i cant stop laughing at this photo ohm go d


i imagine it to be stucky after steve finds bucky and he’s trying to help him regain his memories and steve takes them both to get their hair cut and once they get outside the barbers steve stops a passerby to ask them to take a photo of them together but bucky hates his new hair cut and steve’s trying to comfort him and tell him it looks really good but buckys face is like “steve no steve why do we have to take a picture i dont understand steve no i dont like my hair where are my bangs i cant hide anymore steve pls dont think i wont try and kill u again” and steves just trying to contain his laughter the entire time omgg someone h el p m e im so alone


She knows she gets treats if she cuddles with me 🐓

Me when I’m stuck at home all day and painfully lonely: “I wish I had a friend to hang out with and go places with. I wish I had someone to watch movies and sit around and eat snacks with. I hate being alone.”

Me when I go out in public: “Ew I’m so awkward. I really hope no one tries to talk to me today, I just can’t handle it.”