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prompt: tentoo/rose, attending someone else's wedding :)

This was partially inspired by a conversation I recently had with tinyconfusion so this is dedicated to her. There is some mildly suggestive (teen rated) content. 

The Doctor reached into the left pocket of his suit, poking his tongue out as he tried to find the object he wanted.

“If you want to scarper off to work on the TARDIS, Doctor, I’m sure Jake and Richard won’t mind. You’ve already sat through their ceremony and all that. No reason you’ve got to deal with the reception too.”

“Ha! Got it!” The Doctor grinned, pulling out a long, rectangular shaped flat box, wrapped in red and purple floral paper and adorned with bows. “Hold on, don’t you want me there?”

“Of course I do,” Rose said.

Breathing out a contented sigh, he grabbed her hand and smiled when he felt the cool metal of her wedding band brush against his knuckles.

“Well, that’s sorted then. I’ll stay.”

Rose let go of his hand, averting her eyes and alternately fidgeting with her earring and biting her thumbnail.

Never a good sign, that.

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michael & nikita | if you die, I die (x)

Okay! I finally wrote another request! :) I’m sorry if this sucks. I honestly have no idea what this is. I’m sorry. I hope you like this though! :-)

“The next pair is a crowd’s favorite,” the emcee announced as you closed your eyes backstage, making little jumps as your knees went weak. You looked over at your partner and good friend, Kurt. He fixed his snapback, a nervous habit he had. This performance was a special one. Not just because it’s a bigger stadium, and you and Kurt were performing without your crew, but also because Luke was somewhere in the front row. It had to be breathtaking.

“Are you excited to see the next pair?” You hear the emcee say as the crowd roared in a mess of screams and applause. You and Kurt may have earned the crowd’s love with a series of internet videos and performances in other competitions. Your heart pounded, as you breathed heavily.

“Hey, we’re going to win this, right?” Kurt says to you. “Yeah, of course we are,” you say, holding out your fist as he bumped his fist against yours.

“Ladies and gentlemen, Y/F/N and Kurt Garcia!” the emcee called out, cue for you to run out the now dimmed stage. You looked ahead, trying to not notice the audience around you. Everything was a blurry mess as you looked up for a second, your eyes seeking a blone haired boy in the crowd. And there he was on the third row, sitting beside Calum. Luke waved and Calum gave you a thumbs up.

You sighed, in position with Kurt beside you. As the music began playing, the crowd was silenced. You felt the beat of the music moving your legs and hands. You didn’t think a lot about it and just let your body remember the moves for you.

About a minute into the performance, the dance got touchier and closer. There were times Kurt’s hands were on your waist, your legs, and your back. There were times you were dancing beside each other, sometimes one is behind the other. When the dance finally ended, the lights were everywhere and there was so much noise from the crowd, yelling out your name and Kurt’s.

You smiled, then you remember Luke. You looked over to where he was and he was clapping his hands, his lips pressed against each other. He sees you looking at him, and he smiled. But it wasn’t his normal smile. The smile was kind of… Sad. Fake. You and Kurt took a bow and walked backstage. The moment you did, you embraced him, almost in tears. “Holy shit, Kurt. We made it,” you say. He broke from the hug. “Of course we did, kiddo. We always do,” he says, picking up a bottle of water as you walked to your dressing rooms. “Although, Luke looks pretty pissed, huh?” He says, nudging you.

You furrowed your eyebrows. “What?” You say, pretending not to know. He chuckled, “I saw his face, man. When a guy looks like that, he’s pissed, alright.” You sighed. “Well, if Luke and I are going to fight tonight, let’s just hope you and I win this thing,” you say, entering your dressing room. You sat on the floor, opening your phone. Kurt went out of the room for a moment as you rested in a corner. You have a few texts saying “Break a leg” and “Great performance!” You smiled as you read them, knowing you did well.

There was a knock on the door as you glance up to see Calum and Luke on the door. “Hey! There’s our girl!” Calum said, embracing you as you rose from the floor. “Good job out there, Y/N,” He said as you broke from the hug. Luke put his hands on his pocket, smiling. “Awesome job,” he said. You looked over at Calum, staring awkwardly on the floor. “Okay, I gotta leave you guys alone for a sec,” he says, walking out of the room.

“Luke, what’s wrong?” You say, closing the door. He looked up, letting out a sigh. “I don’t know, Y/N,” he says. “What is this Luke? You’re not usually like this,” you say, putting your hand on your hips. He sat on the couch. His elbows resting on his knees. “It’s not the best thing to see your girlfriend with someone else like that, you know,” he says. You chuckle. It was almost childish, it was too cute to resist. He looked at you sternly, shook his head and rised to get out of the room. “Luke!” You say, chuckling. You grabbed his wrist and dragged him to you. “Luke, look at me,” you say, putting your hands on his cheeks, making him look at you. “It’s just a dance,” you say, pecking him on the cheek. He shook his head, “No, it’s another guy touching you and-“

You cut him off, kissing his lips as he slowly gave in, putting his warm hand on the strip of skin exposed because of your crop top. “You’re cute when you get jealous,” you say to him. “Jerk,” he says to you, smiling slowly. “You dance like a hippo.”

“Too bad you’re head over heels in love with a dancing hippo, then,” you say, winking at him as he embraced you one more time. He held your hand until the winners were announced. You came in second place.

“Hey, you were perfect out there. You’ll always be the champion to me,” he says to you, letting his jealousy go, as he drove you home.

YASSSS!!!! Happy B-Day laa-art! Please follow him/ her (he/ she has an anonymous gender)! Minseo draws 1D, 5sos ,LM, etc (too many acronyms), and she/ he totally inspires me :3 Here is Minseo with her fav members of One Direction, Niall and Liam, idk how to draw 5sos. I’m not the best artist, but I hope you like this even though Liam doesn’t really look like Liam at all… Her/ his birthday is actually on the 19th, but I want to upload it early because i drew this last week. HAPPY B DAY!!!! :D

House Gumball

I’ve finally made decent Adventure Time fanart! Started this right after finishing all of Game of Thrones episodes haha. Spent a large amount of time on this, on and off, but I’m extremely happy with the result. 

Hope you like it too!! 

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ok i’m sorry but

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because you’re still breathing… and what’s the alternative?


Requested by: littlefrozenprinceess 


Rivals. // I dedicate this to all my lovely followers. <3

— Day Four - Oddball

Hiccup comes to visit, but nobody expected a Viking, let alone the son of Stoick the Vast, to be so… small.

You & I - Layered verses & chorus
  • You & I - Layered verses & chorus
  • One Direction

You & I - verses & chorus layered (also L+R).

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