I just love him a lot

Who is your favorite character besides the Author on Once Upon a Time?

Fischler: Rumple. I adore Robert Carlyle. He’s just a complete dream. As an actor, as a man, as everything. He’s such a great guy. We got to work together a lot this season. I truly loved hanging out with him. I loved acting opposite him. He’s just fantastic.

That character is incredible.

Fischler: Yea. He’s made what could potentially be an unlikable character, so likable. Because he’s so charming and everybody loves Bobby. He’s a fantastic guy.


Me @ 5sos
  • <p><b><p></b> <b>5sos:</b> so what other kind of stuff would you like to see on the tour? You know, we always try to make you guys happy and we love you lots because we wouldnt be here without you<p/><b>me:</b> hi,....yes, i would like to hear and see a solo rendition of permanent vacation by michael, either acoustic or regular, and if he could just let it all out and give us the heart and soul we love to hear and see from him like nobody's watching, that would be gr8. Oh and play forgotten songs @ the next show. (You know what im talking about, a list of forgotten songs has been going around, dont act like you dont see it) Bye guyz<p/><b></b> p.s. michael is a beautiful cinnamon roll too good for this world ok<p/></p><p/></p>


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I'd love if the show dealt with giving a safe place to people who were born monsters but don't do monstrous things. Like the AntiChrist Jesse, who after the Apocalypse lost a lot but not all of his power, and Kitsune Jacob Pond, whose mother taught him to feed from the dead. Or maybe a Demon that escapes Hell but just wants to be alive again and couldn't care less about good vs evil, like perhaps Bela Talbot.

That would be amazing.

Like, what is up with this Markiplier guy??
I mean, come on, have you SEEN him?
He’s so nice and caring and he does things to make others happy, not for the title or the fortune, but because he wants to.
He actually cares about his fans and wishes the best out of everyone in the community!
I mean, who does that??
Genuinely kind hearted people, that’s who!
And let me tell you, since I started watching him back in 2012, he’s done nothing but try to make people happy by just doing what he loves.
He does a lot for others and cares so much for so many.
He deserves respect.
So please, show it to him, and always remember, he’s human too.
Markiplier is precious and must be protected at all costs.

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Love your concept of Sunfire Tadashi! But poor Dashi :( Question: does all heat signatures look different to him? Like the concept of aura in the Pokémon series (apologies if you're not a Pokémon fan and have no idea what I'm talking about). I was just thinking about how Tadashi would recognise Hiro out of a crowd. I mean yeah, one heat signature would be a lot shorter than the rest, but even so it might still be a problem for Tadashi (also thinking about Hiro and Sunfire Tadashi hug! feels!!!)

Oh no I know 100% what you’re talking about! The heat signatures all look relatively the same to him honestly, though some people appear to be warmer than others are. Baymax for example, doesn’t actually put off heat unless he makes himself do so with his built in heater - so he appears as this really weird blue outline to Tadashi, same goes for Fred’s suit (but he does see Fred inside)

It’s actually really tough for him to recognize Hiro, so he gets really frustrated at times. Maybe Hiro builds himself a heated wristband or something so Tadashi can follow that?

Misses and Relief

Characters: teen!Dean x teen!Reader

Words: 1214

Summary: Another month, another school. But this time, something’s different.

Part 5 in Emotions Series. Part 1 here, Part 2 here, Part 3 here, and Part 4 here.

Part 5 is here! :D I’m so glad you all are loving where this is going, I do have a lot planned. I writing this one got me back into the swing of things, so the rest of this week should be great! I’ll be online tons, so feel free to message me! Anyways, enjoy, everyone!

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This is my woof! Meet Axel Rose (yep, after the front man of Guns-N-Roses) He is ½ Jack Russell, ¼ Beagle, ¼ Husky! I got him when he was just 5 weeks and 2 days old and he has been my little baby every since day one. His birthday is September 14th and he turns 2 this year. He’s helped me through a lot of personal issues in life and I owe my sanity to him! (And occasionally my insanity as well.) He is the best dog I have ever owned, I don’t know if its the odd combo of breeds or what it is, but he’s truly an amazing dog. I love my little bug with all my heart and can’t imagine life without him! 

Look at him! You can tell he’s so happy to have been there for you through thick and thin! AND HIS LIL CURLY TAIL AH.

I love seeing how much everyone just loves their dogs so much! It makes me feel so good to know there are others out there that love their dogs with all their heart. <3 


So I’m not going to talk about what happens after all this, I’m not even a little ready. I do still want to celebrate my OTP and how amazing it is. How subtle it is. How well written.

My favorite thing about gilijah is, and always has been, how  well Gia and Elijah read and know each other. Make no mistake, this was their I love you scene. This was Gia’s moment of not knowing what she meant, if anything. And this was Elijah’s moment to reassure her that she meant a lot. This was I love you.

And I really need to talk about that kiss, how Elijah didn’t need to say the words for her to know. How all he had to do was say you don’t have to and she knew what he meant. She didn’t need grand gestures. She just needed that.

And you can see the fight in her settle down a little. She knows him. If he’s telling her this, if he’s telling her she doesn’t need to guess what she means to him, and telling her to go the best way she can have his back is to listen. To go. No matter that you know she doesn’t want to.

And she hesitates, because that’s what she does, because she rides for Elijah and she still wants to even in that moment. But he says please. He says please and she goes.

And I’m really never getting over how well these two characters get each other. Or how well they work together. Or what they mean to each other.

I just want to thank everyone that took the time to respond to my post and not turn it into something negative. It was interesting reading through all of your thoughts on it as well as the unique ways you developed your characters to fit in the world. It definitely gives me a bit of… Hope? On being able to develop Ashlen ICly into a white mage from a conjurer, which I currently roleplay him as. There’s just such an attachment to that class as a major role in the Final Fantasy universe and I would love to incorporate it without putting too much emphasis on my character being a special “hero” figure, which is what all of the job quests push on you at the moment. I just hope that they don’t continue this pattern with lore in the future, since a lot of folks in the community would be disappointed if they got classes like red/blue mage, only to be given lore that states there’s only one that exists in the world at that time.

I’ve never heard anything more hurtful than the words “Magnus deserved better.” Logically, I know there were a lot of people who were really upset at Alec at the end of City of Lost Souls, but I’d never really experienced it firsthand like THAT before.

I know people tend to love characters like Magnus more than characters like Alec. That’s why people like Jace and Will as well. These bright, confident, funny characters who hold endless wells of emotion inside, and we just love them, right? I mean, I love Magnus. I love him so, so much.

But. But. People tend to view these characters’ loved ones as the quieter, less awesome ones. Even when both characters are awesome, mainstream media-type readers tend to do this. (As does advertising. And if you’re really mainstream (coughgirlfromSouthCarolinacough), then you don’t even care about Magnus and Alec, because mainstream generally means heteronormative.) A lot of relationships are built on this dynamic. One really magnetic character, and then their sidekick/significant other. (The Doctor and Captain Jack Harkness have this, Sherlock Holmes and John Watson too, etc.) So I know it’s a thing, and it’s common.

But. BUT. I was upset with Alec too. Who wasn’t? But I think the most important part of this whole page 511 mess was that no one (NO ONE) was more upset at Alec than Alec. I could go on and on and on about Alec, and his character, and how he thinks of himself (how little he thought he was worth) for the longest time, but that is a different post for many other times. I will say: This trait exists in tiny things, because you won’t ever know with people like Alec. Maybe you just thought he was oblivious when everyone BUT ALEC knew that Magnus was in love with Alec in City of Glass. The heartbreaking truth is that he really wasn’t oblivious, he would just never assume Magnus loved him, no matter how many people thought it or tried to convince him of it, because he doesn’t think he’s worth that much. And at the time, he’d convinced himself that he would never be worth anything unless Jace loved him, because that was safe. That was SAFE. For him, holding himself to this impossible standard attached to his parabatai (who took SIX BOOKS to actually SEE Alec) was safe. Safe.

And I really could go on forever about Alec, and how often people misunderstand him, but that was not the point of this post. The point of this post is that I am really upset that there are people out there who think “Magnus deserved better.” A lot of people blame Alec for the whole thing. It was his fault, but it’s also Magnus’s! Cassie explained this! I’m shocked that she even had to! It should be pretty clear that both of these characters are flawed. We like to think characters like Magnus aren’t, but he is. What makes these two so wonderful for me is that I can love them for their flaws as well as their strengths.

A lot of people don’t understand why Alec Lightwood is my favorite character. Like, why, Kyra? Out of all the characters? When there’s Magnus? And Izzy? And all these badass awesome people who are more badass and awesome than Alec, who we have deemed less badass and awesome? Why?

It’s a very simple answer. I’ll try to do it the bandaid way: quick and nearly painless. Because last year, when I zoned out of my classes to daydream about what a relief killing myself would be, when I shrank inside myself so much that I couldn’t look my mom in the face, Alec Lightwood was all I had. Even though there were people around me who were willing to help, and did, and I am doing much better now, Alec was the one person I had that made me feel like I wasn’t alone. I understood him. Yes, I was upset at Alec for every second of his mistakes. But I knew I would have done the same thing. Now, would I? No. But I was a different person a year ago. So was Alec in City of Lost Souls.

So it just really, really upsets me when I still see echoes of this “Magnus deserved better” bullshit. It just….no. Alec is so much more complex than the casual reader will usually understand, and I know most other people don’t feel the same way about Alec, but. But. Magnus does not deserve better. He HAS better. Alec Lightwood is not a second choice, he not a runner-up, he is not an honorable mention, he is. Not. Trivial. He is Magnus’s husband, goddamn it, and if you hadn’t noticed, Magnus hasn’t actually married anyone else in his 400 some-odd years. Magnus thinks Alec is worth it. So keep your bullshit away from my ship.

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Les Amis are modern day Canadians au :)

Why not? Also, I love your URL!  

  • They are from Montreal, so they still speak French.
  • Feuilly is actually from France, and Enjolras hardcore fangirls over him.
  • They do a lot of stuff fighting for indigenous rights.
  • Extremely happy about how cheap education and health care is in comparison to the United States.
  • Constantly make fun of the States (surprise, surprise)
  • Bahorel plays hockey.
  • They visit Niagara Falls annually on the Fourth of July to watch crazy Americans from the other side.
  • Haha sorry, just picturing Canadian Amis visiting Paris.

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Your relationship with your boyf gives me the butterflies. You just seem so happy and whenever you tag stuff about him I'm like !!!!! and :')))) and he is a damn lucky human

we are so clingy, everything is so natural w/ him in that sense I am not afraid of ‘omg what is he thinking of my strech marks/thighs/tummy’ etc, we goof around a lot, we eat a lot (he can eat as much as he wants aND HE STILL HAS A KILLER BODY LIKE ???? HOW) his eyes are so pretty, his hair is so pretty, his smile is so pretty, his eyelashes are long & pretty too IDK man everything he has is so beautiful and even tho he’s 20 he looks like he is 17 lmao

I just feel so safe when I’m with him for some reason and tbh he did worth the wait, he worth all the crying and pain after my first real love, it is a cliché but… you really get someone when you don’t expect it and I am lucky to have him, I am so much more happy since he’s in my life

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Aaron Taylor Johnson

  • the first thing I saw them in The Winter Solider mid credit scene
  • why I like them none part of tumblr or the galaxy is ready for this conversation
  • my favorite role of theirs I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be Pietro even though I didn’t see the movie yet I already love him in it, i loved him in Nowhere Boy as well
  • my least favorite role of theirs NONE SO FAR i mean i could say his character in albert nobbs was an asshole but it’s not like i didnt like atj playing him i just didnt like the character 
  • a role I’d like to see them in some bald mafioso so he could walk around a lot with a gun and in a boxing shirt or pietro as villian, like a total villian
  • who I’d like them to work with logan lerman or seb stan omg i’d die for this

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Hi :) so I'm in an ldr and I will be meeting my boyfriend in the summer! He is my very first boyfriend and since he is visiting me, I kind of need to set up the dates and stuff. Sooo I was wondering, what are good places to go for dates that we could enjoy? I'm sorry I'm just not used to this yet! Btw im 16 and he's 18. Love you blog Erika!

How exciting, that’s awesome that you get to be together this summer! :) As for dates, a lot of that depends on what you both enjoy doing. Of course you have the cliche (but fun) things like seeing movies together and checking out restaurants, but I’ll make a list here of other ideas:

• Visit a local zoo, aquarium, or museum
• Take him to places that are special or meaningful to you
• Spend a weekend at the beach (if it’s within reasonable driving distance)
• Go bowling, or to an arcade
• Pack up a nice lunch and enjoy it at a park
• Go camping, even if it’s just in your own backyard
• Go play mini golf/putt-putt
• Visit an amusement park
• Check out bookstores, thrift stores, and/or antique shops together
• Cook dinner together and have a cozy night in
• Stay in and play boardgames, card games, or video games
• Go to a sporting event
• Go to a concert or music festival
• Visit a shooting range
• Lounge around at a pool or lake
• Go hiking or on a nature walk
• Check for cool local events, like art shows and food festivals
• Jog/workout together
• Go on a ghost tour
• Get ice cream, frozen yogurt, or snow cones
• Bake cookies together

I hope that helps give you some ideas ^^

- Erika

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I'm such a looser but I feel really heartbroken over Ashton and Bryana 😩

That doesn’t make you a loser! It’s okay to be a little upset when your favorite band member gets a gf, that doesn’t make you a bad person. As long as you’re not sending him or her insults on the internet or anything. I mean I rlly don’t care about bryanna but I know a lot of ppl have issues with her which I can understand but sending her hate isn’t going to make them break up or Ashton fall in love with you (not speaking to you personally but to ppl who do this).

But trust me girl if luke got a gf I’d just be listening to drake like that’s not even an exaggeration