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Hi! I love your blog and writing it's so awesome. Anyways, I just finished season 3b from Teen Wolf and I I'm still wondering: why did the nogitsune go into Stiles? Did they explain it?

At the end of 3A, Scott, Stiles and Allison all do the sacrifice ritual so they can find their parents. There are a lot of unforeseen consequences of the ritual, including charging up the Nemeton and calling supernatural creatures towards Beacon Hills… and Deaton also warns them that there will be a “darkness around their hearts.” 

I’m interpreting that as like, opening a door (door theme reiterated later) making them more susceptible to possession. 

And then in the beginning of 3B, we see the consequences of this. Scott has waking visions of himself as a monstrous Alpha, and he has trouble controlling his shift. Allison is losing time and having visions about her aunt Kate. Stiles has vivid nightmares and can’t seem to read anymore, and the people/events in his visions are all telling him things, like to wake up and “When is a door not a door?” 

They all seem to be suffering from some effects, but by the end of the episode, Scott’s handling himself a lot better, especially after his mom’s “Be your own anchor” talk. Allison doesn’t have anymore visions of Kate after she anchors herself during that scene with the tranq gun, repeating her Code:  “Nous protégeons ceux qui ne peuvent pas se protéger eux même." 

So in how the three interacted with their visions was kind of telling, too– Scott and Allison both metaphorically closed the doors on theirs, employing different methods to fight it/ stop it/ run away from it/ power through it, and then they got that anchor, they stayed focused on reality. Stiles on the other hand, in his one dream, he opened a door and went exploring. 

I don’t know whether Void choosing Stiles was deliberate or by chance, or what Void’s reasoning was, but I feel like Stiles’ curious nature and the way he handled his visions made him more vulnerable to attack. 

This is all speculative, but I hope that was helpful and somewhat interesting.

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oh oh one thing!! I meant to message you about this last night, with your breakdown post there's a fun trivia surprise! the MSPA style for the game actually does have a neck but the way its done is really subtle/very clever, I don't know if it's noticeable at all unless you see the naked model or see a close up. it was so weird the first time I noticed because I was so used to the neckless MSPA style!

Oh that’s neato! :DDD I guess it does make the rig a bit easier to animate when you have the neck included. The stubbiest of necks, hehehehe. Thanks for the trivia, pu!


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Kin stuff

So, after observing other fictionkin, I have come to the conclusion that I may be a tad different than them?
Here is how I feel about my kintype:
I am not ‘literally’ Willy Wonka and I don’t feel like I am the one and only Willy Wonka, I do not feel invalidated by other Wonka’s, even if they are the 1971 version. 
However, I feel in an alternate universe (multiple universe theory) I was Willy Wonka, either the 1971 version or a version very simular to that. I have past memories of this though dreams
So, I guess what I’m trying to say is, my entire identity does not revolve around being that character? I more feel like I have same soul, but in many ways I have evolved and changed. I look back at being Willy Wonka the same way someone would remember a nice memory that they would love to relive. I miss my past and I wish I could go back, but at the same time I am not the same person I was?

Okay maybe it’s just because I’ve only read Glasslands but like…why are people focusing on fucking with the Sangheili, when the Jiralhanae are bigger, scarier, have legitly eat people, were actually encountered before the Sangheili, did several campaigns with no Sangheili involved, since their fleets were segregated, were the ones doing most of the damage on Earth…

…like I don’t want the Jiralhanae to deal with Sapien Shitrise bullshit either, but the fact that all of it is so Sangheili centered is so…weird I guess? It’ll be interesting to see like if. Lydus does do more negotiating with humans how that’ll pan out. Since it’s probably because the Jiralhanae weren’t activily trying to interact with humanity in the same way.

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(1) Cami probably knew Aiden as much as she knew Gia, which is barely. We never saw them interact as friends. Also I never get why everyone thinks that killing Aiden would've been unforgivable, because of his innocence, but Klaus did all of that to Gia. I guess maybe bc she doesn't really care for Elijah like she does Josh, so she can accept his excuse for killing Gia, without batting an eye. I know alot of ppl say that killing Gia was more for realism than actual revenge and punishment, but

I feel like it’s obvious that Gia was 100% revenge. Only difference is that, like with his punishment for Hayley and all his wrongdoings towards everyone, he can justify it by pretending that he had to do it. Now the Marcel’s minions that walked in were collateral damage. But Klaus purposely singled her out to kill her in front of Elijah’s face. At least everyone else’s punishment was temp. Hayley’s curse can be broken, and Bekah still got to have her bodies and didn’t actually die, but Elijah’s was permanent. He can’t get Gia back, not to mention him have the image of Gia burning before his eyes. If it had been just for the plan, there were plenty of other ways to achieve that goal. So he didn’t kill Gia because he had to, he did it because he wanted to. & that’s why I found Cami’s (not total) lack of empathy a bit disturbing. & she saw how angry Elijah was, she saw Gia’s body. & yet she still defended Klaus. I wonder if she would’ve done the same had he killed Aiden.

It’s impossible to know how much she knew either of them because I don’t think she had any scenes with Gia, and only a handful with Aiden, but considering she’s a bartender and Gia was Marcel’s friend, she probably met her at some point. But Aiden, Josh and Davina were together a lot, and she’s close to Josh and Davina, so I think it’s fair to assume she hang out with Aiden from time to time. 

Gia walked in and he would have to kill her anyway because it was part of his plan, it wasn’t right, but he was killing all of Marcel’s minions. But the part where he saved her to kill in front of Elijah, that was revenge, I would say it was part of the plan if it was Aunt Dahlia’s suggestion, but it was his choice, she would have been fine if he had killed Gia in Marcel’s loft, he took her to Elijah because he’s a douchebag. 

I wish Cami had more empathy towards Gia, but I can also understand her reasoning, in her mind, it was all part of the plan, it could have been handled better, but it was a terrible path in hopes to get what you want in the end. We saw her do terrible things to try to save Kieran, including turning him into a vampire. I think that she can relate to doing awful things to reach your goal.

But she couldn’t make sense of why he killed Aiden because it would have been 100% out of pettiness, because Aiden dared to defy his order, it didn’t achieve anything, it wasn’t part of a bigger plan.

hey Witches and pagan type folks!

Every year I create a little poster of tasks to do for International Zine Month in July. On July 31st we call it HallowZine and I set up a shrine at nshrine.com for people to light candles for zines and zinesters that are no longer with us. I guess nshrine is closing. Does anyone know of a similar website I could build a new shirne?

Here’s another unusual, slightly freaky grave for the cemetery fandom!

Fernand Arbelot was a musician and actor who died in 1990 and was buried in the Pere Lachaise cemetery. He wished to gaze at the face of his wife for eternity, and so I guess he does!

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how does rogers feel about the shield?

         ‘   i guess you could say i’m attached

he’s not sentimental by any means. the shield is a symbol in itself, a singularity that’s a package deal with the ol’ red, white and blue. and it’s so SATISFYING slamming that vibranium disk through vertebra, and watch as crimson runs into the dust covered earth.

the greatest slap to the face. maybe it’s why he GRINS with each c r u n c h.