains.
“I know, but what if this is all there is for me?” I still don’t look up. I’ve been having these thoughts for a while and I really need to share this, but on the other hand I already know what they’ll say.
“All there is for you?” Niall asks.
“Yeah, I just can’t help but think that.” I play with the hem of my shirt and keep my eyes fixated on my hands. “I’m not exactly popular with boys, what if he’s the only one that will ever want me?” I blink to keep the tears from falling. I don’t know why I told them this, I don’t even know why I’m thinking like this, but I just can’t help it.
Harry pulls me into his lap and tightly wraps his arms around me. “You’re so wrong sweetie.” He places a kiss on top of my head. “You have no idea how many guys would kill to be with you.”

SCM - MC giving blowjob to Huedhaut and his POV

You are in Huedhaut room, hoping he finished his work soon so that you can go on a date with him. However, Hue is sitting on the bed, continue reading one book after another. “When are you going to be done?” You pout as you move to sit beside him now.

“Well… I doing some research for a task given by the king. Don’t you know that it is important to finish a job before enjoying ourselves?” He mocked at you.

Feeling piss with him, you decide to get some revenge back on him. You start rubbing his crotch up and down with your hand, looking at his face for reaction.

“If you want me, just say so. I will be happy to take you right now.” He sneered as he take in a deep breath.

“Well… I believe you will be the one who want me more.” You smirked back.

You slowly unzip his pant and pull out his member. While leaning against him and look straight into his face, you rub the tip of his member with your finger until you can feel his fluid discharge. “What are you trying to do?” Hue exclaimed as his breathing get more irregular.

Totally ignoring him, you continue with your handwork before moving to lick his tip with your tongue and your other hand rubbing the ball behind his penis. He gasped and move his head backward, holding tightly to his book. You then move to take in his whole member into your mouth, moving in and out starting with slow pace and eventually go into full speed. You also suck deeply at his tip and cause him to drop the book on the floor. He grab the bedsheet to control himself but he still can’t help and moans loudly. Soon he lost his control and shoot his sperm into your mouth after your few suction.

He roll you over and remove your clothes instantly before giving you a deep kiss along your neck. It like his urges for you is uncontrollable. “You really constantly surprise me. When it come to you, I am not myself. You had to take responsibility.” He look at you for a short while before placing more kisses on your body and moving downward of your body.

Huedhaut’s POV
She is getting impatient as I continue spending more time reading the books. Actually, I have finished what I need to do, but seeing her expression now is so priceless which is why I refuse to stop teasing her. I wonder how many more expressions she is going to show me. Finally not able to take it any longer, she came and sit by my side and ask me when I will be done. I continue to tease her back and wondering how she going to react, but was surprise by her next move.

She was leaning so close to me but her hand is working on my member. I take in a deep breath but continue to show her my usual facial expressions. I am a man after all. How could I able to endure such pleasure from her handwork but I do not want to admit to her that I actually enjoy it. Before I can react, she start licking my member and slowly putting it into her mouth. I am now at her mercy. I am so reluctant to pull away from her as the the feeling was extreme good. I never know this side of her but I am clearly enjoying it. I shiver under her mouth work and moans out loudly. I am at my limit soon and if she still not going to stop, I may just ejuculate anytime. While I am reasoning with my thought, she give a deep suck at my tip and I shot my sperms inside her mouth. Too late, I lost control but it is not enough. I am crazy for her. I want more of her.

I roll her over and strip all her clothes immediately, almost at the stage of tearing away her clothes. My kisses are greedy and passionate and I slowly work my way down to her clits. She need to take responsibilty of what she had done to me. I lick her clits with my tongue. I want to drive her crazy like what she did to me. I want her to want me badly as well, as much as how much I want her now. I suck her clits deeply and eventually push my tongues into her Vagina. She twist her body in pleasure and scream my name out loud. I grab onto her and continue twisting her inside until she reach her climax.

“That is only just beginning.” I smirked back to her as I look at her erotic face. I pushed my member deep into her. I oscillating my hips back and forth, pushing deep into her womb. She wrap her legs over my waist, clinging close to my body. She twist her body and moans my name non stop. I kiss her lips passionately until we both lost ourselves. I ejuculate once again deep into her womb. Still refusing to pull out from her, I hovered over her. As I look down at her erotic face, I can’t help but want more of her again. She is the only woman who can drive me crazy. She is the only woman I need. I can’t live without her anymore.

“I not letting you go tonight.” I whisper into her ear as I start movng my hips again.

“agh….How about… your… work?” she asked as she gasp for air.

“Well… I need more of you now.” I reply before giving another deep kiss in her lips and the passionate night continue.

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i once saw the guy i like walking past me in the quad (outdoor area of my school) and i was sitting down on a bench but i was so distracted by him that i missed the bench and fell on the ground aND HE SAW ME AND STARTED LAUGHING AT ME.

once i sat on this bench at this old park in my town and it broke like full on split in half and i just sat on the floor like “this is fine” and didnt want to get up i just wanted to be left there to accept my failure but nobody would let it go and it still haunts me to this day tbh

send me a fact about yourself and i will reply with one of my own!

Preference #6 - He Cheats (Harry) Part 2

A/N: Y/N=Your Name, Y/F/F=Your Favorite Food


It has been 2 weeks since you caught Harry cheating on you. Everyday you were getting calls and texts from him but you never answered any of them.

You have just woken up and rolled around in bed. You pulled the blankets down from your face and glanced at the clock. It read: 9:00 am. You sat up in bed and heard a knock on your door.

“Hey Y/N, I’m going to go get some food. Do you want anything?” he asked you sitting on the bed.

“No, I’m fine. Thanks for asking,” you told him back.

“Love you gotta eat. It’s been 2 weeks since I seen you eat solid food. Come on just tell me what to get you?” he pleaded.

“Fine. Get me Y/F/F and a tub of ice cream.” you told Lou.

“Ok.” he said getting up and walking to the door. “I should be back in about 20 minutes.

After Louis left, you got up and showered. You quickly got out, dressed and went to the front room to watch T.V. Knock! You slightly jumped by how loud the knock was but you probably thought it was Louis and his hands were full. You got up and opened the door.

It was Harry. He looked like a mess. His hair looks like it hadn’t been washed in days. His clothes were dishoveled. saying he looked like shit would be an understatement.

“What do you want? I don’t want to hear any of your excuses,” you told blantantly stepping aside to let him in.

“Y/N just let me explain, please.” he said when he stood behind the couch.

“OK. You have 3 minutes. Go.” you said in a monotone voice.

“You seemed to be really distant and I was lonel-” he said.

“So I’m the one to blame. So it’s all my fault that you cheated.” you interrupted him.

“Baby, she meant nothing to me. Right after you left I kicked her out. It was an accident, ” he told you with sincerity.

“Harry, falling off your bike is an accident. You don’t just trip and fall into vagina.” you nearly yelled but you didn’t want to get a noise compliant.

“Y/N just shut up and let me apologize,” he told you sternly. You looked at him and he walked up to you.

He grabbed your face and smashed his lips to yours. At first, you were shocked but kissed back. You felt a spark and you totally forgot about the whole incident. Everyone makes mistakes, right? you thought. Finally the kiss was broken up by Lou coughing. You both looked up at him and laughed.

“So I’m guessing you both got back together?” Louis questioned both of you.

“Well, do you forgive me?” Harry asked.

“Of course,” you replied.

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hello , could you do haedcanon for annabeth watching percy cry for the first time but like for a serious reason (not that nemo isnt serious :p ) ps i love your headcanons

  • they had been walking through the park eating some ice cream when it happened 
  • they passed a couple of guys smoking cigars and suddenly Percy was doubled over trying to catch his breath 
  • “Do you have asthma that I don’t know about Seaweed Brain?” 
  • but Percy didn’t answer 
  • that’s when Annabeth saw the tear hit the concrete 
  • she pulled Percy over to the grass and got him to sit down
  • “Percy, talk to me.” 
  • he looked up at her, face red and tears streaming down his face like he wanted to say something but he couldn’t
  • so Annabeth just sat next to him and started rubbing his back
  • after a few minutes Percy’s breathing was back to normal
  • he wiped the tears from his face and his head hung low, “Gabe smoked cigars.” 
  • “Gabe is gone. You’re okay. Your mom is okay,” she said, still rubbing his back. She nudged his shoulder with hers, “Plus you’ve got me now. And I will gladly destroy anyone who messes with you.” 
  • Percy laughed, his shoulders relaxing 
  • “Thanks, Annabeth.” 
  • “Of course, Seaweed Brain. What are best friends for.” 
The Avengers Preferences: Comforting You After You Have A Nightmare

Tony Stark/ Iron Man: 

He felt the bed shift so he moved to sit up. You were cradling your legs to your chest with your head leaning against your knees. “What’s wrong?”, he asks concerned. You wipe the tears from your eyes, “I don’t want to talk about it. Just hold me?”. He smiles slightly, “Of course, lie down”. You moved to rest your head on his chest, wrapping your arms around his waist. He began rubbing patterns on your back to comfort you while humming lowly, you feel asleep in his arms.

Steve Rogers/ Captain America: 

He had woken up in the middle of the night to find your side of the bed empty so he decided to go look for you. He found you sitting in the kitchen with a glass of milk, “Nightmare?”. You turn around to see him standing in the doorway of the kitchen, “Yeah”. He smiles, walking over to you, “Feel better? Or do you want to talk about it?”. You sigh, “Better but I do want to talk about it, just not now”. He smiles, kissing your forehead, “That’s okay. I’m always ready to listen to you”.

Bruce Banner/ The Hulk: 

He woke up to your scream, sitting up in the bed. “Are you okay?”, he asks. You try to catch your breath, “No”. He moves to hold you as you begin crying again, rubbing your back to comfort you. Once you’ve calmed down, “Are you sure you’re okay?”, he asks. You sit up wiping the tears from your cheeks, “I’m better now”. He smiles. kissing your forehead, “I’m here if you need me”. You smile, “I know”.


He found you standing on the balcony, “Shouldn’t you be in bed”. You sigh, turning around, “Couldn’t sleep”. He looked at you worried, moving closer to you, wrapping his arms around you. “Same nightmare again?”, he asks. You sigh, “Yeah”. He kisses your forehead, “Wanna talk about it”. You nuzzle your nose into his chest, “No. Just continue to hold me”. He smiles, “I’m never letting you go”.

Natasha Romanoff / Black Widow: 

She found you sitting on the couch, “Why aren’t you in bed”. You look up at her and she notices the tears on your face and puffy eyes. She sighs, “Another nightmare”. You sigh, wiping the tears from your cheeks, “It’s the same nightmare and it doesn’t seem to be going away”. She moves over to the couch, sitting down next to you, bringing you into her arms, “We don’t have to talk about it, if you don’ want to. Just know I’m here for you”. You smile, grateful, “I know”.

Clint Barton / Hawkeye: 

He found you sitting by the window, lost in your own thought. “What’s wrong”, he asks. You sigh, “I keep having the same nightmare”. He sighs, sitting down next to you, “Do you want to talk about it”. You rest your head on his shoulder, “No. I feel like it’ll get worse if I talk about it”. he kisses the top of your head, “I’m always going to be here if you need me”. You smile, “I know”.

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Just You and I Part Two

Part One

Luna’s POV

“You okay?” Noah asks as he drives towards Hayley’s house to pick her up.

“How could she let him sit down?”

“Luna, if you think that even after everything he put her through, that she doesn’t love him then you are blind.”

“I don’t get it!”

“Of course you don’t get it Luna, you haven’t been in love yet,” Noah begins, “Listen, if Hayley ever cheated on me I’d still fucking want her. You shouldn’t love the people that hurt you but it’s often the people you love that hurt you.”

“Oh,” I whisper looking down at my hands.

“He’s probably going to be around a bit more now.”

“You think?”

“He seemed generally interested in our lives and everything.”

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When she said shut up? In the video?

right after she started singing in the video with her brother (???? i think that’s who that was) and zayn started riffing off camera like honestly #me how many times have you heard zayn start singing and just wanted to rip his vocal cords out because he sounded TOO DAMN good like bitch shut the fuck UP

i bet when he was in the studio with the other four boys fights would just break out because they were fed up ???



lewis: *leaves the room to get a 9 mm*

niall: *trying to smother him with a pillow while stress laughing*

yung harold: *screaming in the background which inspired clouds.mp3*

Girl Meets World needs to run for quite a few seasons

Like, at least until the kids finish High School.

Because I want Riley and Lucas to try dating in Freshman year of high school, and maybe it even goes on for a while, a season or 2 but in the end it doesnt work out. Not because of anything mean or hurtful, just that they are better friends. And as great as they are together, they dont challenge each other the way they need to be.

I want Lucas and Farkle being total bros throughout all the years, because Riley and Maya have each other and the boys should have that friendship too. I want Lucas to beat the crap out of someone for Farkle.Or maybe Lucas is having trouble with a class and Farkle is the one who stays up all night cramming with him for the big test. Farkle being the one to sit Lucas’s ass down and make him apply for colleges, even though his families going through a hard time with money and Lucas doesnt want to be more of a burden. Farkle calling up every contact he has to find a scholarship for Lucas so he can go. Farkle following him to whichever college he chooses because Farkle already knows what he doing with his life, hes taking over his fathers company, his degree is just basically for show. (ATTEMPTING TO JOIN A FRAT LUCAS AND FARKLE BEING MASSIVE DORKY PLEDGES)

Maya becoming more confident in her art, and carrying a sketchbook everywhere. Entering more art competitions and winning them. She has painting of all her friends pinned up around her room.

Mayas mum getting an acting job, but its the lead in a touring play, which means pulling Maya out of school and having to go with her. Riley freaks out and they make a plan to hide Maya so she cant go.

But Corey just puts another bed in Rileys room, and talks to her mum. Maya will stay with them. Corey remembers what its like to see the person you care about most trying to be taken from you. Corey knows that family isnt always blood related. So Corey takes Maya in, no hesitation, because she is his other daughter as much as she is Rileys sisters. Because he got to keep Shawn, so Riley should get to keep Maya.

Maybe Maya going off the rails a bit when she gets to high school, (see Shawn in BMW) since everyone thinks shes a no good kid anyway, she may as well act like it. She doesnt know where she fits in here, amongst all these cliques, especially when her friends seem to have somewhere so easily. Maya doesnt want to be alone, and its raining and Maya has a cigarette, and then Riley is screaming at her and Maya is screaming back and Riley is clutching Mayas face and telling her she matters because Riley says so and nothing else matters except that. And then Maya is crying and clutching at Riley, and as long as they have each other theyll be ok.

I want Farkle to gain more confidence as he grows up, but never lose that cocky edge he has for being rich and a genius. He is unashamed of who he is and what he has. Maybe Junior year he comes back after summer, just a little bit different but no one can figure out why (new clothes? bulked up a little? just a bit more swagger?) and suddenly there are a lot of girls after him, and Farkle has no idea what to do. and Lucas just laughs and tries to teach him how to flirt, and Farkle is going on dates. And Riley is kind of jealous, but she doesnt know why. But she refuses to be the girl that likes a guy just because he changed over a summer. Farkle has been one of her best friends for so long, if she wanted something with him, she would have had it by now, right?

But then theyre alone at the cafe, drinking coffee and its late and theyre laughing, and its all so easy. It should be this easy all the time. But they cant, because their friends. So they just smile and shake it off, but somethings different.

Lucas and Maya are snarky and unrepentant, but their friendship is not tentative. Its a full forced, you mess with one of us you mess with both of us. They have each others back so much its almost like telepathic communication. Riley just raises her eyebrows and smirks. Maya rolls her eyes and tells, just because you used to think Sundance was hot stuff doesnt mean every one does. 

But something happens, and Lucas is falling in with a bad crowd, probably a sports team full of mean jocks, and Lucas lets himself get pulled in too easily. And then theres one night, and Maya has a hand on his chest telling him this isnt him, hes better than this. And Lucas tries to be condescending, you really think you know me? But Maya doesnt flinch, just grips his shirt tighter, of course I know you, I know you better than anyone, just like you know me, now come on, we’re leaving. And he does, because shes right.

Lucas and Maya getting put in jail during senior year for getting into a fight with a bunch of kids from another school. Riley and Farkle having to bail them out. 

Maya and Lucas slowly learning to accept they might have feelings for each other, but not saying anything because Riley is so important to them. But Riley and Lucas have a quiet moment together, and things have been really good between them, everyone thinks theyre going to get back together. But Riley just tells him she knows, she knows he has feelings for Maya. And shes ok with it, they ended on good terms, and she knows hes going to date someone eventually, and him and Maya work, even if they dont want to admit it.

And Lucas is left thinking about what she said, and he doesnt know what to do. And then Maya is up in his face, asking how his time with Riley was and are they going to get back together, because if he hurts her again she will murder him this time and she might be little but she can sure as hell hide his body in a ditch somewhere. And Lucas just mumbles something about him not getting back together with Riley and trying to walk away to class. But Maya follows him and why wouldnt he get back together with Riley? Riley is great, shes the best person in the whole world, why wouldnt he want to date Riley?

And then hes spinning and facing her and shouting, BECAUSE IM IN LOVE WITH YOU YOU IDIOT! And Maya just blinks, oh. And Lucas just sighs, yeah ok, so can I get to class n–. But shes pulling his shirt softly, guiding his face to her and shes kisses him, and its all tender and soft, where everyone thought it would be rough and angry, and hes cupping her face and pulling her closer. Oh, he breathes when the pull apart.

Then they walk to class, and just dont talk about it. Which obviously means Riley and Farkle need to meddle and get these idiots to officially be together. But, ‘we’re 18 now Farkle, aren’t we a little old to be toying around and making schemes like in middle school’.

‘we could lock them in a classroom together after school and not let them out until they talk’

‘that is the greatest plan I have every heard, lets do it’.

And maybe Farkle and Riley sit outside the classroom all night and listen to Maya and Lucas bicker and argue instead of having an actual conversation and

‘doesnt this hurt, watching Lucas fall in love with your best friend’

and Riley thinks for a moment, like the thought never really occurred to her.

‘Lucas was my first love, but thats why its called first love, because they are supposed to be more after it, for both of us’

And Farkle just smiles and passes her a bag of chips.

Riley freaking out about graduation and not know what she wants to do with her life, and what happened, I was 13 like 2 days ago. Why does she not have anything planned. But her parents tell her its ok, she doesnt need all the answers right now, just do what feels right.  

Just give me friendships that mean everything and these losers getting older and falling in and out of love and being rebellious teenagers and doing stupid shit but always being friends. 

I care way too much about this show.

I want to go to a concert with Calum and be in the general admission with him as he holds my waist and bops his head to the opening act’s music and wraps his arms around my waist and he knows how everything works in a concert environment so he just protects me when everyone pushes us against the barricade and looks down at me and he loves the look of excitement in my eyes and he kisses my cheek and makes sure I’m not going to pass out and shakes me playfully and promises to let me sit on his shoulders so I can see my faves and promises to fuck me to the music later because he loves me and he’ll take me anywhere as long as I’m still his number one fave, screaming at his shows and in his hotel rooms

Do you see this guy? Up there? Yeah him.  Let me talk about him for just a sec.  He sits in his house all day and does YouTube.  All day by himself.  No one else there at all.  Making videos, by himself alone.  Cut him some slack please.  When he said he had no friends that he physically hangs out with I felt like crying.  And I did cry but shhh keep that down a bit. He devotes all his time to us.  And we can never thank him enough.  And I just want to let him know that even if he doesn’t have friends to hang out with he can always hang out with us but he probably already knows that.  But it makes me really sad I don’t know why.  My brain went immediately to presentable liberty.   I just imagine him kinda sitting on his bed reading comments and smiling but I’d hate to find out that he doesn’t feel like he’s there or that he doesn’t mean that much to us, because that’s a lie SEAN YOU ARE THE WORLD TO US! SORRY IF I GOT TOO EMOTIONAL I JUST WANTED CLARIFICATION THAT YOU ARE OKAY AND EMOTIONALLY STABLE.  THANKS AND HAVE A NICE DAY.

Teen Dad AU: Meeting Jinki

Kibum doesn’t look up from his math book when the new kid sits down next to him during lunch. The kid’s been staring at him since the beginning of the school year, and while Kibum thought it was cute at first, now it’s just creepy. He seems to be friends with Jonghyun, though, so he can’t be all that bad. Kibum does look over, however, to see if Minho’s coming back from the soccer meeting yet. The season doesn’t even start for another month or so, and they’re already having meetings; Kibum thinks it’s annoying.

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He opened the door, seeing her sitting at the couch scrolling through her phone. He gulped and took a deep breath. 

“Hey,” he said quietly, she looked up at him with blank eyes,“can we talk?”

She just looked back down at her phone.

“About yesterday. I-I want to-I guess, I was wrong.”

She sighed and stood up, “I’m really not in the mood to talk.”

She grabbed her coat and shrugged it on.

“Look, I’m really sorry for the outburst.”

“I’m going for a walk. Don’t wait up.”

And then she was gone. 

When the door opened again six hours later, he shot up from his seat and heard a few thumps. He walked to the hallway and saw her fumbling with her shoes, trying to remove it. Obviously, she is drunk.

“Where have you been?” He asked.

“Out.” She replied. When she realized that she wasn’t going to win against the shoes, she just let her head fall back on the wall and took a deep breath.

“Let me help you.” He moved towards her but she raised a hand.

“You’ve done enough helping.” Then she stood up, one feet bare and shirt askew, “I am tired of you helping me.”

“Can we have this conversation when you’re sober?”

“No, you wanted to talk. We’ll talk now. Now is all you get.”

He looked at her, looked into her eyes and saw the determination in it. But most of all, he saw the hurt that he put in there.

“You are a fucking asshole. You think that whatever you are doing to not hurt me is going yo work when it won’t! You still fucking hurt me!“

"I’m sorry.” He whispered.

“That’s also what you’ve said the last time. Aren’t you tired of apologizing?”

He kept silent.

“Well, I’m tired of hearing you apologize and I’m so fucking tired of forgiving you.”

Then comes the tears.

“I’m just really tired of everything.”

She fell down to the floor and sobbed. He walked towards her, falling down to his knees in front of her. He reached for her hands and pulled her close to him. 

“If you want, you can rest. Just tell me. I’ll let you go if you want.“ She gripped his shirt and pulled him closer to her.

"No. Please don’t let me go.”

He smiled a bit and held her, “Then I won’t.”

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How do I get master to call me kitten? He calls me baby girl and don't get me wrong I love it! But sometimes I just want to be called kitten.

1. Take his hand.

2. Sit him down.

3.Look him in the eyes.

4. Ask him to call you kitten.

5. Proceed with relationship as normally and enjoy being call kitten

The worst part is that they love each other so much and Amy knows how much Sheldon loves her but she just doesn’t think he desires her like she desires him and this girl is so clueless it’s breaking my heart I need Penny to sit her down and tell her “Sweetie, if a guy is kissing you like he was kissing you, with his hand on your thigh and all, it means he wants you.”

I also need Sheldon to tell her frankly what we and his friends know. These two communicate on everything but that. Amy is afraid to clearly ask whether he wants her in that way, and Sheldon is afraid to admit it out loud.

My dream scenario right now is literally Amy and Sheldon being miserable without each other, Amy saying that she’s taking physical intimacy off the table because she’d rather be with him than without him, sex or no sex, and then Sheldon goes mental because now that it’s off the table again he can’t deny that he wants her anymore and then it’s just a half season of hormones driving Sheldon crazy before he finally goes DAMN IT AMY YOU CAN’T MAKE ME ALL HORNY AND THEN GIVE UP.