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the taste that your lips allow | [listen here] (i could make you happy // i could make you love me)

i. i want to hold your hand - across the universe cast | ii. from afar - vance joy | iii. i can’t make you love me - adele | iv. i wanna be yours - arctic monkeys | v. sledgehammer - fifth harmony | vi. fidelity - regina spektor | vii. not in that way - sam smith | viii. give me love - ed sheeran | ix. when you sleep - mary lambert | x. my timing is off - eels | xi. falling for you - the 1975 | xii. pale blue eyes - the velvet underground | xiii. 18 - one direction 

Pansexual/Panromantic Awareness and Visibility Day!

So here’s a picture of my cousin and I as little baby sunflowers (I’m the baby on the left), one of my mom and I on my 18th birthday, and me before going to prom! I didn’t even know I was queer until around my 17th birthday (though I was questioning for a while before that) and at first, I thought I was biromantic. I was open to the idea of having a more romantically driven relationship with a girl (I was still sexually and romantically attracted to boys) even though I did find that there were features girls had that I was sexually attracted to/girls I was sexually attracted to. I also came to realize gender wasn’t such an important factor in a relationship, at least for me. After another little while, I decided that I was bisexual and I remained that way before I began questioning myself again. I figured if my reasoning for being bisexual was that I didn’t care so much about gender like I used to, I realized why should I care about other genders on the spectrum? I spent a lot of time thinking about that and then I began to notice that I have met non-binary people in my life who I found sexually and/or romantically attractive. So I haven’t been pansexual for a while but I’m glad I figured it out and though I’m still not exactly 100% sure, I have a weird feeling that I really am. You could argue that I chose to be pansexual, but it was a self-awareness I gained as I took the time to question and learn more about myself and that’s something we all go through. Happy Pansexual/Panromantic Awareness and Visibility Day!!

feliscybernicus replied to your post “[[MOR] okay. you can be disturbed and triggered by the content…”

Damn, not here too? I see a bunch of similar messages every few days reading the news (in the comments) or even my FB wall. While I understand well why someone would feel so strongly about it, it’s definitely not a healthy way to deal with it.

put it this way - i’ve now got three screenshots documenting the evidence because it is just that bad. tbh i don’t give a shit that some of the perpetrators are minors, or mentally ill, or whatever; part of growing up and dealing with your own shit is learning to recognise what is and isn’t okay in dealing with other people, and publically fantasising about mutilating a specific, real-life other person is one of those things that, IMO, YOU KNOW, is just a little bit unforgivable. :/

(also, kids? don’t fucking use mental illness as an excuse for shit like this. you like the word ‘ableist’ enough; how about you recognise that that’s exactly what you’re being in doing so.)

Goodbye Freshmen Year

It’s that time of the year again, graduation! No graduation is in store for me, but I am going to be a sophomore this upcoming fall. I feel like that in itself is something to celebrate. This year was definitely interesting and it wasn’t always the best, but I made it through. So now it’s time to shed one skin and take on a new one. 

Here’s to summer and a semi-fresh start and an even bigger cheer to coming back in August looking and feeling better than ever!

anonymous asked:

Remember we were all new once and all wished we had more messages and notes. Please don't become one of those people that made you feel insignificant at the beginning by talking about how many many messages you have. No hate intended.

oh i wasn’t meaning to make anyone feel insignificant! i know all too well what it feels like, and it’s not nice so i would never do that :’) i don’t have tons of messages to get through but i do have a fair few and it does take a while so i can’t answer them straight away :)