This Jasiper has been on my notebook for ages [ref]

tony doing something stupid and reckless and when steve comes over to talk to him after the fact, tony’s immediately on the offensive and goes on about how steve has no right to say shit because he knows how steve got involved with the super soldier project and how bad steve wanted to be a soldier and how hard he kept trying to enlist and how small!steve would’ve been a liability in the field but that certainly never stopped him from his reckless behavior did it?

and steve’s just nodding along and when tony finally talks himself out steve’s like, ‘you’re right, tony’ and then he pauses and gives tony a once over, ‘you know, you’re actually not that much taller than i was back then’

and tony squawks and is all ‘exCUSE me. i am 5’9 which is a perfectly acceptable height for an adult man. you were a homunculus!’

and steve laughs and pushes off the wall he’s been leaning on and goes, ‘fair enough. i guess once you get to be as tall as i am, everyone under 6 foot looks about the same’ and pats tony on the head as he leaves


Things that I want in season two of Faking It: Liam and Lauren
        —   “I couldn’t care less about Liam Booker.”

anonymous said:

will you ever write zarry size kink i have such a thing for their size/height difference

Oh, god, I need to. It will happen. Sometime. Soon. Because I have such a thing for it too. Maybe somehow combined with clothes sharing because Harry’s clothes would all be too big for Zayn…

But it will happen. One day. Because it haunts me too.

i have found a template for a stand that would fit the agamemnon but i am not sure if i want to have it on a stand or hang it from the ceiling because it is going to be quite big and i don’t think i have the space

ashtermelon said:

i ship u sosooso hard with mikey like u guys can dye each others hair rly awesome colours all the time and play pokemon and youd get all sulky when you lost but hed coax you into cuuddles and youd snuggle and fuegsfaldah i need to stop btw sille i think you're gorgeous

THANK YOU I LOVE YOU A LOT (i accidentaly wrote lotr and had a moment lol)

i ship with luke bc i have a thing for height differences, and your music taste is fab just like his, and you both like pizza, and i feel like you could have cute af pizza parties, and you could wrote songs together with him on guitar and you on piano and yes just please


Okay, I found these

According to google, Megan Fox is 5’4”. Based on these pictures, she is just a little bit taller than the top of Donnie’s plastron.

Now the reason I needed the reference.

The rp I’m doing with glassesandgoggles, I needed to know height difference between them. It’s very important to me. If Megan, April, is 5’4”, then Mikey, who’s 5’3”, pretty much only goes up to the top of Donnie’s plastron.

If you tell me that’s not adorable as fuck, you’re lying.