• Caboose:Church?
  • Church:Yeah?
  • Caboose:You ever wonder why we’re here?
  • Church:You know, Caboose, I used to not care. I just went along with orders and hoped that everything would work out for me. But after all that’s happened, you know what I’ve learned? It’s not about hating the guy on the other side because someone told you to. I mean, you shouldn’t hate someone because they’re an asshole, or pervert, or snob, or they’re lazy, or arrogant, or an idiot, or know-it-all. Those are reasons to dislike somebody. You don’t hate a person because someone told you to. You have to learn to despise people on a personal level. Not because they’re red, or because they’re blue, but because you know them, and you see them every single day, and you can’t stand them because they’re a complete and total fucking douchebag.
  • *camera flips back and forth between Caboose and Church, silent*
  • Caboose:I meant why are we out here in the sun when we could be standing down there in the shade?
  • Church:Oh. Yeah, okay. Let’s go stand in the shade.
  • *cut to Grif looking through sniper rifle*
  • Simmons:What are they doing?
  • Grif:What?
  • Simmons:I said, what are they doing now?
  • Grif:I don’t know, man, talking. That’s all these guys ever do; they just stand around and talk.
  • Simmons:What are they talking about?
  • Grif:You know what? I hate you.
  • Simmons:Yeah. *chokes up* I hate you too, buddy.