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King of Neverland

Bless TVLine for asking the real post-mortem questions

TVLINE | Whose idea was it to make Ichabod’s birthday Abbie’s passcode?
[Laughs] I really wanted that sequence to be painfully long, because I just thought seeing Ichabod Crane in that world, who’d never experienced a piece of modern technology — I actually took my iPhone and started going through all of the things I would do if I had seen it for the first time — even though it’s remarkable that my 18-month-old can figure out how to use an iPhone. [Laughs] And then I thought, ‘Well Abbie’s clearly going to have a passcode on there.’ I used my birth month and my wife’s birthday as the code. Then Tom [Mison] is so great with the physical humor, when it says “Slide to the right to open,” he runs it along the table. He’s just brilliant. We knew we can give him those moments, and they’re always really fun.

TVLINE | Is Irving completely out of the woods, evil-soul-wise?
I love where we are leaving Irving’s character. I can’t wait to see what mysteries may come forward now that his soul has been released from Henry’s grasp and he is now back. He was dead; he did die. There’s some really fun story territory that I think we’ll get to show there.

TVLINE | Tom Mison has a theory on where The Kindred is. In the writers’ room, do you guys have a plan for The Kindred?
We have an endgame for it. We didn’t need to play that card this season, but clearly, The Kindred not only is a really cool creature and the first of our own — meaning Abbie and Crane’s design — but also, he’s got the Horseman’s head. So he’s critical to having the Horseman of the Apocalypse come to fruition. The Horseman of Death needs that. So it definitely will play into future story lines.

TVLINE | In the Thomas Jefferson episode, why did Abbie and Ichabod have to blow up the fenestella? It seemed like a very all-or-nothing move from people who always seem to find another solution to problems like that.
In the moment, there really wasn’t the ability to salvage it. And that was incredibly unfortunate. I really wish that they could have. It’s a shame that they weren’t able to [do it] but this is also something that we have a plan for in the future that we’ll be able to elaborate on.

TVLINE | At one point in the finale, Ben Franklin tells Abbie he’s surprised she hasn’t encountered more modern-day people who know about the secret war. It read to me as foreshadowing. Was it?
[Laughs] Yeah, I think so. I’m so glad you noticed that…. That’s something that will play out.

TVLINE | I know Tom hates selfies. Did that inform his rant during the video?
It’s funny how pieces of the character come out of conversations you have with the cast. We had talked about karaoke once, and that evolved into an episode. It was a nice little moment that both the character of Ichabod Crane can make a comment — we’re actually going to put the entirety of that scene online. There was a little bit more, the way that it played, we didn’t feel that we had to play the entire scene out but we actually shot a whole scene of Abbie and Crane together. We just thought it would be a nice moment.


its moments like this where I miss the small things
like your hand on my thigh
or your lips on my neck
i miss the way you scoff when i cant play a game right
and how we can never get through a movie without kissing
if i could just kiss your lips
touch your cheeks
or feel the warmth of your chest as you wrap me in your arms
i might make it through the months
—  why are you always gone when i need you most

(( Hey hey !! Do I have your attention ?? Yes ?

Awesome, okay . I kind of have an announcement of sorts .

This blog is going to go on a bit of a hiatus . How long ? As short as possible . We’ll start with me not updating for this weekend( Friday, February 27th-Monday, March 2nd) and see how it goes . It might be a bit longer than that . I refuse to let it go through the entirety of March, so it will return before the end of the month .

But why ?

Simply, i’m not feelin’ it right now . I’m very stressed and depressed recently, certain people in the fnaf fandom are also making things hard for me, and I need to ease things up on myself . Sadly, this blog is getting cut for a short while, just to ease the stress for a bit while i finish up other things .

Does this mean I can’t send in asks or anything ?

Not at all ! Send asks to your hearts content . Give me stuff to come back to and work with ! Goldie( and Fritz) need to handle their current situation, anyways . And sending stuff unrelated to the arc is cool too ! I actually need those a lot .

But what about my daily dose of you/r art ?

Well first of all I’m quite flattered about that idea tbh . Secondly, I do other stuff too !

i do a bunch of bonus draws for this blog/other fnaf stuff/other projects over at http://davesbiggayartblog.tumblr.com/ . I’m hoping to open commissions back up soon, and I occasionally do requests ! My personal blog is still there, as well, under the newly changed username http://birdmascot.tumblr.com/ . I make video games and stuff there ?? So feel free to look at that if you’d like . I’d also prefer for any questions directed to me to be sent to my personal, as I don’t like to clog up this blog .

Are you really gonna return, or are you gonna give up ?

I will 100% return . My passion for running this blog is too hardcore, man . I’m very excited to continue working on it as soon as I come back !

Thank you for your time, I’ll return as soon as possible ! We love you, and can’t wait to see y’all next update ! ))


There was a feeling, an overwhelming gust of air expanding his lungs, and he couldn’t be sure if he was dying, or finally living, finally breathing after months of dormancy.  When his blue gaze met her brown, when his fingers combed through her dark, silky tresses once more, when his lips pressed against the crimson of her mouth, that is when he came to life again, that is when his soul - their soul - was restored.

I’m starting to get nervous for my check off tomorrow guys

I just need to calm down bc I can totally freaking do this I know I can!

I did everything else perfectly last time I just forgot one stupid thing so I know I can do it even better now

I just need to remember to print out my article, my summary, and my ATI results to give to hunter before my checkoff.


So..The beginning of the month I took a semi hiatus on all serious projects to use ren’py for the first time. Took two weeks (plus a few days).

  Here’s the resulting product of that adventure!

The story follows Amare who has just fallen in love and is going to ask out a close friend. Only love isn’t exactly as they expected it to be…

It’s a bit of an on the spot dating sim story. Mostly for script practice purposes so don’t take it too seriously. (It’s incredibly corny)

The game is intentionally written so you have to go through multiple routes to learn about the entire story.

Warning for horror and implied violence. Also the music gets a little loud at some points (sorry) You’ve been cautioned.

Music/reference credit is underneath the cut. Please give them a look see! Let me know if something went horribly wrong..or not! 

Special thanks to Kate. Also to Fantasticandcurious for the designs of Gula and Ava.    -Lin

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For #giornata dei dialetti I also wanted to make a list of peculiar Venetian idioms, traditional sayings and why not, profanities (I mean, this is one of my most popular posts for a reason), but realized halfway through that it would have needed a whole month and not just a day for dialects (and we’re already past midnight here in Italy), so I decided to pick my favorite. It’s often used in its short form “pian col fajan" and other than being inherently hilarious because a) pheasants are hilarious, have you ever seen one running, b) it rhymes, it’s generally a sarcastic invite not to get ahead of yourself and/or overestimate your resources. I admittedly use it a lot, even when guys are being too forward, for instance.

(in case you need additional context, polenta, especially in Northern Italy, is often the obvious choice as a side dish when eating game, substituting bread; if you get too much pheasant, you might not have enough polenta to go with it. Traditionally Northern Italian people have been associated with polenta consumption, enough that the derogatory term polentoni - polenta eaters - exists. This because corn was more widely cultivated in the North than wheat, and peasants often sustained themselves on polenta and little else. My grandparents’ generation still used to have poenta e renga (polenta and herring) until about WW II: it would consist in letting a herring or some other fish that had been preserved in oil hang above the dinner table, and people would rub slices of grilled polenta on the fish, or dip them in the oil dripping from it, just to give them some taste; the herring wasn’t going to be actually eaten, but put back away for next time. That was the level of poverty - which makes me guess that the “pian col fajan” saying is relatively recent.)

(also refer to moltoveci for more Venetian sayings with better graphics, mine is just a humble tribute)


Head leaned to the side railing of the train, this is how every morning starts. Staring at strangers half-asleep through a routine in making a living, some dreams amount to something as simple as an extra hour of sleep. It’s a privilege. This is the part of my day where I start to feel the weight of time slowly taking its toll.

Seven months, and counting.

I tell myself all the thoughts come just because I’m tired. Every morning I have been waking up at four. Sometimes because I need to, other times because I can’t help it. There’s a knocking at my door that keeps getting louder the minute I try to brush it off. Missing someone is like a continuous knocking. It’s not consistent, but it doesn’t completely let you be. It appears right at your doorstep, the minute you feel yourself starting to forget.

"I’m still here. Just because you keep yourself occupied doesn’t mean I’ve gone away." It says.

It’s hopeless, this feeling. It makes the insides of yourself knot in ways you know not how to untangle. But you let yourself constrict, anyway. You let yourself feel the pain because there’s no other way. There’s no stopping it, there’s no pretending it’s not there constantly reminding you the mind is not so far from the heart.

Your heart remembers, even if your head doesn’t.

Seven months and counting, and you are still the drug I’m running away from.

Hi!!!! A lot of you may have realized that im going through a bit of a rough time right now due to February being a short month!!!

Im just barely able to make rent but ill need to pay for utilities too as well as food until i get paid again in two weeks.

I rly hate to ask but i could use some help so if anyone can donate even a couple of dollars it would help immensely, theres a donate button on my blog but my paypal is montjae@yahoo.com. if you cant donate please consider boosting this, thank you!

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I’m throwing a lot of things out except my sketchbooks so these are now $5 each or 3 for $10. They’ll be thrown away by the end of the week (along with old artwork and stuff. I just need them gone and I’ll be doing a giveaway for my pop vinyl figures next month) just look through my gallery (although the bird moleskine has been sold) I just want to make better ones seeing as these were my first try at drawing on them. #gorillaz #southpark #ghibli #atla #lok #rilakkumma #sailormoon

How do you do ALL the things you are interested in, and ALL of the things your body needs you to do, and ALL of the things you HAVE to do? Like this is kind of like spoon theory but beyond. How do you get through your pain, and attend to your pain, and then decide which of the things you need to do are priority, and then decide which of the things you want to do you can do?

Fucked if I know if I’m making sense.

I just picked up my ukulele after months and tried to sing a song but my soft palate feels completely atrophied. I’m not a trained singer but last year I was doing a lot of singing and would do daily warm ups and exercises and now I just feel like I’m trying to shout down a cardboard tube. My voice is so bad. I know it can get better if I get back to exercising it again but it just made me realise, “where do I fit that in?” I used to do exercises in the shower, now I focus on standing up and not straining my glutes too much and getting out of there as soon as possible. 

Having a body is too much responsibility. I’m going to the osteopath weekly. I’m doing stretches for my lower back and core strength daily. I’ve missed aqua aerobics this week due to work and being fatigued from being newly hypothyroid. This week I need a blood  test. I need to get more needles for my insulin pens. I need to find a small spiky therapy ball I can sit on to massage my glutes. I have to overcome this depressive episode, this need to avoid everything and every person because it’s all too much. I have to explain it to my bosses and it’s one thing to say you have bipolar and another thing to tell them why you behaved a certain way last week.

I want to finish making some clothes. I want to pick up my ukulele. I need to clean my house, it is a fucking nightmare. Having a human existence is too much responsibility. Do I feel like a ghost or do I just wish I was one?

So I just found out one of my good friend that I haven’t talk to for a awhile, commited suicided. She passed away about two months now….. I don’t know what to say. She was one of the happiest girl I know and she doesn’t look depress at all.. She’s the only friend that makes me feel wanted. Thanks for the memories. You will always be remembered..

And please.. if you do have depression.. talk to somebody about it… talk to me if u need to.. there are people care for you.. cause I know I care. You can go through this. Trust me. My ask box will always be open for you. okay.

Help Please

hello, im a mentally ill trans guy who needs to buy his own medication. i haven’t been able to refill for months since i’ve been broke and my parents refuse to. im not asking you to just throw money at me but it would be great if you could commission me for some art, since im gross and only draw furries i can make you a fullbody, full color anthro drawing of your character (or whatever) for $35 theres tons of my examples on instagram (@ yenasnack) or you could look through my tagged/my-art if you want. this is an emergency for me. i need to save up around $600 for my medication, and also 2 good binders, other manly transition things, and a bunch of new clothes. i already feel like im guilting people into giving me money so please dont complain that my price is too high. it was $50 but ive discounted it.

Life: I’ve recently moved to the only place I could find in the city. My rent is now twice as much as it was last month, and I’m finding it really difficult to pay the first few months here, especially considering I thought I had a job lined up when I might not.

If anyone wants to send a few bucks my way via paypal, I would be really grateful. I’m only halfway through my current novel, I don’t have work assignments coming my way at the moment, and my depression is getting progressively worse. At most, I just need to keep being able to live at this place for a few months while I try to make sure I can get on and stay on antidepressants in the future. I’m not asking for help for any other reasons than the ability to not be homeless and the ability to get medication that I pretty desperately need.

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