I just love her pretty face okay!

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Casts FNL's Adrianne Palicki as Mockingbird

Palicki will make her debut in Season 2’s fifth episode, with the option to return.

Since bidding Dillon adieu, Palick’s TV credits include El Rey’s From Dusk Til Dawn,About a Boy and a recent lesson in Drunk History.

The Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. continue their mission on Tuesday, Sept. 23, now airing at 9/8c.


A Day in LA (Joe Sugg Imagine- Requested)

Anonymous whispered: Hi I love your writing so much!!💖 Could you please write a cute imagine that is the topic of Joe’s LA vlogs from this year? sorry if that made 0 sense ️😁x -I hope this is okay for you! x

‘Morning guys, I’m whispering because Y/N is still asleep, she got here late last night so she’s pretty knackered’ Joe’s voice woke you up and you rolled over to see him standing the other side of your bed talking to his camera.

‘Oh actually I think I’ve just woken her up’ he pulled a face and looked over at you. 'Morning love’ he came and sat next to you, he was still vlogging and turned the camera to you. 'Look how cute she looks first thing in the morning’

'Joe go away!’ you complained pulling the duvet up over your head so he couldn’t see you.

'And as you can all probably tell Y/N is not a morning person’ he chuckled and wondered off to find Oli.

You’d arrived in LA last night, although Joe had already been out there with his friends for two weeks prior to your arrival. You’d pretty much had something to eat and gone straight to bed when you’d got to the house, but today you were looking forward to spending a day with your boyfriend for the first time in weeks.

You looked at the time and forced yourself to get up it was 10am and you knew if you carried on sleeping you wouldn’t help the jet lag. You went into the kitchen where Joe was vlogging with Oli and Louis.

'There she is’ Joe turned the camera to you and you pulled a face. 'Looking gorgeous as always’ he laughed and put his camera down.

You grabbed a banana off the side and Joe poured you some orange juice.

'We’re going out to the pool’ Oli and Louis told you.

'Ok, we’ll be there in a bit’ Joe replied.

'I’m so glad you’re here’ Joe said once the others had disappeared, he placed his arms around your waist and you moved yours around his neck.

'I am too’ you agreed. 'So what are we going to do today Joseph?’

'Well I thought maybe we could just hang by the pool today and then I was planning on taking you to dinner tonight if you fancy it, we can spend some time just the two of us’

'Sounds perfect’ you smiled leaning on your tiptoes so you could kiss him.

'But right now I think you should go and unpack and meet me by the pool’ he told you, you agreed and went to unpack your things. You changed into your new bikini chucking a kimono over the top and headed over to the pool.

You saw Joe sat on a sun lounger vlogging again whilst the others all sat around him. You decided to sneak up on him, you stayed quiet standing only centimeters from him, you were surprised he hadn’t turned around already. 'Vlogging again Joseph!’ you said from behind him and you noticed him jump.

'Y/N!’ he exclaimed putting his hand on his heart.

You laughed and he put his camera down beside him getting up off the sun lounger. 'Just for that you’re going in the pool’ he said trying to grab your waist. You darted out the way and started running around the pool with Joe chasing after you. He eventually caught up with you and chucked you over his shoulder. He tossed you in and you squealed as you hit the water.

'I hate you!’ You shouted as soon as you came back to the surface. You swam to the side where Joe was stood laughing at you. 'Stop laughing and help me out!’ You ordered pulling an angry face at him. Joe obliged and bent down to help you offering you his hand. You quickly pulled him in causing another huge splash, this time it was your turn to laugh.

Joe came up for air and started to splash you with water.

'Joe stop it!’ You tried to splash him back but he was too quick and you didn’t really have the chance. ’ Come on Joe, stop it, you’re an idiot!’ You yelled at him and he eventually stopped pulling your body towards him.

'Yes but I’m your idiot’ he said kissing you square on the lips.

 'Aren’t they just sickeningly adorable?’ you heard Oli say, you turned to reply but then realised he had picked up Joe’s camera and filmed the whole thing. Needless to say you were definitely making it into Joe’s vlog that day.

vanesssaives asked:

Hey ❤️❤️ (maybe now you'll get it)

okay everyone needs to listen up HANNAH IS THE BEST AND HER BLOG IS THE BEST have you seen her edits?? she makes everything look pretty??

i love that i can talk to you and it’s as if there’s no time difference lmao, we just pick up where we left off without acknowledging that one of us (me) fell asleep LMAO and also!! your opinions on stuff are the same as mine, and you are v sensible!! and open minded and also HOW DOES YOUR FACE LOOK LIKE THAT WTF YOURE SO GORGEOUS (ps do you guys see that tmi fancast I’m always reblogging? she was used as izzy lightwood) and you also listen to me complain about so many things and talk about boys and share german stuff with me and that’s so awesome!!! I’m going to stop before i type an essay lmao

no more please! unless you don’t mind waiting a couple of days

hulloboys asked:

hello lovely hope you are having a lovely day (I graduate in 3 hours omg) I was hoping I could have a selfie complement/fancast it's tagged my_face uwu

AHH That’s so exciting!! Congratulations!!  I’m so proud of you!!

Selfie Compliment:  Okay I love the color of your hair!  You have such a beautiful smile which really lights up your whole face.  Plus your eye color is also so pretty.  (Go team green eyes!)  And for real, a pic nest to a 67 Impala?! WIN!!  

Fancast:  I’d totally cast you as Jo Harvelle.  The hair, the eyes, and just based on what I’ve seen I just imagine you with a no nonsense attitude!  Plus your smile reminds me of hers, too.

Sunday Love Day?

anonymous asked:

i hope you're okay love

nothing i cant handle! just anxiety which i now can manage pretty well… i drank some water, washed my face, put lotion on/massaged my cuts (urges) and now ill probably just go to bed.

i ignored my abuser and gave a long explanation to my ex friend about how i cant be her friend and she took it well so yeah.

thank you so much for caring though!!!