I hope you all enjoy the mix!



A drag-and-drop dress-up game based on real clothing Little Mix have worn!

A FEW NOTES: After uploading, i noticed some clothes dont fit perfectly. I am not a professional artist or game designer, everything is not 100% perfect.

I know that each girl has a beautiful unique body, but in order for all the clothes to fit, their bodies had to be the same shape/size.

I also wasnt able to figure out how linking works within the game, so unfortunately the girls are on separate files. BUT there are links down below each game that will link you to another girl. All the clothes are the same.


Please help me share this with the girls on twitter! I would LOVE if the girls noticed this game!!! IF you do share, please dont claim this game as your own. I spent months making this, and my URL is also in the game so it would be hard to claim anyways.

Also i would love to see what you come up with, feel free to share any outfits you make with me! 

There will be a link to the game in my blogs navigation if you ever want to come back and play again.

Ask me any questions you need, and HAVE FUN!!!!!

a rabbit in a snow storm. [”How does it make you feel?” “Alone.” A mix dedicated to Daredevil and the balance between Matt Murdock and Wilson Fisk]


1. World on Fire - Les Friction | 2. Dark Doo Wop - Ms Mr| 3. The Monster/Wake Me Up - Megan & Jaclyn Davies | 4. The Fly - Cosmo Sheldrake | 5. Gallows - Brown Bird | 6. Stray Italian Greyhound - Vienna Teng | 7. Angel of Small Death & the Codeine Scene  - Hozier | 8. Weapon - Bastille (ft. Angel Haze) | 9. Bethlehem Steel - Delta Rae | 10. Oh Marcello - Regina Spektor | 11. Broken Crown - Mumford & Sons | 10. In All My Dreams I Drown - Jessica Lowndes & Terrance Zdunich | 11. Blood on my Name -  The Brothers Bright|

How Things Grow PT. III (Produced by P.R)
  • How Things Grow PT. III (Produced by P.R)
  • McKinley Dixon
  • It's In All Of Us EP

New music from yours truly. Doesn’t have a home so I hope you enjoy. It’s not mixed but it’s releasable.

I truly enjoy writing about flowers. Tryna get whoarei to do PT. 4 with me.

Enjoy until I put out stuff from the next album.

anonymous asked:

Yayyy special requests! Can you please write a shrt drabble: Paintball tournament, and Karasuno vs Seirin in the finals? (Or any mix of haikyuu vs knb characters if you want; i don't really mind so long as they go all out haha)

Oh my goodness, I really like this one.

I had fun writing this, and I hope you enjoy!

Have a great weekend~

Both teams were lined up, facing one another with this look in their eyes.

The stare of determination.

Shirts covered with pinks and greens, hair stained with colors that contrast their actual hair color, lips pulled back in competitive snarls, hands clenched around their guns.

“GET READY CITY BOYS, WE AIN’T LETTIN YA WIN THIS.” Tanaka was the first to shout out across from the opposing team.

A hit to the back of his shaven head was administered by Sugawara, and the other members chuckled quietly.

Nekoma, who had been sitting on the sidelines, continued to watch the intensity of the two teams, not surprised that they were eliminated. They were just hoping the other team would be able to avenge them.

“Eh.. Aren’t you guys missing a member..?” Hinata’s brows furrowed in concern, and he pokes his bottom lip out, searching around. He could’ve sworn there were more members on Seirin than there were now.

“Nope, we’ve got everyone.” Hyuuga shrugs his shoulders, rubbing the back of his head and adjusting his glasses.

“Um..” Kuroko spoke up, his unfazed blue eyes never leaving the concerned ginger’s face. “I’m right here..”

Hinata nearly shot out of his skin. “huH HUH WHAT HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN THERE?!”

“The entire time.” Seirin announced at once and left Hinata with red, embarrassed cheeks. Before he could apologize and recover, the referee returned and had the teams bow to one another before returning to their side of the “battlefield”. Kuroko, who saw Hinata’s distress, moved over to him and placed a hand on his shoulder.

“I-I’m so sorry for not seeing you!”

Kuroko blinks, and gives a hint of the faintest smile. “No hard feelings, but that doesn’t mean I’ll hold back.” And with that, he moved back to his side of the court, and Hinata swore he just lost his soul.

The game started, and soon, paint-balls were shot everywhere, coloring the scene with such a wide variety of colors that it was almost hard to tell where the actual floor was.

In the end, Seirin won with 5 members left.

They had to peel Hinata off of the wall,who had been showered in paint since he and Kageyama were the last one’s of their team on the field.

Guess who had to pay for dinner.


Here is my latest mixed media project! I’m titling it “Life Source” and its my largest painting to date. This project represents both the sun and the moon contributing to earth’s life, with the sky settling on the horizon of the mountains. In this picture I wanted to show a couple of the directions the painting can be displayed (can also be viewed vertically). I’m very proud of how this turned out and I hope you all can enjoy it too!!
Dimensions: 24"32 in.
Media used: oil and acrylic paint, sculpting gels, aluminum foil and magazine clippings on a wooden board.

humanitysstrongestweeb asked:

Okay first of all, I know you don't like him, but I kinda want to request a cute asahi coffee shop Au type thing with his s/o being the barista?

Okay, I think I may have gone a bit over board with this ask Pixie! Lmao. Like you said, I’m not overly fond of Asahi but I hope you enjoy this none the less. <3 

The aroma of rich coffee wafted through the building in the early hours of the morning. The smell pierced though the foggy veil of sleep with the bitter yet smooth, rich scent of roasted beans. There was also a subtle sweet scent of vanilla and caramel in the mix. The pleasant smell wafted, dancing through the air. It was such an invigorating odour that left a lingering taste on the tongue, a craving if you may. 

Asahi never thought much about something as simple as a cup of coffee, but that all changed on one fateful day. He was out, dropping off resumes and in search of employment, which wasn’t doing well. Let’s just say the ‘wild’ look that Asahi had, did not appeal to potential employers. The rain was sudden, catching Asahi off guard as he used his messenger bag as a make-shift umbrella. Hurrying, he rushed through the streets in search for cover. The coffee shop was the closest, the most convenient to him. 

That’s the day that changed everything for Asahi. Stepping into that little, quaint coffee shop must have been the best day of his life. That was the day he met you. You were the main barista, the only child of the owner. You were the one who was working that day Asahi stumbled into the shop. Worrying about how drenched he was and how he would catch a cold if he didn’t dry off and get warm. He can still remember the taste of the warm cup of coffee you had made for him, to warm his cold body. This left Asahi in a flustering mess, due to your kindness. 

That was the only beginning of what started out as a beautiful friendship. After that day, Asahi would find himself at your father’s shop after a long day of job searching with no luck. You would be there, a hot and delicious cup of coffee in your hands for him. There you both would chat, talking about everything and anything. That was until time was running thin for Asahi. The money he had started to dwindling to nothing and potential job offers were slim. That was the day you said something amazing, the day that was just as amazing as the day he met you. 

“How about working here? You’re here enough, and well, I wouldn’t mind the extra help.”

That’s how it began, how Asahi began working at the coffee shop. It was a lot harder than he had expected, not understanding what you had to do behind the scenes of being a barista. Though he came to enjoy being at the shop at the brink of dawn with you, as you both began to start the day. He had come to enjoy the astonishing scent of coffee. He was starting to get the hang of all the machines that came with being a barista. He was also coming to terms in memorizing all the specialty drinks and the lingo that came along with the job. Never had he expected coffee to come in so many varieties. Sure, he still messed up orders and messed up on certain drinks, but you were patient with him and showed him step by step. Even the costumers were patient with him, which was something new.

Today was like any other, both you and Asahi were opening up for the day, the shop filling with the familiar scent of coffee. Asahi had finished wiping down the small round tables as he turned to look at you. You were behind the counter, clipboard in hand as you continued doing the daily inventory. One hand pushed some stray hair behind your ear, tapping the end of the pencil against your lip as you looked at the stock on the shelf. A small smile graced Asahi’s features without his knowing, a regular occurrence for him when he caught sight of you.  

He didn’t know when it happened, when he began to see you more than a friend. You had helped him in so many ways that Asahi didn’t even know where to begin to repay you. You were kind, gentle and patient. You were soft spoken, yet confident in your thoughts and words. You were amazing to Asahi. Maybe he was always attracted to you, since the first time he laid eyes on you, he just didn’t know it.

Asahi’s face burned red in embarrassment when you caught his eye, a smile breaking out on your face. He spluttered out that he finished cleaning, flailing his hands at the tables around him in an awkward manner. The gentle laugh you emitted made Asahi’s stomach twist and tumble in a gymnastic-like routine. 

“Thanks, I think we are almost ready to open up.” You stated, putting down your clipboard and grabbing two of the mugs that were hanging on the hooks behind you. “Should we have a cup of coffee before we open up?”

“Sure.” Asahi agreed, putting the cloth he was using away, seating himself on one of the comfy couches that lined the window.

You began working, the motions were like clockwork to you now. Asahi watched as you filled the two cups. You always seemed to make the perfect coffee for him. Sweetening it just enough to remove the bitter bite, but not too sweet by any means. He thanked you as you sat down next to him, bringing the mug to your lips. Asahi watched you take a tentative sip, avoiding burning your lips and tongue.

“Seven Months,” you spoke, causing Asahi to pause in mid sip of his own drink.  

“What?” Asahi arched a brow, unsure what you meant by your statement.  

You smile, rubbing your thumb along the lip of your white ceramic mug. “It’s been seven months since you walked through that door during the sudden rain pour.”

“Has it been that long already?” Asahi asked in surprise, a small chuckle following his statement. He never expected time to pass by so fast, but time always seemed to fly by when he spent it with you. “Best day of my life was that day.”

“Oh?” You watched as Asahi’s eyes widened, the red blush reaching up to the tip of his ears. “And what do you mean by that Asahi?” You placed your cup on the table as you turned your body to look at him. 

“I-I, err…” Stammered the male, “you weren’t supposed to hear that.”

“But I did, so what do you mean it was the best day of your life?” You pressed, curious in why that particular day was the best of his life. Did something happen after you met him, because it couldn’t have earlier that day, after what he had told you. 

Asahi rubbed the back of his neck, with one hand as he set his own untouched coffee on the table. He didn’t know where to begin or what to say without making things awkward. What if you thought he was being weird, or creepy? Would that change things between you two? What if you felt so uncomfortable that you had him fired? There were just too many things that could go wrong. 

“Asahi?” Your voice was gentler now, placing a hand on his arm in a reassuring manner. “Sorry, I shouldn’t press you if you don’t want to talk about it.”

The worlds tumbled out of his mouth before he could even think of what he was doing. Just seeing your saddened expression broke down any walls Asahi was attempting to build. “It was because thats the day I met you!” His hands clapped over his mouth in a hurry as his eyes widened. 

You were not expecting him to say that as you looked at him with wide eyes. Feeling the warm feeling run along your cheek was the tell-tale sign of a blush as you pressed your hands to your cheeks.

“Sorry, I don’t want to make it awkward or anything. Please forget what I said!” Asahi clenched his eyes closed, not wanting to see what type of expression you had. He could just imagine what look you would give him.

“Asahi.” You placed a hand on his arm once more, making him open his eyes and look at you. Startled to see a sincere smile on your features as the slight negativity that nagged him began to disappear. “Can I tell you something?”

“O — of course you can!”

The red hue on both yours and Asahi’s cheeks grew darker as you leaned forwards, closer to Asahi as you spoke in a hushed whisper. 

“That is the same reason I remember that certain date,” you smiled as Asahi began to register what you said. He caught onto your statement as he looked at you in shock. Before he could say anything, you closed the distance, pressing your lips against his. 

Asahi’s heart hammered against his chest, the butterflies in his stomach wouldn’t sit still. He wondered if his hands were as clammy as he though they were, but even so he wouldn’t change this moment for anything. He reached upwards, hand cupping your face as you both continued to kiss. Pulling away after a moment, you both looked at one another and smiled. Thats the moment you both concluded would be the second best moment of your life. 

The moment that the smell of coffee turned into a bitter, yet smooth and rich taste that lingered on Asahi’s lips.



fate will play us out; a captain frozen swan superhero au mix

for seliviawanders​, a very delayed mix for your BESF prompt. I hope you enjoy it, darling!

Burned by the world and looking to shape it into something better, three heroes emerge: Former navy lieutenant Killian Jones becomes Captain Hook, terror on the high seas for any who dare to cross his path, bounty hunter Emma Swan becomes Swan, as beautiful and vindictive as her namesake, and Detective Elsa Arendelle becomes Queen Elsa, freezing all evil in her path.

It doesn’t take genius for them to find each other, and it doesn’t take more than a thought for them to team up. Three heads are better than one after all, and they make quite the team.

(killian jones) monkey wrench, the foo fighters + still there’s one thing that comforts me, since I was always caged and now I’m free. 

(emma swan) run devil run, kesha + i’m throwing the trash, clearing the junk, I’m firing the cannon, you’re gonna get sunk. 

(elsa arendelle) a call to arms, bayside +  i hope you find the place that feels like home, and a heightened sense of strength, and a stronger sense of self. 

(captain hook) bulls in brooklyn, the academy is… +  well I been crossing some lines that most folks won’t. 

(queen elsa) xxx 88, MØ + take a run, we can all be free, where the sky is blue forever. 

(swan) let’s kill tonight, panic! at the disco +  show them all you’re not the ordinary type. 

(quite the team) you better pray, red jumpsuit apparatus +  you think the war is over, I’ve only shown you the tip of the iceberg. 

(quite the team) good time, carly rae jepsen +  we don’t even have to try, it’s always a good time.

Those comments on my last post are exactly why I love tumblr. No one in my life would have said those things to me, but I can always count on all of you lovely ladies to help me out.

That being said, I started my period today, so it really was a negative. I don’t know why I got my hopes up so high, but I did. I didn’t even realize how much I wanted it. It truly is for the best, though. I’m enjoying my relationship with A right now, and I don’t think it’s the right time to add a child to the mix.

Also, I’m pretty sure I’m going to look back at this moment in a week and realize how crazy I sound for being disappointed I’m not pregnant.

a Hak fanmix {listen} / tracklist (w/ lyrics) under the cut

warning: this mix follows the events of the manga

“When you protect someone you want to keep safe, do you always weigh your own life against theirs?”

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Hola mi amores! Androgyny here with 3 looks for you all! Man oh man, I love me some punk rock fashion! That’s exactly what Collabor88 has brought this month! I’ve mixed and matched my little butt off which is what I LOVE to do. So I really hope you ladies enjoy. Feel free to make things your own and EXPRESS YOURSELF! LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! Remember, all is fair in fashion with T.A.B! 

On Androgyny

Look 1
Skin: [theSkinnery] // Hilde // @ The Season Story
Hair: Exile // Rise Above // @ C88
atoo: .Identity. // Sacred VII // @ 100 Block 

Dress: ISON // T-belt Shirt Dress Black // @ C88
Shoes: RO // Helvetica Heel Licorice // @ C88
Hat: .LVL93. // Mouse Visor Black // @ Kustom9
Watch:  //BENJAMINZ// AC GOLD // @ TMD

Look 2
Skin: [theSkinnery] // Hilde // @ The Season Story
Hair: Blues. // Zendaya // @ Season Story
Jacket: *COCO* // Fringe Jacket Black // @ Fameshed
Dress: .::MVD::. // Parisienne Dress Black
Shoes: [Co57] // Julia Fringe Sandal Noir Gold // @ IDK Event
Septum Ring: (Yummy) // Spiked Septum Gold // @ C88
Shades: Le Primitif // The Scientist Sahdes Black // @ TMD
Collar: RO // Helvetica Collar // @ C88

Look 3
Skin: [theSkinnery] // Hilde // @ The Season Story
Hair: Exile // One Way or Another // @ C88
Top: (Milk Motion) // Structured Crop Top Grey // @ C88
Pants: (NO) // Zip Front Shredded Leggings Plaid // @ C88
Jacket: (fd) // Wrapped Jacked White // @ C88
Shoes: Le Primitif // Valerie Fringe Pumps Black // *Coming SOON*
Nosering: (Yummy) Safety Pin Nose Ring Gold // @ C88
Eyebrow Ring: (Yummy) Safety Pin Eyebrow Gold // @ C88
Backpack: MishMish // Punky Skunk Backpack // @ C88

Plots, plots, plots!

Just below are all the plots given out. Everyone is paired up, and has to play out the scenario given - whether it’s through para, skype, chatzy, doesn’t matter as long as it somehow gets to the dash! Be sure to tag everything with CSC: Masquerade as well! If you do not like your plot, just let us know and we will figure something else out. Also, if your partner disappears, let us know again! I left out Emily from the mix for this specific reason, and will offer her up for anyone who loses their partner due to inactivity or something else. Also, I do not believe I left anyone out of the tasks, but if I did, just message me and I’ll place you down with someone or we will figure something out! Thanks and hope you all enjoy the plots given to ya!

Keep in mind, if your plot is specific about what injuries your character has, you are free to come up with it yourself. Most characters will end up in the hospital, if not all - so also remember that!

  1. Nolan & Tabitha ➛ After the bomb goes off, two complete strangers book it for the nearest exit. Thinking they would be safe, they both end up making their way through the basement door However, with the falling walls from upstairs, the door gets blocked off, and they don’t know it yet, but they are unable to get out. However, the two are scared, so leaving the room doesn’t sound like a bright idea. At least.. it didn’t. The damage wasn’t just done upstairs and after a short while, the two begin to smell gas. Now, they are stuck in a room that’s slowly but surely filling up with gas from a leak in one of the pipes. It’s up to them to figure a way out, or they may not make it. 
  2. Zach & Ava ➛ Unaware of a bomb being nearby, Ava & Zach continue to enjoy the party. However, they are a few feet above the blast when it finally goes off, sending them both flying. Thankfully, they both survive the blast, but both are rather disoriented and badly injured. Enable to hear, and barely see, Ava & Zach have no choice but to crawl through the wreckage, and avoid falling shrapnel and the fire, in hopes of making it out of the party alive. 
  3. Dylan & Elizabeth ➛ With the bomb going off, everyone makes a run for it out of fear for their lives. However, one of the party goers, Elizabeth, ends up testing her luck when she runs into a room for safety/ But with the after shock, a large bookcase in the room that was hanging on by a thread, falls on top of the petite girl. Thankfully she isn’t alone in this, however. Seeing it all happen, Dylan rushes over to Elizabeth and does his very best to get the bookcase off her - but his lungs are filling up with smoke, and if he doesn’t hurry up, neither will make it out alive. 
  4. Wolf & Eliza ➛ Looking for safety Wolf & Eliza both start running for cover. Scared, and unsure where to go, both find themselves running into the kitchen, thinking it’s a way out. Unfortunately, however, it’s not and due to wreckage and the falling ceiling happening just outside the door, the two end up getting locking inside. They try pushing on the door, but so much is blocking it. What is worse is that a pipe has been broken from the blast, and a fire is getting set ablaze by the oven. They now have no choice but to find a way out of there, but the fire gets to them. 
  5. Sasha & Angelo ➛ There’s a reason people say use stairs instead of an elevator incase of a fire, and this is said reason. Rushing for safety, Sasha & Angelo  find themselves trapped inside an elevator. The bad part is, is that Angelo is severely hurt, and the smoke is making it hard for both of them to breathe. They have no choice but to stay away, and find a way out. If they wait for help it may be too late, but can they withstand the smoke, and wounds from the blast long enough to find a way out? 
  6. Micah & Lucy ➛ Kaboom! Just like that, a bomb is going off and the entire ballroom floor is blowing up in hundreds of pieces. Those who managed to survive the blast are lucky, but not all who made it through the blast, will make it out alive. With things flying everywhere, and giant piece of shrapnel comes flying straight at Lucy’s head. Hitting them hard, Lucy falls to the ground and half conscious. Seeing it all happen, Micah rushes over to help, but they are hurt badly by the blast as well. Thus, the two have no choice but to power through, and find a way out, even though they are both suffering from the pain. 
  7. Bradley & Lyss ➛ Everyone is rushing to find a way out, and luckily Bradley & Lyss find one. Rushing downstairs, and toward the exit, Bradley & Lyss think they are about to make it out safe. However, the two are stopped by one of Damien Roth’s henchmen, and he is letting anyone out alive. Thus, Bradley steps up to be hero and tries to fight the man off, but in doing so, he ends up getting shot. Thankfully it’s just in the leg, & after the gun goes off Lyss steps in and knocks the henchmen out. Now they two have to get out as quick as they can, because Bradley is loosing blood fast and neither want to be there for when the man wakes up. 
  8. Alexandria & Christian  ➛ With the power of the explosion, Alexandria is stabbed in the stomach with a large shard of glass.. and she’s losing blood fast. She tries to crawl away, but only as strength to make it so far. Now, stuck in a room with one other she’s doing her best to hold on. Luckily, Christian just so happens to be a doctor in training, and will do anything to make sure that Alexandria makes it through this even if that means performing a crappy and fast surgery in order to keep her alive. 
  9. Charlie & Wyatt ➛  After the blast goes off, Charlie & Wyatt run cover. But in doing so, Charlie begins to hear a ticking noise coming from her necklace. After questioning what is it, Wyatt realizes there’s a second bomb embedded into the necklace. The two freak out, and try to find a way to disarm it, but nothing is working. The count down is getting closer too - so they either have to figure out something fast, or throw the necklace into the air, and hope it doesn’t set off with anyone nearby to be affected by it. But if they do that, will they run away in time before getting hurt themselves? 
  10. Emerson & Nathan ➛ Rushing for cover, both Emerson and Nathan find themselves rushing to the car garage that is directly below the Great Hall. Thinking it would be the best idea, the two try to rush to their cars. But with half of them covered by wreckage, Nathan offers Emerson a ride out. However, before either can escape, an after shock comes to play, and the ceiling above them caves out. Now both are trapped underneath the wreckage, and inside their car. But their oxygen level is running short, and there’s little to no contact to the outside world. Now the two have to find a way out, before their time runs out. 
  11. Sienna & Austin ➛ It wasn’t a wise choice to run upstairs after the explosion, but in a time like this, who is thinking logically? Looking for a safe place to go, Sienna & Austin rush upward. However, the fire is blocking them off from finding a way around things, and they have no choice but to stay on the upper levels. The bad part of it all, though, is that the floors are caving out, and if they don’t figure something out quick, they may not make it. Luckily, Austin gets the idea to make a jump for it. But they are four stories high, and there’s no guarantee at making it out. But what choice do they have, really? 
  12. Isaac & Emery ➛ A fire is bound to break out after a bomb goes off, and unfortunately for Emery, they happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. After the blast hits, everything around Emery catches fire. But what is worse is that the fire approaches them. Emery tries to take it out, but the smoke is taking them out first. Luckily, Isaac sees as they are running for cover and after hesitating, they offer up some help. Now the two have to put the fire out on Emery;s leg, and fast or they may not make it out alive. 
  13. Oliver & Lillian ➛ Just because you make it outside, doesn’t mean you’re safe from the wreckage. After rushing out the doors of the hotel, Oliver & Lillian escape the aftermath of the blast. Scared, however, the two continue rushing outward, and before they realize it, they are running into the middle of the street. With cars everywhere, and a few firetrucks, Oliver & Lillian are then hit by one of the cars, not expecting anyone to run out. Luckily they weren’t traveling too fast, but it was fast enough for both party goers to get send flying, and get hurt badly. 
  14. Carter, Kevin & Maisie ➛ Kidnapped, Carter and Kevin wait for their inevitable fate that is now in the hands of Damien. Both are trapped in a different room, but are wired to a speaker system, that allows them to speak to Damien, Maisie & Adrian. Damien then offers a choice to Adrian, either he saves Carter & Kevin, and Hallie dies, or he saves Hallie and the other two die. However, after Adrian picks Hallie, Damien confesses to Adrian that it was Hallie that got shot. But the truth is, Kevin was shot trying to save Carter from the bullet that was meant for him, and Maisie runs and discovers Kevin on the floor and covered in blood. Freaking out, she confesses everything to the man, and in doing so also tries to save Carter. But before she knows it, the bomb goes off while the three are still inside the hotel.
  15. Tristan, Hallie & Abigail ➛ Being told by his younger brother that Hallie and Abigail were kidnapped, and he knew where they were, was enough to get Tristan to go looking around. It wasn’t a bright idea, but he had no choice but to help his family out. However, just as he makes it to Hallie & Abigail and Abigail’s daughter Ingrid, the bomb goes off. The three girls then get taken out by the blast, and but it frees them from their tied hands. Badly hurt, they still try to save themselves, and thankfully, Tristan still tries to save them. Now they have to find a way out of the rubble, and avoid any of the henchmen at all costs.
  16. Adrian, Danny & Maisie ➛ They kill the stupid head Damien, and we all cry because he was so fucking funny to have on the dash. 

Trailer for Mixed Martial May 2015

A quick look into what you can expect from me this coming May! One video every day, punching, kicking, elbows, knees, tips, advice, and most importantly, an English accent.

Hope you enjoy it! I’ve been up all day filming, which started days ago, and isn’t quiiiiite finished yet, roll on tomorrow! (well later today as it’s 2:55am here, I just REALLY wanted to get this trailer out, I can sleep more when I’m dead!)

Any signal boost you give this video will REALLY help me. I’m putting my heart into this, I’ve been training for two decades now and have a lot to share. Help me out and give this a share, if you like it!!!

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hello my fellow EDM enthusiast here is new mix with fresh 128 & 70 beats with a range on genre. i hope you guys enjoy this mix and take the time to listen to it im sure you guys will be bouncing just like me when i mixed it enjoy don’t forget to share, like and repost. thank you all.

Album covers photography:
Methylen Turnt: Radio 001 & 002

Nine_939 – Methylen-turnt-radio-001

Nine_939 – Methylen-turnt-radio-002


My love for hats has grown for this music festival season, but there is still something so magical about flower crowns, what to do? How about we mix the two? Yes, please! In this tutorial I teach you how to make a floral hat sash that can be removed and used in any hat of your choice! You can customize the flowers to any type and color of your choice.

I ended up wearing my sash to Coachella and I loved how dope and well it went with my outfits. It was definitely a nice chance from the regular flower crown look, and I love how protected my face stayed from the sun all weekend!

Hope you guys enjoy this tutorial as much as I did! This sash is a great addition to your summer/music festival fashion this season, enjoy! 

XOXO - Drea

Music Courtesy of Audio Network

Hat (Thrift Store)
Flowers (Small) - Michael’s Craft Store/ Ashland brand
3/8’ Black Elastic - Joann’s Fabric
Hot Glue Gun + Glue Sticks
Wire Cutters

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The squad as the "Sausage!" meme
  • <p><b>Jackie:</b> I always go to church but I gotta have the (sausage!)<p/><b>Kelsey:</b> I don't like eggs but do like (sausage!)<p/><b>Shannon:</b> I work at Aeropostale, get some teeny-bopper (sausage!)<p/><b>Nuria:</b> Don't tell my Mama, but I want Zayn's (sausage!)<p/><b>Me:</b> I'm a mixed kid so they wonder 'bout my (sausage!)<p/><b>Meagan:</b> I'm always on the field and I ain't got time for (sausage!)<p/><b>Madison:</b> I'm a cheerleader so you know I get the (sausage!)<p/><b>All:</b> Sausage, sausage, sa-sausage, sausage!<p/><b>Anthony:</b> I like Michael Kors, can I still dig sausage?<p/></p>

Heyy, so, I was wondering if you could give me a disney lookalike? I’m not really fussed about who it is, for all I care it could be some obscure background character who appears once, but pretty please? Thank you :)

Hi there! You are gorgeous! I think you look like a mix of Honey Lemon and Andrina from The Little Mermaid and also Fawn from the Tinker Bell movies. I hope you enjoy. :)

time to say * thank you *

Today it’s two months since green*reblooming started. Huge thanks to everyone following and a Welcome to all those new folks. I really appreciate your attention and hope you enjoy visiting here! 

I’m deeply impressed about all that great, inspiring blogs on tumblr. It’s really fun to explore, but hard to stay focused and within a reasonal rate of posts with all these attempting photographies around. Finally I decided to keep the mix of uploading creative commons, posting my own and more or less occasional reblogging. Though there’s one principle I try my best to remain true: giving correct credits to all those sharing their own work and not to use “sourceless” works of unknown authors. Thanks for understanding.

Wishing everyone a good time, thank you all, merci beaucoup, diana _green*reblooming